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  1. "Something Different"Soul Club Spring Alldayer

    Another cracking day and night at The Staff.Really enjoyed it, bit the worse for wear ( it was the dancing,not the beer!! LOL) Superb sets from our guests Chris Dalton and Soap ,thanks lads! Nice to see Roger Banks again, we're coming to Sureshot night in April. A big thanks to all who came along, you're the ones that make our events ' Something Different" Roll on next one ..
  2. "Something Different"Soul Club Spring Alldayer

    looking forward to playing some tunes and having a few beers with the lads,also looking forward to hearing Chris Dalton and Soaps spots, should be a cracking day , 1pn till 1am 🍻😊
  3. "Something Different"Final Sunday Soul Session

    Really good afternoon sesh at The Staff, loads of excellent tunes belting out, superb sets from Jono, some quality and new tunes for the Staff regulars to listen and dance to, roll on for our All dayer on Saturday March 24th with guest DJs, Chris Dalton abd Soap, both their second time at The Staff.
  4. "Something Different"Final Sunday Soul Session

    looking forward to this and listening to Jonos spot , roll on 12 o clock 😊🍺
  5. Creme de la Creme Sunday Chillout at Annesley Woodhouse

    After a nervous start on my part to our spot, Rich and myself settled in and thoroughly enjoyed playing a mixture of tunes to the crowd at Creme de la Creme, rather apt name for the venue as the sounds played by the lads were truly top class We were made welcome by Jono and Ady, who tried somewhat to alleviate my trepidation at taking to the decks, ( it worked after that first fook up lol ) The lads certainly know their stuff at Creme de la creme and it was a wonderful mix of rare soul seldom heard at other venues, thanks again to all at Creme de la creme for an enjoyable day
  6. "Something Different"Saturday Soul 7pm-1am

    What a great night at The Staff, superb sets from the lads and our guest dj , Dim . We had a packed room with a busy dance floor throughout the night,even though there were other soul events in the Mansfield area, cant understand why folk pay good money to get into other venues when we've got 6 DJs playing quality rare soul and its all free with cheap beer in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere ! Quite a few new faces who will hopefully come back for our future events , from reaction we got, I'm sure they will...
  7. "Something Different"Saturday Soul 7pm-1am

    Really looking forward to this, quality soul sounds guaranteed along with a friendly atmosphere, come hear the sounds you won't hear at other venues, " Something Different"

    Hope its a cracking day for everyone at The Staff bank holiday Sunday, I will be in the Soul Shack in Playa de Las Americas celebrating Leeds beating Forest (hope you have a good day Ross and Wag even when you've lost to the Mighty Leeds ) ,gutted to miss the session at the staff tho cos the last one was brill, looking forward to the all dayer in September with Roger and Saus,guaranteed pure soul of the finest and rarest,underplayed soul music from a great bunch of lads in a friendly and welcoming venue. ,hopefully Wing Commander Pied Piper will be back rattling the decks aided finely by Rob, Graham ,Johnny and Ecka Get down the Staff for a great day of Soul Happiness !!
  9. "Something Different"Soul Club with Ted and Linda Couldstone

    Looking forward to a cracking day,will try to take it steady with the beer, no "cloudy apple cider" this time,bit the worse for wear after the Corner House last Bank Holiday M.O.T. ⚽😉 Ted and Linda arriving between 6 pm and 7pm 😃
  10. "Something Different"Soul Club with Ted and Linda Couldstone

    Looking forward to a cracking day,will try to take it steady with the beer, no "cloudy apple cider" this time,bit the worse for wear after the Corner House last Bank Holiday M.O.T. ⚽😉
  11. Northern Soul at the Corner House.

    Thanks to everyone at the Corner House for making us feel really welcome, had a great day, 😊 (. Krunch )
  12. "Something Different"Soul Club All-dayer 1pm-1am

    Hi Ross, yes it was a great day, nice to see old faces and new alike, especially Jazz and our friends from Carter Lane Soul Club. Thanks to John Manship and Steve Lydon,great sets as always.Just to set the record straight, Rob lost the first middle and I lost the second one so I'm only 50% blipping Lol,Lol,Lol ( cos its Christmas !! ) What do you expect from a bunch of amateurs ! The only way were amateurs is cos were not in it for any money. Keep it Shirebrook, keep it real. It was only meant to be us playing a few tunes for the lads and the club and having a good time but its took off big time. ? PS yes it was funny seeing John Manship ,Rob and Eck scrambling under the decks , couldn't make it up ! Looking forward to 2017 being even better, make sure we have some spare middles for our next session on January 29th. Marching On Together ??

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