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  1. Happy Birthday Phil Threlfall

    Don't know you mate but hear your a legend that jumping girl is a gossip!!!
  2. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    It is incredibly difficult to make a dramatisation of any emotionally felt subject. To condense this life into a two hour show that had to appeal to a mass market and keep the sources integrity was nie on impossible... Then to sell the idea takes great person...
  3. Advert On The Itv Today

    Hey J its me louis's and 'daisy's' mum!!! contact me pleeeeeease I'm such a pants friend got new phone and contact details gone oooo missed you and T xx
  4. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    No offence intended, that's the problem with the written word.. hadn't realised that 'Marco and Elaine' would be known to all by just their first names!! Don't know Len? I'm of no significance other than I 1st attended catching a coach to Wigan in 1977, Denis...
  5. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    Never posted thread before. anonymous crusades? No just differences of opinion we can't all agree but i will tell you what is healthy.... debate and thankfully the ability to look deeper and not just believe all we read. Are you not anonymous also?
  6. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    No beef just replying to Len's denial of 'the definitive northern film' making money or enhancing status.... Elaine and Jan I will be seeing soon in Cheshire and anyone else at the funeral in question will know exactly my point. I think that just 'knowing' pe...
  7. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    old northern dead and gone ouch! HA And that's my point the connection to shredded wheat is totally alien. Embracing and accepting change I am, but some change is too far fetched... have great day Timi Yuro...your fav . Across the years we agree on something
  8. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    Yep change is good, but lets not kid each other, lets not for a second think that Constantine and santucci didn't financially gain from this, a bit like some promoters in the 80's who were in it for the music... yeah right. when you can roar up to a funeral a...
  9. Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    It's not that I don't want the 'whole world' involved... ha my records would go up even more in value and thats my pension! its that I need truth and clarity of the 'whole' scene not some glossy version acceptable to the masses. Use the music by all means but...
  10. Northern Soul .... Companies lining up to use 'fashionable' music. Constantine's money making love story, Shredded Wheat and Northern Soul... Synonymous with a healthy lifestyle? Someone didn't do their research. There is a lifetime spent from teenage years...
  11. ozzy !

    what a top lad.god bless.
  12. martin maelor & jon buck

    two top lads .cheers jon .martin m.
  13. Ozzy

    Best man!!!! If you could keep up with him.... sharp witty loyal thought provoking loved maverick def: Maverick an unorthodox or independent-minded person

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