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  1. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Nelson Lemmond of 'The Tempests'.

    We are very sad to inform SoulSource and the Soul community that Tempests drummer Nelson Lemmond has now passed away. A very popular character known to users of soul social media, a gracious and genuinely lovely man we are proud to have known on a personal level. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  2. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    meet up Leicester to visit East Mids NS nites

    I do say Rob that I have had the pleasure to meet the Leics crowd at an event down 'ere this year... They might look a bit shady... But joking aside they're a great crowd and they fielded a wicked DJ, Ally, that was off the scale, in memory of a good Leics lad who lived down our way many years, great DJ and a top soul man, name of Mr Lee Vowles. The atmosphere was electric as the Leics lot remembered a much loved proper soul lad, just thought I'd mention that and shout out to the lads and lasses. You'll be in good hands!
  3. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    meet up Leicester to visit East Mids NS nites

    Hi Rob, moving this to Freebasing where it'll get better response. Site Stuff forum is about issues/help with using the site. Great soul contingent from Leics here on SS, sure you'll get some good response! Cheers.
  4. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    We don't dress up but we don't try to tell others what they can wear either. As if you'd go anywhere I would go!
  5. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    She had a look Steve, says the same!
  6. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    I agree, that is how we look, that is how it is, embrace it! What's not to love? When you're in the moment, lovin' it lost in your music who gives a f*** how you look to outsiders?
  7. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    Both of us are scene veterans, it didn't make us cringe much... However if it made you cringe I have bad news for you, to the uninitiated that is how we are perceived!
  8. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Eddie Spencer / Precisions- If This Is Love- difference?

    It is different, the Bass does some pretty little flourishes on the Eddie Spencer cut that are missing on the Precisions one.
  9. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    She went to almost every event going from 75 so it'll be from that period, it was something she did to the point of obsession, so there's a six year window encompassing scores of events. There were three of 'em, all young, all very pretty girls, most fellas remember them from WC, Mecca, Derby Assembly Rooms, Whitchurch Civic, Morecombe, Cleethorpes, Yate, Buzzard... The list goes on and on. They were well travelled as I say from late 75 right up until the late 90s.
  10. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    I'm hoping this thread runs and runs, I think a contribution here should be made compulsory for all members. Perhaps it should be pinned here? I'm loving it, the social side of the scene is one of it's huge strengths, always has been, this idea is an enabler in that direction!
  11. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    She had a look, said the same as you Dave, don't know where don't know when but yes, there's a familiarity somewhere!
  12. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    I'm in this thread so have to carry on inputting... The show itself, it aint bad, it's pretty much the standard fayre we get produced in the UK by the TV industry, convoluted, long-winded, first world problems etc... The portrayal of a Northern soul nite: Well, to most it will have looked like a fun outing if a little specialised, it pretty much looked like most events we attend nowadays. Dance competitions, anything portraying NS these days seems to have a thing about dance competitions, we did see them sometimes at certain niters so... That trophy made the FA cup look tiddly! Sue Johnstons' dancing, whether she had lessons or it was a body double, whichever it was her dancing looked terrible, she wouldn't have won at B'pool, Sara King wouldn't have been worried. It is what it is, I'm not mortally wounded by it's depiction of the scene, if I was seeing it on this show for the first time I'd think it looks a pretty hip night out for a fifty year old hipster like myself, if it's got women of a certain age and the music is good, sure beats hanging out in clubs full of teenage girls. As far as the music goes, the NS advisor hasn't much clue! I'm in for episode three!
  13. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    Well Dave my lass is the one really with the real soul scene history, started 75 and has been to most events over the years, constantly getting recognised.
  14. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Pictures of Us

    Glad to have this thread of Peter's in AATS, it is topical because it's the people that make the scene alongside the sounds, therefore we are the Soul! Hopefully that makes sense, it's good to see who we all are, makes interacting on here more personal! Nowadays everywhere I go somebody will come up, hand-shake and 'You're the guy from Soulsource' great icebreaker, met one or two dodgy, I mean nice folks through it!
  15. BabyBoyAndMyLass

    Bad soul doo's

    Yes good Tim, pretty accurate assessment we'd pretty much go to most of those apart from the free entry ones in a boozer, they tend to be the ones that can attract mither.


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