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  1. plenty

    Happy Birthday Phil Threlfall

    Don't know you mate but hear your a legend that jumping girl is a gossip!!!
  2. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    It is incredibly difficult to make a dramatisation of any emotionally felt subject. To condense this life into a two hour show that had to appeal to a mass market and keep the sources integrity was nie on impossible... Then to sell the idea takes great personable skill, artistic license, ego hype, hence the we nearly lost everything, and arrogance to some degree.... that is not criticism that's sales. But most of all it had to be commercially viable and THAT is the point I make... That Northern Soul was misunderstood, condemned, secretive, not acceptable at the time the 70's 80's drug culture was one of hidden shame and public condemnation, you lost your job, family and in some instances your freedom to indulge and share in this life. I think I object most strongly to the now portrayal of respectability without mention of the hardships so many people endured for the love and the devotion to this life choice. I still think its questionable to make money on the back of others loss without acknowledgment. That is my opinion and comments recieved show Im not alone in thinking that these commercial ventures are being seen for what they are... Change does come but at a price I am not prepared to ignore just to have this amazing experience appeal to the masses
  3. plenty

    Advert On The Itv Today

    Hey J its me louis's and 'daisy's' mum!!! contact me pleeeeeease I'm such a pants friend got new phone and contact details gone oooo missed you and T xx
  4. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    No offence intended, that's the problem with the written word.. hadn't realised that 'Marco and Elaine' would be known to all by just their first names!! Don't know Len? I'm of no significance other than I 1st attended catching a coach to Wigan in 1977, Denis and rob lee, gabby schiazza Yate,dave thorley Brian Rae jerry hipkiss, dave Cain, Ginge, Locarno, Leicester, geordie martin lorraine bennett Mud, pete lawson weasel, tommo Greenie, Elaine Val Martin, ozzie Stafford, little Annie Mickey cruise Duncan, mark bicknell (little cottage by the sea) Hi Jaqui!! Fat Daz jo, gilly lynn dean keb kitch julia, joan tony pickle sharon Leighton buzzard, sue the lovely sue and john bored now!! So would you know me?
  5. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    Never posted thread before. anonymous crusades? No just differences of opinion we can't all agree but i will tell you what is healthy.... debate and thankfully the ability to look deeper and not just believe all we read. Are you not anonymous also?
  6. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    No beef just replying to Len's denial of 'the definitive northern film' making money or enhancing status.... Elaine and Jan I will be seeing soon in Cheshire and anyone else at the funeral in question will know exactly my point. I think that just 'knowing' people doesn't unfortunately prevent them from being discussed. The film is for commercial gain, the advert is for commercial gain that was the original connection. I maybe shouldn't have responded so vehemently to Len's personal opinion/defence of the duo behind the film but to suggest that the film was 'too gritty' they made no money, and that that captured my / our time as best it could was incorrect in my view... by all means remember but warts and all. Again I will say ....creativity without truth is nothing
  7. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    old northern dead and gone ouch! HA And that's my point the connection to shredded wheat is totally alien. Embracing and accepting change I am, but some change is too far fetched... have great day Timi Yuro...your fav . Across the years we agree on something
  8. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    Yep change is good, but lets not kid each other, lets not for a second think that Constantine and santucci didn't financially gain from this, a bit like some promoters in the 80's who were in it for the music... yeah right. when you can roar up to a funeral ahead of the Hearse on the churches car park in a bright yellow lotus then tell me it's not about status and money. As in anything history matters. My thoughts were expressed because of the dubious strongly questionable connection between healthy eating and 'northern soul' thank you for giving me more to think about.
  9. plenty

    Creativity Without Truth Is Nothing

    It's not that I don't want the 'whole world' involved... ha my records would go up even more in value and thats my pension! its that I need truth and clarity of the 'whole' scene not some glossy version acceptable to the masses. Use the music by all means but Shredded wheat and Dave? really? Is it only the likes of that thoroughly nice guy that is palatable for viewing?.. Because his clean cut, settled, healthy, wealthy (his clothes aren't cheap) image is not the average soul boy of my experience, and its its less than acceptable past that is now dismissed from sight. Creativity without truth is nothing. Yep always stopped off at the services for a hearty bowl of cereal
  10. Northern Soul .... Companies lining up to use 'fashionable' music. Constantine's money making love story, Shredded Wheat and Northern Soul... Synonymous with a healthy lifestyle? Someone didn't do their research. There is a lifetime spent from teenage years joining a movement with very little parental knowledge, intervention or in my case care. This underground scene was forged for reasons of social acceptability, to challenge authority, thankfully it needed no money to join, and the countrywide connections made, (a time pre internet,mobiles) ensured there was always someone to help with costs, travelling, entrance fee, drugs. 'People' will talk about it just being about the music... It was so much more than that, Friday night all nighter Saturday night all nighter Sunday all dayer, travelling the length and breadth of the country, scoring drugs, losing jobs, relationships made and broken due to the hardships of committing to living the life. And that music, something about that music... if it gets you...its for life. Dancing all night and day, singing til your throat is hoarse, no sleep, little eating, LIVING exciting daring challenging definitely not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Drugs were widely used by the majority and acceptable in this closed society,police drug squads set up specifically for controlling the Northern scene, chemists regularly ransacked, people died on dance floors and 30 years on the people that 'left the scene to raise families' quote unquote are stable, socially acceptable, caricatures NOW financially able to cultivate a 'look', family raised, able to join a scene that at times, heartbreakingly so, survived underground in between those years.... There is a whole age being glossed over, churned, and spat out as this respectable twee existence. Look deeper for longer.
  11. plenty

    ozzy !

    what a top lad.god bless.
  12. plenty

    martin maelor & jon buck

    two top lads .cheers jon .martin m.
  13. plenty


    Best man!!!! If you could keep up with him.... sharp witty loyal thought provoking loved maverick def: Maverick an unorthodox or independent-minded person


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