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    artist / songwriter / producer in NYC 

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  1. i was looking forward to it too! so sorry to disappoint but what can i do. i'll be working with more reliable bookers in the future!
  2. Hello from NYC everybody! popped in to give a Benjamin update. Light Of My Life is getting a repress that will arrive along with a NEW 45 in the spring. A full length LP will follow in the summer and i suspect i'll be seeing you all in the flesh very soon after that. i did make an LP in 2015 called Arriving. it's more in the modern soul / boogie lane. https://benjaminofcherries.bandcamp.com/album/arriving as always i am THRILLED with the support of the northern soul scene! Ben
  3. Hello from NYC! I'm real pumped on the response! it sure was not easy to follow up that first single! i'm preparing the 3rd release now. maybe this year you'll see the Dreamdancers and myself in the flesh. B
  4. Benjamin here, i just might be able to help you if you're looking for a copy.

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