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  1. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    St Ives Northern Soul Weekender 2018


  2. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Some history on this one please.

    It was played a lot in the eighties yes, but hasn't been played much, well at all, with our crowd, in recent times, it's enjoying a resurgence within our crowd as a lot are, or were, hearing it for the first time, it's a big hit with the new breed who weren't going in the eighties when the record was popular. This situation might be peculiar to the crowd we have moved into, ie: the South West crowd, Gloucester, Bristol, Devon, C..
  3. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Charity Souls 2nd Festival of Soul


    Event review posted by 'The Happy Hooker' Relocated to here. Posted Wednesday at 15:39 (edited) Having got back and had time to reflect on what is the most successful event we've ever organised, would be remiss of me to not thank and mention the people who contributed to this event. We could not have had the event without the unstinting help from Ian Brown ( even though he's a Pie Eater) Gilly, Mick Nottingham and all the guys from 'I've Got Something Good,' Orehuela Costa, the Mayor of Roda, his very helpful Daughter and all the bar staff who were absolutely brilliant catering for all needs, both practical and liquid, the live acts Bee, JJ Soulman and Kev Thursfield, (who did an extra spot at the drop of a hat) plus ALL the helpers and djs from the UK who gave up their time to 'muck in' where needed, and last but not least, Eddie Lech and Tez Foster, who worked their rocks off (literally)to make this event a success. We were all 'over the moon' when Tez's son called him Iron Man, and got him on the floor for dance, which he duly obliged, this being quite an achievement from someone with a severe mobility problem The Festival of Soul may not be the biggest event on the Spanish mainland but you will be hard pressed to find a more friendlier, easy going, entertaining and genuine event, we are so pleased with the comments made by 'virgin' attendees from expats living on the Costa Calida, to people making the trip from the UK to the Festival for the first time, who cannot wait to book again next year. And so to the 'nitty gritty' what the basis of the Festival of Soul and Motown is all about. Over the weekend from Friday to Sunday, the the monies raised via contributions from Ian Brown's crew, auction of items by courtesy of donations of a splendid watch and Golf day from Ron and Ena, merchandise sales and raffles, on-line entry ticket sales, sales in Spain and on the nights amounted to.............................8,338 Euros................ which after operational and setting up expenses left us with a net figure of 5,000 Euros for our fighting cancer fund. I can only reiterate this has been achieved with people who have gone out to Murcia on holiday at their own personal expense and willingly given time and effort help us set up this event. They have asked for no financial reward, their only requirement is to make the Festival an enjoyable experience for all. Personally I think we achieved that in spades
  4. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Girlie dancers all the way for me, so here's Bessie with 'No more tears'!
  5. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    I'm next to her with the long hair and waistcoat.
  6. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Help finding a sampled soul song

    Sounds to me like something from the Panama label, more like a Lowrider Oldies sound rather than a Northern Soul groove.
  7. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Agree with the general perception. A Youth Culture still in the hands of the same enthusiasts that might've aged somewhat but still feel the same. I'm in a 50s and 60s cabaret band and the people that followed the RnR and stuff still on their scene too, at a lot older than even the oldest soulies. Same with Punk and all the other movements where the people in it are still livin'...
  8. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    Here's one of us at Wethies in Newquay with DJs Tom Yule (Phonic fm) Dean Carr (Soul on Wax) Dave Stabler (Soul on Wax) Mark Sargeant (Yate/Soul on Wax). Warming up for last years Newquay winter weekender.
  9. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    Was going to say you look very fetching but then read the second part of the post! So who is the girl, anybody know?
  10. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Poll: Cd Buying in 2018

    Within the last month two CDs, George Formby, and Roy Smeck, before that was Shangri-Las Gold maybe year or so ago. Reminded me on though, must get The Mirwood story!
  11. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    EMI -- How The Mighty Are Fallen

    Thankyou Roburt! Lovely thread!
  12. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Poll: Overseas Weekenders?

    Topical, most of our soul friends (mostly Gloucester crowd who come to the weekenders here) are in Benidorm this weekend watching Eddie Holman live, I believe there is one on in Korfu also, or there is soon. Neither of us have ever been to one, not my thing really, not in Europe, wouldn't mind going to one in California, or Russia, if they have them. Neither of us ever been overseas, I have been to the Scillies and the Chan..
  13. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    old north wales allnighter venue gone

    I went to one and my lass went to another one, late 80's, 87 or 88.
  14. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Some history on this one please.

    Thanks for that Tim, good to hear from you. Interesting tale, know what you mean about some of the Stafford sounds too! We love the Bobbie Smith record but, if we all liked the same ones then it'd be very boring eh! Thanks for the input and the info, take care!

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