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  1. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Dave Flynn - Contact Details??

    Moving this to freebasing where it'll hopefully get more response.
  2. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The blurred line...

    It's fine, just having a laugh about it, a bit of fun that's all! It's subjective isn't it, as with all musical tastes. Both ABBA and the Bee Gees are two of my all time favourite bands, both for how much enjoyment I get from the music and respect for their musical achievements. But that's just an opinion and I was having a joke about it. Just so long as it doesn't happen again!
  3. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The blurred line...

    First I were like...OMG did I really just see that? Then I saw this and nearly fainted, good job I was already sitting down... Dissing the mighty Brothers and following through with, I can't bring myself to type it out! I'm gonna retire to regroup while I decide what I'm gonna do about this. And to think...It happened here!
  4. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Picture Framed Three Before Eight

    Easy enough to pop em out the frame and give them a spin, if they're real, win, if not they might be something decent or... Dare I hint at it? They could be something wicked and unexpected! My curiosity wouldn't allow me to remain in the dark! Either way is a win.
  5. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    northern soul - the current state...?

    I've said very little here but I am gonna cut in here. In the early eighties I was a goth, I mean full on, I used to get asked at niters if I was from Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy. Back then one of the reasons I went was because I was told that no one gave two f***s what you wore. Nowadays people are laying an egg over what people wear! WTF? Let 'em wear wtf they want why is it an issue? This is the difference between the real scene as it was and the way it is today! Sorry but p****s me right off.
  6. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Postman's knock?

    I got one recently, a gift from someone who I've had a few soul very good packs from, on the Heritage label, the Cherry People, apparently it was huge at Wigan Casino, I didn't go so I don't know but my lass a Wigan expert and a regular for five years says it was definitely a spin there. I love it, not what I would call 'Soul' but it has certain hallmarks of a NS spin. Either way I love it!
  7. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The blurred line...

    Massive Disco hit!
  8. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The blurred line...

    Me! I'm sure from some of the posts that you missed the part where I said I'm a big fan of Disco music...I love it. My question was where the individual draws the line, it wasn't a love it or hate it thing an individual opinion I sought. The records I posted both soul plays, technically both pure disco, I love 'em. As the soul music progressed it bled into a new movement, the uptempo 4/4 dance stuff that we eventually called Disco, does anyone consider Disco aint got no soul? I doubt that. It's all dancin' muzak. Maybe because I'm a musician with an insight into the mechanics of it, I'm misunderstood, but if you're assigning a designation to a type of music you have to have reasons for calling it such, maybe I should ask what makes you differentiate between a soul track and a heavy metal track? What does 'Soulfull' mean? Etc, but I don't. So where does the line come between soul and Disco? And if this subject has been put to bed, please enlighten me as to where that line is? Please. For the record for those who don't fully read threads, I love Disco, just where does the line start? Is Earth Wind and fire soulful? I'd say so. Is the Commodores? I'd say so, does it just all bleed in together? What about jazz/Blues/RnB...? I know I'm playing games now, but it was an individual answer I wanted, no one can state categorically what the answer is, if they think they can they're delusional. I was looking for the emotional line because lets face it, I have been to enough allniters where the punters have said 'the music is shite' to know that this mindset does exist. It's a great thread because it's subjective there is no answer the interest for me and the reason for starting it is an interest in the individual's point of view as it simply can't be categorised but everyone has an opinion on this. Better answers required. One good answer was the Earl Young one, but with respect, that was the only half decent one so far! The records so far have been great!
  9. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The blurred line...

    Bit daft comment, if you didn't somehow classify it, how would you know you weren't going to a 'normal' disco or niteclub?
  10. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    Wow, what a bizarre premise to be releasing records under!
  11. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    So how was it? Let's hear about your weekend?

    Bloody 'ell... Surely the esteemed membership must be doing more with their weekends than this thread would suggest? Elsewhere hearing about folks who are tearing up dancefloors at Soul events week in week out... Pity us, we are poor folks who dwell in that sleepy backwater that is the extreme western peninsular, coupled with our work commitments (she works in a Hospital weekends and I'm a busy Cabaret artist) what is everyone doing? Surely not feet up Saturday night and Ant and Dec?
  12. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Precisely what is it...?

    Good lad! Lovely geetar!
  13. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The blurred line...

    Always intrigued me from my earliest days of being interested in Soul music, where do we as individuals consider the line to be between Northern Soul and Disco? Many sounds popular on the NS scene, to me, and often to the original artists themselves belong in the category of early Disco. Benny Troy being an obvious example, Benny stated in interviews that when he made IWGYT he was aiming it squarely at the Disco movement with a view to having a hit in the Studio 54 vein. Another example huge to the NS scene is Bits 'n' Pieces KORA, an obvious deviation from sounds such as The Belles, Jackie Lee, Bobby Relf/Garrett. Interested to hear other people's personal views on where the line is drawn from Blues/Jazz/Funk/Soul/Disco obviously the term 'Crossover' was adopted from the whole 'Fusion' idea of different genres bleeding into one another, everyone is going to have a different view on this as their level of tolerance within the music will have an effect as to where their personal line is drawn, some not being fans of the other genres that combine to make the variety of music that we have termed 'Northern Soul'. Nowadays there is great variety within the canon with Delta Blues sounds coming in as well as the RnB side, a couple of examples of what can only be described as Blues that have taken off on the scene would be Hayes Cotton 'Black Wings Has My Angel' and Jimmy Frazer 'Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones'. So yeah, obvs no definitive answer this is gonna be a personal take on what makes a record fall into the Disco bracket, perhaps to the point where we wouldn't want to hear it at a Soul event. Sounds posted to illustrate the point most welcome!
  14. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Precisely what is it...?

    Interesting posts so far, ranging from technical aspects of the music that make it appealing to pure gut instinct and emotion, all equally valid of course. Music moves people in different ways... Makes a cool study into the human mind and how the individual processes the sound/feelings and how it models a personal preference for different kinds of sounds. Now if we could only formulate it into a usable form we could write some music that people would respond to and buy, to quote the great Brian Wilson 'Wouldn't it be nice?' Nice thread so far, thanks everyone!


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