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  1. Hi, unusual for an Adder to be this far away from cover. This is a female specimen and looks gravid rather than having recently eaten. Females can be identified by the large size, males are tiny and also have very bold markings in comparison, also males have a longer tail. In this photo the snakes arse is about a scale inch to the left from the rock it's snuggling to at the left of the body. The tail of a male would be approximately double the length. Adders are ovo-viviparous ie: the eggs are incubated within the body and emerge as a miniature version of the adult. The incubation is reliant on the body temperature, hence female Adders being very visable as they bask in the sun, basically they are incubating the young. Here's one of my Adder videos, quite a few like this on my YT channel. Cheers, nice pic. BE KIND TO ADDERS FOLKS!
  2. until

    Here's the DJ times as posted by Dean on Soul on Wax FB page. There's a pre-event meet and greet on Thursday from 7pm at Sailors in Newquay for anyone who can make that. Cheers Sue.
  3. Apologies for the thread drift but... Yes, thinking back about it, the only thing I do know about Vanilla Fudge is that the greatest ever 70s band YES did a tour with them and VF had the most advanced PA system available at the time and when the tour was over YES used their proceeds from the tour to buy the PA off've VF, YES being the greatest ever group of the 70s were very conscious about being ground breaking with their sound systems as well as their massively innovative studio engineering process and their impossible to rival/equal musical innovation. Back on topic I'm surprised that Carmine Appice remade IOMW with Dean Parrish, as I say I hadn't noticed any difference but then I've only seen the actual ad the once, on some Sky channel that I obviously don't watch often. Was IOMW a relatively successful record outside of the Northern scene?
  4. I think the Arlo milk ad with IOMW is for their Lactose free stuff, could be wrong about that though, as well as... Yeah you're right I was getting confused between Beck, Bogert and Appice and Blind Faith, but yeah you're right about Vanilla Fudge, which I have heard of but don't know their stuff!
  5. Yeah, these retro sounds are gonna get used in adverts end of. It doesn't really bother me much. I just hate adverts period, they don't work on me at all, I don't do consumerism in that way and seek out the things I buy by myself, me having to endure an advert has the exact opposite effect, it puts me off getting the product. At least it's a royalty for someone.
  6. The Arla lactose free milk ad, that features IOMW has been around a while now, I was gonna mention it a few months ago when we were talking about the Eggs ad but couldn't find a YT link to it. Interesting to hear it is a different version, I hadn't picked up on that! Carmine Appice eh? Blind Faith among other stuff...
  7. Lovely thread! Robb those sleeves are smart! Me I only have one hotbox of about 150, some good'uns though, I tend to play them as a special treat usually if my lass is doing some washing or drying in the kitchen next to my study, then I plug my turntable into a lovely vintage Vox valve stage amp, they sound totally authentic through the mono valve technology!
  8. So you can login here from your Facebook account. OK. Cheers.
  9. OK Queens was it's own night though eh? Used to go there as a teenager, used to get quite a bit of Motown played there, that's why I used to go... Last time I went about 2010 on a visit up-country (lived in Cornwall now twenty years), it was still the same! Shame it's closed down now eh. Queens was a great night back in the day ...
  10. YT comments can be set to need approval of the channel holder before being posted to the page. Could be that.
  11. Mid 8ts used to park near this one, hit it for a couple, on to Boozy Dog, Vaults, then on to Ritzys'...Castle was a top spot for nitelife back then, it was either Castle or Nantwich. The pub being discussed here, can't remember its' actual name back then was full of nurses as North Staffs RI is literally just up the road. Glory days, Ritzy in Castle had been at one time been the famous Tiffanys allniter or was it alldayer?
  12. <snip>
  13. She was going when I was still in the womb, she just showed me this flyer and I couldn't believe it, the last line, free beer for 1/2 an hour, Christ at those prices I can't imagine how much beer I could consume, I remember in a competition once back in the day, downing a pint of Boddies in 5 seconds so...