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    Collecting soul since 1968 in every format.  Particular favourites are Tyrone Davis and Latimore, with Randy Brown, Johnnie Taylor, Roy C, Roshell Anderson Donny Hathaway and Sam Dees not so far behind.  While my collection is heavily biased in favour of male singers and vocal groups, a special word for Bettye Swann, Denise LaSalle, Barbara Lynn, Ann Peebles and Millie Jackson.

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    Randy Brown - I'd Rather Hurt Myself

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  1. Here is the Corsairs discography promised at the end of the article above. It was included in Home of the Blues number 8 (March 1967), the first of the glossy issues.
  2. And here is an interview with Lou, conducted by Steve Hobbs on Soul Bowl, Jazz FM (#11 May 1990). It is in two parts and the interview is interspersed with tracks Since You Said You'd Be Mine, What The Doctor Prescribed, What Should I Do, Didn't I Tell You, Making Love, Thank You Father, Just For You (Bobby Jonz) and Romancin' You. Soul-Bowl-11-Part-One.mp3 Soul-Bowl-11-Part-Two.mp3 Thanks to Mike for the technical advice. (I hope it works.)
  3. A good article in Blues and Soul at the time of his May 1990 visit to the UK. Condolences to Lou's family. Kevin (in Chester)
  4. I was only re-reading this article from Rolling Stone earlier in the week. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bill-withers-the-soul-man-who-walked-away-111535/ The beauty of his music was its simplicity. I recall seeing him live at the Rainbow, Finsbury Park, back in 1974(?). In an era when shows tended to be extravagant, e.g. James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Ohio Players, Philly tour, Isaac Hayes (with no fewer than 62 people on and around the stage with him) etc, Bill just had a few musicians alongside, including Melvin Dunlap (bass) and James Gadso
  5. Here's 15 of my top 10: Brother, Doctor, Sister, Nurse - Latimore Temperature Rising – General Johnson Fever – Darrow Fletcher Headache in My Heart – the Debonaires Life and Breath – the Moments Staying at Home Like a Woman – Lynn Varnado I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself – Chuck Jackson I’ll Go Crazy – Don Bryant Shop Around – the Miracles And I Panicked – the Dramatics Grits Ain’t Groceries – Little Milton Givin’ Up Food for Funk - JBs Roll Seven – Sam Dees Slow Roll It – Roy C/Lady Mary What Does the Future Ho
  6. One of the most wonderful Motown tracks (forever)
  7. Here are jpegs, but not transcriptions, of pages 2 and 3 of the article. Hopefully they are legible. B&S gave good coverage of Doris; she was also featured in issues 75, 93, 132, 204 and 322.
  8. In spite of enormous R'n'B chart success over a long period, Tyrone Davis was curiously overlooked, even by Blues and Soul (featured in #36 (1970) and then not to #298 (1980)), even though John E Abbey was a fan and later signed him to his Ichiban label. His Dakar material has been released over and over again, including all of his known Dakar material on the Ladies Choice triple CD, but even this did not include any previously unreleased material. Was nothing left "in the can" at Dakar? There are few really obscure Tyrone tracks. Perhaps the least well known are "How Can You Call
  9. There were a couple of Taj Mahal UK released singles on Direction - 3547 Everybody's Got To Change Sometime/Statesboro Blues and 4044 (and again on 4586) Ee Zee Rider/You Don't Miss Your Water. And the aforementioned Dust My Broom, which was included in a compilation album, Soul Direction (PR 28), which was a real hotchpotch of musical styles. Kevin in Chester
  10. Having unearthed an almost forgotten version by the Ballads, it got me wondering who has provided us with the second best performance of Baby I’m For Real. My favourite Motown song, the Originals version is unsurpassable. The simplicity of the group’s delivery and the accompaniment make it all seem so effortlessly soulful and still sends chills down my spine almost fifty years after first hearing it. As well as the Ballads, I have just listened to Esther Phillips, Bohannon (featuring Carolyn Crawford), Sherrick, After7, 21st Creation, Pat Lewis (featuring Duane Parham), Will Do
  11. Although this thread may be drawing to its natural end, here are some views from the beginning of 1991, when Steve Hobbs discussed the 2-step scene on his Soul Bowl show on Jazz FM (London), with Bill Shannon, fellow DJ, record shop owner and sometime producer. The conclusion was – as mentioned in this thread – that it began as an offshoot of the reggae scene in the mid-1980s, with a small number of Sound Systems (Manhattan, Latest Edition (Addition?), Just Good Friends and Mystery) playing soul records with a similar tempo and with a funky, bass-y beat, mainly at house-parties in Shepher
  12. The Cassius Clay track was Ben E King's "Stand By Me", backed with "I Am The Greatest" (Columbia 4 - 43007). Legend had it that it was the only song he knew when he got to the recording studio. Dave Godin once said it was his favourite version of the song. Not a view that I share.
  13. Here are some articles from Blues and Soul on Bob and Earl and Fred Smith (who definitely isn't Barry White). The Bobby Byrd mentioned is not James Brown's long-time associate (and father of singer Carleen Anderson). The article on Fred Smith was written by Sharon Wood, wife of Randy Wood, who then had a connection with Blues and Soul/Contempo. Some topical references to Bill Cosby too. Jackie Lee later resurfaced in yet another guise as Jay Dee on the Barry White produced "Come On In Love" album, which included "Strange Funky Games and Things" (vocal and instrumental), which was relea
  14. I think Steve must be referring to Freddie Mack "Mr Superbad" who was promoting a K-Tel album, Superbad. He had quite an interesting story (see link) before passing away in Scotland. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Mack

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