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  1. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Carstairs And Universal Mind, Same Group?

    Just seen the dates on posts... Holy thread resurrection Batman!
  2. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    first three records to start a set

    Fascinating thread... Reminds me of a conversation at The Embassy club. Bernard Manning was describing his days as MC of 'The Comedians' because it went out on TV the list of gags had to be presented beforehand. Manning would see the others gags and then tell those same gags in his opening slot, thereby seriously throwing the other comics, genius! So DJs who don't have a setlist, how does everyone know what has and hasn't been played earlier? Or what is planned by the big names later? What happens if a DJ turns up and plays all the headline DJs' heavy hitters? Do DJs ever sit through the whole event taking notes of what has and hasn't been played and tailor their own set accordingly?
  3. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Carstairs And Universal Mind, Same Group?

    Funny subject this, fascinates me and I have endless energy for it. Having worked in the business most of my life, from the very bottom, to slightly above the detritus, I can state that a label will have a group of musicians, let's call them 'floaters' that don't belong to any specific band but work for the label nonetheless. You might call them session players although that is a slightly different role being engaged wherever work is available, not being tied to any particular label or studio. A good example was 'The Blockheads' these played on many hit records on Stiff as well as having good studio connections with big names, Trevor Horn in particular. A famous well publicised example of their work are the Frankie goes to Hollywood hits. These 'groups' will often do stuff that is unattached initially to any particular band. Often a band will be created from a lineup like this to do a specific job, be it a recording or a tour. I guess the Motown crew is an example of this. Other examples that fly off the tongue would be The Tomangoes, they were never a specific band. Most music fans want to believe in 'heroes' they cut their wrists, mingle blood and utter statements like (Best Mick Jagger accent) 'The band's my life man'... It's very rarely like that, although examples do exist but are few it has to be said. Some examples that break people's hearts when they learn that their fave guitarist isn't who they are listening include Pink Floyd (Snowy White, Guy Pratt connection) KISS whose studio and session players antics are legendary and well publicised, Motown's Jamerson myth and Funk Brothers myth (Up to as many as twelve Bass players on their books, sessions not logged correctly, no proper confirmation records kept) The Beatles and Ringo's connection with Alan White, The Who and Paul McCartney, there are stacks of these connections, Hendrix often recorded at Ladyland with a whole bevvy of guitarists. So with these records being discussed here there is a strong likelihood of there being connections, I can't say anything specific, but highly likely.
  4. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Old as you feel

    See this kind of thing week in week out with my cabaret band. The level of energy and the nuance in dance has to be witnessed to be believed, we have folks in their seventies and even eighties who have very much still got it, oh and the way they look into each others' eyes... All very heartwarming. Sad part is those who dance and it's clear that their partner is no longer with us, losing a life partner must be awful, lot of widows out there, they're smiling but you can see the loss in them.
  5. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The two most precious records that mean the most to you

    Mine were Tomangoes, cause she was so sweet, and her body were so awesome, and as it happens it were a nashvillle press, and the Salvadors as it were the Chicago press, but that is a story never to be told! I can't say too much...
  6. BabyBoyAndMyLass


    I'm thinking that there may be some 'Taking out' involved!
  7. BabyBoyAndMyLass


    Believe it streams Bob Hutchins' show and Lousie Bugeja out of Rochdale, unsure of days and times. http://www.keepthefaithinternetradio.uk/
  8. Broadcasting out of Bollington Macclesfield on Canalside FM Tony Prince delivers a packed soul show every week from 10pm (give or take 10 mins!) till 12. Loads of Northern oldies, rare, newies etc across the board, well worth tuning in! http://canalsideradio.net/player/index.htm
  9. BabyBoyAndMyLass


    Hi, moving this to 'Soul Media' which is specific to this sort of post. Do you have a link or pod to add to it?
  10. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    The two most precious records that mean the most to you

    If you haven't seen it Pete and you have SkyTV check out the film 'Black Wax' on Sky Arts, it's wicked and the live concert footage is fantastic!
  11. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    A couple from me, enjoying these two very much currently!
  12. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    first three records to start a set

    Intruders a good call, enjoying a lot of popularity currently. Believe it or not I've seen Bobby Garrett ICGA clear a packed floor, couldn't believe my eyes!
  13. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    first three records to start a set

    Not being a DJ myself and never having thought about it, this is indeed a fascinating thread, looking forward to more insight!
  14. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Selling Again

    I think the 'can't be arsed going through them' is a big mistake. If you spend a few hours (granted I'm not aware of the numbers you have) actually writing down a list of records and labels, once it's done it's done, the list is there and you can easily provide details/research prices on what you have. You may find that you have big ticket items you hadn't realised the value of, some cheapies from way back are now in demand at much higher prices. Just makes it easier all round. Plus those certain items that get the dealers/collectors salivating will mean you stand a better chance of selling as a job lot for a decent price. I think selling is a good idea because the current prices/demand isn't gonna last much longer in my opinion.
  15. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Mellow Mellow Right On "Label"

    Just a heads up to the membership that this discussion has been removed due to a potential legal issue. Would request that there is no further discussion about this subject here. Thanks all.


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