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  1. Okeh, thanks! Early 80ties (and even early 90ties) means (according to me): original instrumental backing tape (no vocal canceling sofware).
  2. Hi, there is a re-issue of "Tainted Love" on SOUL TRIBE that comes with the instrumental of this song on the flip side. https://www.discogs.com/de/Gloria-Jones-Tainted-Love/release/3780262 Does someone know, where this instrumental Track originates from? Is this from the origial backing tape or was it produced by using vocal canceling software? Has the instrumental been released previously on other re-issues/labels? Thanks for your support. Ole
  3. Ah, interesting! Could have been that tune. As far as i can remember was it rather like the original on a electro beat. But thanks anyway.
  4. Hey, is there a modern coverversion of "Marion Black - Who Knows" (Another Day)? I think a heard something like this in a club. I'm quite sure it has not been the original, it sounded like a modern production from - let's say - the last 10 years. The production and the beat sounded rather artificial/electronic. Does someone know what this can be? Thanks!
  5. I feel very sad about the news and i'm really shocked, since she just had survived the cancer, ready for her comeback as told in the documentary movie. I met her in person after a show and when she saw that i'd just bought the "Condition"-single, it was HER idea to sign it with an autograph (i did not dare to ask for that). It felt very strange to the her autograph on it when i played it today...
  6. Thanks for your support. Ooops, as far as i remember it was a soul record : ) Anyway... Just in case your right and "Streamline" is a 70s rock band on a label called "MIDWEST" (or was it a label called "Streamline" you were writing about?) Where did you got those infos? Could you please send a link? Even on Discogs i didn't found anything matching. Thanks.
  7. Strange things... I couple of month ago i wrote down "artist - title (label)" in a notebook for an interesting tune, that i listened to on YouTube: Streamline - Streamlined (MIDWEST). Now, trying to find it back - it seems to be vanished on YT... Since i wrote the label in brackets, i think it was more or less correct and knowing the Ebonies (You Got What I Want) were on the same label, i thought my notice was good enough. As i recall the yellow (MIDWEST) label looked exactly like this here: https://www.discogs.com/de/Ebonies-You-Got-What-I-Want/release/7155
  8. I found another resource on Earl Young. He had been drumming on Cliff Nobles - The Horse / Love is allright as well. The credits in this video seem reliable to me.
  9. You can see Earl Young in action here. Good man. In Philly-grooves as well.
  10. If you have the same weak spot (as me) for little uptempo rockers like this one, you could be pleased... Dusty Springfield comes along with a punk rock drummer and a Jackie Wilson cover : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQstKLB_Gro Otherwise ignore...
  11. Good afternoon. I was asking myself, if Sandy Wynns was the first to sing "Love's Like Quicksand". Has this song previously recorded by other artists before?
  12. Thanks! What a cool dancer, i'm amazed!
  13. Hi, can anyone help with the tune played here for approx. 14 seconds and name Artist/title? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1nwGZuG0sc&t=33 I know the voice of the singer (singing "Come on"), but i can't name him... Thanks a lot, regards Ole
  14. For a quick shop stop https://www.discogs.com/de/Eldridge-Gravy-The-Court-Supreme-Im-Gone/release/7618966
  15. Thanks Benji, the trombone blast tells it's Eldridge Gravy! Love the vocals and groove...

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