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    Max Morrison
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    Northern Soul, Motown etc
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    Nr Paris, France
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    Nolan Porter, if I could only be sure

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  1. Max Morrison

    Little Anthony - was he good?

    I too saw the videos on FB and thought the same, nice to see him tho! Someone also said he had a bad cold over the weekend!
  2. Max Morrison

    Gucci Does Northern soul

    How it could have sounded, tho the original was brilliant, i've added a couple of tweaks ;)
  3. Max Morrison

    "Older" Northern Soul Dancer Required

    I think it's for a TV ad tbh!
  4. Max Morrison

    "Older" Northern Soul Dancer Required

    A casting company is looking for an "Older" 60 plus Northern Soul Dancer. That's as much as I know. You can contact them on Twitter and I include a screen cap of their original tweet! Good luck
  5. Max Morrison


    First heard this at the Fleet P'boro around 77, loved it ever since. This vid has been on you tube for years tho?! Still, good to see it again
  6. Max Morrison

    Soul track help please

    Could try Pete Warner I just want to spend my life with you Or Soul brothers six I'll be loving you
  7. Max Morrison

    Piano Intros

    One of the greatest piano lead instrumentals for me has to be Phil Coulter, Good thing going and even though the orchestration kicks in at the same time as the piano is only a bonus
  8. Max Morrison

    Favourite Lyrics

    Soul Brother Six For the rest of my days I'll be by your side I promise to cherish and love you And be your guide baby I'll be loving you Yes I will I'll be loving you I remember the time I was all alone I used to sit and cry I didn't think I had a friend in the world Then you came walking by Your love lifted me up You eased my troubled mind That's why I'm gonna stick by you baby Love you till the end of time baby I'll be loving you Yes I will girl I'll be loving you Ohh ohh Sometime's I lift my head up to the sky I count the stars above I say ohh what a lucky man I am To have someone like you to love I've been searching for a long long time But Now I don't have to search no more Now that I've got you by my side baby I'll never never never never let you go baby I'll be loving you Yes I will girl I'll be loving you Ohhh I'll be loving you Baby im gonna stick by you I'll be loving you I'll never never never let you go I'll be loving you Perfection!
  9. Max Morrison

    Favourite Christmas soul record

    For me it has to be this! Wonderful Harmonies, just perfection Happy Christmas to one and all
  10. Max Morrison

    Sam Williams "Loop"

    Yeah I thought so too tbh, but it's kinda divided opinions elsewhere ;)
  11. Max Morrison

    Sam Williams "Loop"

    Has anyone else heard this yet? Kinda catchy, I'm sure I've heard that piano opening somewhere before
  12. Max Morrison

    Features: Linda Tate - Sad News And Her Story

    Thanks for sharing this story, sad news indeed!
  13. Max Morrison

    Philly Dog Around the World Lyrics

    Ahhhhh So much better!! that's brilliant, only taken nearly 40 years lol Thank you so much
  14. Hi, I've been trying to find an old thread about this but have no idea where I read it! Anyhoo, the lyrics to Jimmie Raye's Philly dog around the world have bugged me for years, so I thought i'd sit down and really listen and after about an hour, I think I've finally solved it! If you think these are wrong, please correct me, I've left a question mark at the end of a couple of lines as I'm not 100% sure of them! If anyone else has struggled over the years, I hope this helps Thanks for reading Max Philly Dog Around The World Jimmie Raye New York city And Newhurst? Philly dogging for the right to be seen Now Philly dog is aware? Cleavland Ohio Chicago Illinois Detroit Michigan Now Philly dog Philly dog come on now? (the second Philly could be filthy dog) Sock it girl I want you to git it girl Come on girl Philly dog around the world Philly dog around the world Richmond Virginia Northwall, Newport new? I'm the originator The creator Now tell me ain't that new Down in old Carolina Down in Georgia I'm all over this land Now tell me ain't that grand come on now sock it girl I want you to git it girl Come on girl Philly dog around the world Philly dog around the world Come on now I want you to git up on the floor Come on and Philly dog some more
  15. Excellent article, a great read


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