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  1. I have edited my post from April 4th, came up with a new suggestion...
  2. This is a suggestion for the incorect line "Take my tears, and that's not nearly all" After looping this line for a long, long time and by listening to the 1976-version, i came to the conclusion ... the sung lyrics are: "Take not give, man! that's not living" (oooh!)" What do you think/hear? While the "oooh!" both Gloria Jones + the backing choir singing unisono "ooh!", so no word from the text line, it's just OOHH! : ) I reconsiderd that (April 16 2017): Addressing her bad boy it could be "Take-not-giver that's no livin" or "Take not given - that's not..." whatever...
  3. Okeh, thanks! Early 80ties (and even early 90ties) means (according to me): original instrumental backing tape (no vocal canceling sofware).
  4. Hi, there is a re-issue of "Tainted Love" on SOUL TRIBE that comes with the instrumental of this song on the flip side. https://www.discogs.com/de/Gloria-Jones-Tainted-Love/release/3780262 Does someone know, where this instrumental Track originates from? Is this from the origial backing tape or was it produced by using vocal canceling software? Has the instrumental been released previously on other re-issues/labels? Thanks for your support. Ole
  5. Ah, interesting! Could have been that tune. As far as i can remember was it rather like the original on a electro beat. But thanks anyway.
  6. Hey, is there a modern coverversion of "Marion Black - Who Knows" (Another Day)? I think a heard something like this in a club. I'm quite sure it has not been the original, it sounded like a modern production from - let's say - the last 10 years. The production and the beat sounded rather artificial/electronic. Does someone know what this can be? Thanks!
  7. Isn't it "nearly" instead of "really" ?? Take NOT GIVE and that`s not NEARLY all ??
  8. I'm happy with "and our love`s not right" too. Definitely way better then Soft Cells "i lost my light" ;-) Thanks Steve!
  9. Could the lyrics be: "I'm lost, NOTHINGS RIGHT, for i toss and turn..."" ??? instead of "i lost my light"?
  10. Here is the text line out of the 1976 version. I_lost_whatever_1976.mp3
  11. I came up with the idea to write down the text line from the 1976 "Vixen" Version which is a re-recording. But even here it is the same difficulty to pick the words from that line:
  12. Thanks indeed Dave! That's what i thought. Maybe it's something like "i lost my right(s)"? Any other suggestions? Here's a soundclip. I have looped that for a while, but still not sure... I_lost_my_whatever.mp3
  13. Thanks Dave! Okeh... here i find the words "lost my LIGHT" again. While listening to te tune, my ears say - nope. Can anyone have a listen to part of the song (" And I've lost my light for I toss and turn - I can't sleep at night.") and report what you think. Strange is the authorship by "David A. Bell" (who's that?) as far as i know the song was composed by Ed(ward) Cobb. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Cobb My experiences with offical (bought) scores had shown that you will find mistakes in the lyrics as well as in the musical notation sometimes, so sometimes it's better to check the original recording. Would be great if someone could help. Thanks!
  14. I'm trying to write a foreign language version of TAINTED LOVE. If one tries to look up the Lyrics for "Tainted Love" on the web, you will find a lot of lyrics for all the coverversions on this song (like Soft Cell, Marilyn Manson, The Hormonauts, The Living End (and so on). But there's hardly any lyric sheet for the Gloria Jones recording, that - according to me (ears) - differs slightly from the covers: This one line seems to be taken from "Soft Cell", but i think the original follows another text: ******* The love we share, seems to go nowhere and I lost my light for I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night ************ To me it doesn't sound like "lost my light" on the Gloria Jones version, rather like "lost not a right" (or something the like) Maybe "lost my rights" ?? Any other suggestion? Can a native speaker help? Thanks? Ole
  15. I feel very sad about the news and i'm really shocked, since she just had survived the cancer, ready for her comeback as told in the documentary movie. I met her in person after a show and when she saw that i'd just bought the "Condition"-single, it was HER idea to sign it with an autograph (i did not dare to ask for that). It felt very strange to the her autograph on it when i played it today...

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