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  1. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback. I'd just like to clarify that it wasn't anyone I knew, nor was it the OVO discussion particularly, it was one member with a very low post count who caused an issue behind the scenes. So thanks again for the feedback, the PMs and the well wishes, all the best to everyone for the future, who knows we might see one another around on the scene. Cheers
  2. Following todays' events I've decided to call my time here as Staff at Soulsource over. It's mostly been fun so I'd thank all the members for their support and for not making life too hard. Hopefully might've made a few pals along the way, if you see me/us at an event anytime be sure to say Hi. Thanks Mike and all the team, and wish everyone all the best, certainly no hard feelings. Cheers!
  3. Except that it isn't. I'm saying no more on the subject as I don't remotely care about the subject at all.
  4. Agree 100% Robb. The UK soul records scene will go the same way as the large collections of big ticket items are dispersed. As is the nature of human life expectancy this will happen a lot and will happen in quick succession as collectors collectively reach their end days. Obviously this doesn't constitute a 'con' though, a 'con' being a fraudulent means of obtaining money through dishonesty. People pay their money at their own discretion. Obviously you know this Robb, that last statement was directed at the general people reading the thread.
  5. It may seem daft in your eyes, paying a lot of dosh for a record. It may seem misguided from an investment point of view. Some people definitely can afford it and do. How is it a 'Con' though? Nobody is being lied to, you buy what is described for the price described. As long as you get what you were expecting how is it a Con? Where is the dishonesty?
  6. Thing is I know you and I are on the same page about OVO generally. I do go out and I do enjoy it, they can play on CD or Mp3 for all I care.
  7. If that's a pop at me how many times do I have to say I don't give two f***s about OVO? He asked a question, I answered it, as you well know Chalky people out there get furious over this issue, I'm not one of 'em. This MGM one may be an exception, but the general rule is what I described, is it not? Whether you agree or I or not.
  8. I'm not getting into squabbles about it. I have got original vinyl records. I wouldn't describe myself as a record collector. I'm only saying what the UK OVO soul scene is. If you're in doubt have a read of the hundreds of discussions on it! I'm not talking about the scene in America. As for the 'half wits who take this stance' bit we have events here in the UK with cameras focussed on the decks and the label showing on big screens behind the DJ for people to see/scrutinise! People get called out on it all the time. I'll state again that I couldn't care less about OVO at events!
  9. LoL Chalky, and everyone else, I didn't make the rule, and I didn't say what is my view on it. @solidsoul I don't know if you are in the UK or... But the case you highlighted the Formations on Bank would be the OVO, the MGM if you spun that then, your reputation as an OVO DJ would be shot! Plus you might well be too, or hung drawn and quartered, Tar and Feathered who knows? Don't shoot the messenger they ain't my rules, nor do I particularly give a flyer about them!
  10. No, what you describe in your first sentence is a second issue. OVO in the context of 'Original Vinyl Only' Northern soul refers to the first pressing whether on LP or 45, anything else is not OVO, unless a first issue from another country, eg: A UK first release of a tune previously released in the USA, that is classed as OVO first UK issue. In context The Tempests 'Someday' OVO is the album 'Would you believe?' The Belles 'Don't pretend' first issue on Mirwood is OVO as is The Belles on UK President. The Belles on Contempo isn't OVO.
  11. Aye Steve but you have to say it in yer best Tony Soprano voice, hence my phrenetic spelling! So... Mate... About this Younghearts one...
  12. I was once put straight here by Steve60 about the lyric 'Just like Py acha oh the clown' on BG ICGA, I am forever in his debt! One I can never get my head around and have asked here before for lyrics is this one! 'It's a mighty long road when your trying to make it all alone...' Someone please fill in all the rest for me?
  13. I remember years ago leaving some unwanted records in one of my garages. They'd all gone hellish mouldy, I didn't want them but before I binned them I had a look through them and found a couple of Mirwoods ... So I thought oh, I'll soak these in some nice warm soapy water they'll be good as new. When I removed them all was well until I dabbed them off with a towel, instantly all the writing came off both labels! I didn't really mind cause back then nobody wanted records even at 50p each. So I just wrote the titles back in with a Bic and threw them into a box with my other records that I planned to keep, I threw the rest away (loads of Punk originals and coloured vinyls, Sparks with the topless girl picture cover, Blue vinyl I think,, The Dickies on Banana Yellow vinyl, Plasmatics on Blood spattered vinyl). A few years later this box of Northern soul OV was propping up a stationary engine that had a wheel missing when I happened to find a wheel during a hunt in a scrapyard. I took the box away and played some, well I'd only written the titles wrong on the Mirwoods… I tell people now they are very rare test pressings, invariably they say 'Oooh...' I also once gave away (to a stunning Gothic girl) a copy of 'Anarchy in the UK' on EMI because it was wrongly credited on the 'I wanna be me' side to producer Chris Thomas, being as I had two other copies from 76 correctly accredited. Collectors will know that Dave Goodman produced 'I wanna be me' and will also know that giving away the mis-credited one was a terrible mistake, that's a whole other story, albeit with a happyish ending.
  14. Yeah, what they mean is the original first issue 45, that is what the posters who collect vinyl 45s are referring to.

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