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  1. Soul Sauce

    What's this song, please?

    Hello, we were out shuffling and stomping in London last night at Great Big Kiss to Ian Watson and Declan Allen and heard a song with the line "there goes your fella" and later "wearing my wedding band" (I think). Any ideas what its title is, please? Cheers.
  2. Soul Sauce

    The Keystone State Northern Soul Weekend - Lancaster PA, USA.


    We had a great time. Great venue, DJs, music, people (both at the event and in Lancaster). We recommend it for next year. Hopefully we'll be going again. Cheers. Ian.
  3. Soul Sauce

    gone my way - lyrics please

    Hello, not much to go on but we heard a beautiful sad song with the line, or half a line, sung by, ( solo, I think) a woman: ".... gone my way" ( maybe it was "things haven't gone my way"). Any ideas please? thanks!
  4. Soul Sauce

    I don't need to worry

    Hello, I heard this recently but don't know who made it or what it's called: "If my neighbour slanders my name I don't need to worry cos I got you." Any ideas, please? Thanks.


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