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  1. Soul on Wax Newquay weekender


    First weekend in November, a bitterly cold westerly wind is howling off the Atlantic Ocean, the kind that blows right through to your soul, only your soul is actually on fire. In fact THE soul is on fire, big-time... We are at the Soul on Wax Newquay winter weekender, the sister event to the huge St Ives summer weekender, the atmosphere is charged, the Soul on Wax family is having a party and in the immortal words of Mr Frank Gallagher 'We know how ta frow a parteh!' And they do, not many! Dean Carr, Sara Baker and Lee Vowles have done it again, a home-run, batted it outta the park as it were. We have a superlative line-up of OVO DJs, all on top form, busting the tunes, the biggies, the oldies, the newies, the not so well known and the super rarities. Each DJ set carefully considered, this is a knowing crowd, they know what they want, or maybe they don't yet, but it's happening, these people 'get it' and yes they do get it, slammed at them! The packed floor grooves with soul, some very good dancers are here and they are getting their helping of soul-bliss, a large portion if you please. The friendly atmosphere shines, this really is a family affair, the family has grown somewhat from last years event, which was good, so good in fact that this years event has grown considerably. That's how it happens with this crowd. Again I'm not going to list DJs, there's a lot of quality here. This isn't a 'Top 500' event. They have those sounds, but those who know Lee Vowles will know that Newquay soul goes off that well worn path, exploring new territory musically, in this respect it certainly doesn't disappoint this really is an 'Across the board' event, every 45 is carefully considered, it has to be, there are some very knowledgeable and discerning soulies gathered here! The venue, The Legacy Victoria Hotel is an opulent place, nicely furnished, large wooden dancefloor ideal for Northern Soul dance style. The acoustics are nice, the sound system is clear and the resonance is good, without putting too fine a point on it the records sound just right. There are two rooms on, Friday started at eight finished at three and had two rooms, the main room spins are varied and diverse, as is the theme of the weekend, downstairs is a more funky-edged room where pretty much anything goes and with the DJ quality, it's hard at times to know where you should be, one thing is certain though, wherever you find yourself you're in the right place, right time. Wristbands are available on a nightly basis so Saturday which started at three p.m. and runs until three a.m. finds you in a packed house for the evening session. Sunday from three p.m. until nine with a chillout until eleven when friends bid one-another Adieu, the love in the air is palpable! The music, the Soul on Wax family, this is a cracking event, good friends, old and new, a very safe environment with a great diversity of beautiful people, so welcoming, so blissfully happy, so come get some! Next years event is being talked about already! If you haven't booked for St Ives in July, best hurry up, last we heard was two hundred tickets sold so far! That promises to be yet another superb event, the buzz from that is enough to bring you back for the Newquay event! I mean, Cornwall, soul weekenders, what a killer combination! Same time next year lads and lasses! Thanks to the Soul on Wax promoters, Lee Vowles, Dean Carr and Sara Baker, all the DJs (incidentally the DJ line-up from this years event are already confirmed for next year) and especially all the wonderful, beautiful people that make up the Soul on Wax family, and family is the right word for this, a welcoming bunch of serious soulies, all getting down and being anything but serious! Yeah so... Serious about soul, across the board, very serious about having fun and getting down, what's not to like? It's a ten from me! This time it was a little easier on the Meatloaf jokes, although there was one or two, you simply had to be there!
  2. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Same 'ere, lived 'ere now twenty years nearly, never regretted moving down from the north-west, different way of life, values etc...Spiritual heartland, gave up on the rat race and everyday visit somewhere awesome, pay bills playing in bands and doing car rep...
  3. Show us your great photos (2017)

  4. BBC Pay List

    Good post, with some accuracy in it. Most people whether 'expert' or not don't have the good fortune to be in a position to award themselves a very lucrative and interesting career though. Your 'He acquired a lifetimes knowedge from a very young age.' Is not...
  5. BBC Pay List

    Attenborough did attend Clare College Cambridge yes and attained a BSc in Natural sciences which does not an expert make, put it this way I'm way more qualified in the specialist fields of Zoology and Entomology, I was alluding to his Post grad which was hono...
  6. BBC Pay List

    Just wondering what 'presenters' actually do, I mean what is their discernible talent? Why on a show like 'bake-off' do you need, alongside the two knowledgeable expert judges, two morons adding their prattle? Same with most special interest shows, why not ha...
  7. BBC Pay List

    Total P*** boiler! So to summarise the beeb, funded by extortion in the form of the license fee, enforced whether you only watch pay per view or not, basically a forced tax on owning a TV receiver, uses that same money to pay these vacuous morons these huge s...
  8. Bob Relf, Bob and Earl, Bobby Garrett

    I don't know if it has been mentioned Chalky, but yes you are quite right of course!
  9. Bob Relf, Bob and Earl, Bobby Garrett

    Thanks Robb for this valuable contribution! A lot of folks don't appreciate that the music business is a machine, work is allocated as and when necessary and to whomever can deliver the goods on the day. Hope you are keeping well buddy, best wishes! Again goo...
  10. Video: St Ives weekender 2017

    I know I did Mate, it was a gag meaning that I have a tendency to bang on a bit... Yeah try and make it, if you do book let me know I'd love to meet up. I dunno I should be on commission but I'm bloody not!
  11. Video: St Ives weekender 2017

    Ta Barry, reviewed the event and posted a 45 min taster vid too, only thing I didn't mention is the fact that down 'ere we don't have venues with car parks, so we can't admire each others' iron, so I didn't go in any Series 1 Landy, mind you if we did, and yo...
  12. Video: St Ives weekender 2017

    Soul Source music video feature announcement - Just added to our video feature .... Name: St Ives weekender 2017 Category: Events Live Date Added: 2017-07-10 Submitter: BabyBoyAndMyLass Video Description: Mighty Dean Carr closes St Ives...
  13. St Ives weekender 2017

    Mighty Dean Carr closes St Ives weekender 2017! The atmosphere the whole three days was amazing!
  14. St Ives Northern Soul Weekender


    There's a crowd outside maybe one hundred, all loud, socialising hard, the tiny street is busy with passers by, drop-jawed, the look on their faces says it all, who are all these? What are they doing? What is this event that looks like the most happening thing you've seen in a long time? And these people are having a great time, they wish they're part of it, but no, this event is sold out months ago. The door staff are given instructions that people without wristbands can have a quick peep through the doors and see what is occurring inside. They don't see much, it's so dark through those double doors that it takes a good couple of minutes for your eyes to adjust, the extremely loud pumping beat is awe-inspiring, they can just about make out that there is a huge crowd of people dancing in the darkness, the door staff lead them back out and they are given a flyer 'You can book for next year' they're advised as they re-emerge into the daylight. These people have had a shock, they've never seen anything like this, this is a seriously big crowd up to their necks in bliss, a joy known only to the initiated, these people are told on the way out, that they've just had a peek at a secret world, this my friends is Northern Soul, not what you've seen on teatime telly, or a TV ad, this is the REAL Northern Soul scene... Visceral! This isn't yet another Wigan write-up, everyone who knows me knows I didn't go to Wigan, my wife did, and was a face, life is very different for good looking girls, I became a face a couple of years after Wigan finished, and for all the wrong reasons, rather than be remembered, I prefer to be forgotten! These words are the words of a fully initiated veteran of the allniter scene, I'm not describing here though, the scene in the eighties or seventies, what I'm talking about is 2017, and specifically Soul on Waxs' St Ives Weekender! The atmosphere can only be compared with the old days. This isn't a well-lit sterile atmosphere, the initiated can spot a veteran at a glance, he or she can walk from one end of the packed floor in complete darkness without putting the dancers off their step, the initiate knows the record and times their steps across the floor in time with the dancers movements, done properly even walking to your corner is a gracefull, skillfull act. You'll need this skill at St Ives, The Guildhall is a fantastic venue for a soul gig and of course, this is three soul gigs over three days and it's a packer! I'm not going to list the DJs, Tom Yule, Tony 'The Prince' Maddox, Jordan Wilson, Jerry Hipkiss, Pete French, Dave Stabler, Mark Sargeant, the MIGHTY Mr Ted Massey, apologies to those I haven't named, I'll just group them all under one blanket description...Quality! I do have to mention though, as these are the team that put this 'spectacle' together, it isn't just a 'do' this is certainly a 'spectacle!' The Soul on Wax team are Dean Carr (not forgetting the importance of the lovely Sara Baker) Dean's a Gloucester lad who has been in the game since he picked up his first handfull of 45s at Wigan, he's been spinning Northern soul since then, a well repected lad (no review would be complete without a bit of comedy!...) quality spins and knowledge of the dancers make Dean a draw wherever he DJs, and the guy gets around! Lee Vowles we remember from the legendary Leighton Buzzard allniters, another who has grown up behind the decks, he's a popular lad who's taste is second to none and when he gets on the decks you're taking notice! These are the reprobates who've put this thing together, being well connected and well travelled with their box of 45s under their arm they can put a DJ line-up together that builds and builds, there's a huge tension in the air, a very clandestine feel to the atmosphere, to the fledged northern soulie it's a warm snuggly feeling of being at home, in the right place at the right time. Beautiful people are congregated here, oozing class and style, these people are individuals, the diversity is amazing. The girls are dressed beautifully, not in the uniform of a passing trend, a real effort is made here and this isn't a 'pulling' joint, it's all about class, every single one has a unique beauty but it's clear they're not conforming to any kind of enforced dress code! The men are the same, some look like Northern soulies and it is lovely to see them, the real characters that make the scene, no names, you know who you are. The love is there, that love that only soul people know, they communicate in a language that only they understand, lifelong bonds are formed in a ten minute conversation, yes you have met before that's why. Don't worry when you're bestie from yesterday hardly bothers with you the next session, this is the way of the scene, many bonds are being created, next time you meet you will be long lost prodigals coming together again to practise your religion! Hopefully this little epistle has got the old blood flowing, unless I'm mistaken allniter folks will know the feelings I'm trying to describe, it isn't easy to put into written words, save to say 'it's been emotional'. So to avoid banging on too much, this event is very reminiscent of the old underground allniters, dark as hell, packed to the rafters, huge crowd outside meeting and greeting, making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, putting names to faces that you've seen before all over the country. Huge tunes played LOUD by dedicated DJs, beautiful people in blissfull rapture, an edge of perceived danger in the safest place you're ever gonna be, like I said at the start, the initiated will understand every emotion described, the unitiated will very quickly get it! I've said it many times when prompted, the sight of a big northern soul crowd gettin' down to something like Bits n Pieces 'Keep on runnin away' is an awe-inspiring vision that isn't easily forgotten! Anyone who fancies a taste this event sells out quickly, we know scores of people who have booked next years wristband today (Monday, the event finished last night!) so you'll have to be quick, you can only order from Cornish Riviera Box Office, coming from a couple who met on the allniter circuit and have been the length and breadth of the British Isles doing soul for over thirty years this is an event not to be missed, we'd say a must do at least once, but once is not going to be enough. Get yer arse down 'ere next year it's a proper banger! By the way I ain't Meatloaf ya b******ds! (You had to be there!) Live link to the 2018 Tickets: http://www.crbo.co.uk/eventDetail.php?evGrp=302&evId=14912