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    2001 black essence
  1. funky chappie

    Dave Box RIP

    Very sad news he was a great fella , always had time for a chat , will be sadly missed , Simon.
  2. funky chappie

    RARE FUNK 45s

    Hi like everyone else it would be massive , but if you have some titles I could give you a call. cheers simon.
  3. funky chappie

    RARE FUNK 45s

    Hi all , looking for any rare funk 45s or "deep" funk 45s that anyone does not want or like , please pm me let me know , cash waiting cheers .
  4. Hi , anyone got a copy of the boot on Carla of this 45 or anyone got it on any other format so I get one made for home use of course , will pay handsomely for any help , cheers simon.
  5. funky chappie

    donnell pitman

    Looking for a copy of donnell pitman , loving explosion on 7 , top price paid cheers
  6. funky chappie

    a few wants

    Looking for , flowers for real , mixed feelings sha la la , and tavasco , 1 of the 3 would be fine , cash waiting and willing to pay going rate cheers. merry Christmas.
  7. funky chappie

    funky chappie

  8. funky chappie

    1000+ Northern Soul / Soul 45's For Sale.

    hi , please forward list to simon@tessem.co.uk cheers simon
  9. funky chappie

    A few for offers

    Hi Flanny , what do you want for the r .matthews , cheers simon , st neots.
  10. funky chappie


    Not vinyl but record related , anyone got a box which could hold 100- 200 45s in wood they want to sell or does anyone know of someone who makes them , any help greatly received cheers simon.
  11. funky chappie

    curtis, the brothers

    Hi , looking for a mint- copy . let me know cheers simon.
  12. funky chappie

    Donnell pitman , loving explosion

    Hi , anyone fancy selling me a copy of this 45 if they have it , top price paid. Cheers simon , PM me if you can .
  13. funky chappie

    Sy Hightower I wonder why/Go back baby

    hi , can I get a demo copy please , cheers simon
  14. Hi Do you still have this 45 cheers simon
  15. funky chappie

    Deon jackson

    Hi all , looking for a copy of someday the sun will shine , drop me a line if you have a spare cheers simon.


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