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    Mid-life crisis happening Likes beer, curry, sports casual and Fred Perry clothing Loves Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson, Michael Henderson, Anthony White, Flowers, J. Jocko, tassled loafers, Lambretta scooters

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  1. Got an original on here - Essence of Love - first issue - excellent
  2. Essence of Love (Eugene Smiley) Yes Its You - K-City first issue green label (one of only 75 pressed) - needs no introduction but a modern soul masterpiece - tough on first issue - £ 1000 Tutty Gadson - Brought Back That Feeling / Aint No JOBS - Earthatone - obscure / unknown - £ 175 Postage additional - if you want insured values I will have to quote Payment via bank transfer - no paypal fees Collection in person possible but must be paid for in advance Discount if you're interested in both items together - £ 1100 Many thanks.
  3. Hiya Phil Yes original green label issue for sale on here - extremely rare - and much rarer than the demo - Essence of Love - Yes It's You offers invited over £1500. You wont get a chance to own this very often I can assure you (this is my 2nd copy) and if you purchase it I can provide proof of where it came from. I have a demo 2nd pressing that's slightly cheaper if you were interested in this at £500. Again, not many out there, and hard to find. Many thanks for your response and interest.
  4. Did you manage to source one - got an original and rare issue on here for sale (green label issue - much rarer than the white demos) the proverbial rocking horse sh1t!! Let me know if you're still interested - thanks.
  5. An absolute stormer of a Modern Soul gem and rarity. You may know it as Eugene Smiley (white label) but also in existence is this green label issue Essence of Love - Yes It's You. Very few copies about and others may gawp at the pricing, but have you got one? I suspect not. Most have white demos, if lucky enough to own. Offers are encouraged at over £1500. In fairness to all - offers should be displayed on this forum. Best offer received over £1500 by Friday 8th March 12 noon will be the winner. Postage costs up to £20 will be covered in the sale - additional insurance upon request. Could be collected in person, but must be paid for and funds cleared prior to this. Bank transfer or cheque accepted.
  6. Now being sold in ebay (username:snoopnobby) Volumes 001 to 020 already listed 021 to 050 to list, plus random out of sequence numbered volumes of about 15 to 20 LP's. Please have a look. Thanks.
  7. Monster modern soul £500 excluding insured postage Purchased from Manship some years ago Rare gem and worth the asking price no doubt Thanks.
  8. Hi people, please see some of my clear out items for sale, or under offer as follows: Sammy Gaha - Thank you thank you - Right On - Canadian - currently on ebay - offers over £500 invited The Jackson Sisters - I believe in miracles - Mumms - super rare UK issue 7" - currently on ebay - offer over £100 invited The Notations - Its a new day - Twinight - offers over £65 invited The Muses - That's Why / The Glades - Happy Organ - Bell - obscure 1959 Rnb - OFFERS INVITED Final Touch - I'm ready to give up my love - Epic Demo - 1976 - stormin' 70's monster - offers invited over £ 75 Jackie Wilson - I've learned about life (monster) / nobody but you - Brunswick - great 70's dancer in my opinion under rated by better known commercial flip side £ 15 Temptations - Temptin' Tempatations - Juke Box EP - Gordy - complete with juke box LP inserts / track labe l - 1 nr of each - picture sleeve - currently on ebay - offers invited over £ 35 Virgil Henry - You aint sayin' nothing new - Tamla - currently on ebay - offers invited over £ 150 Betty Wright - Open the door to your heart -Italian RCA - Monster 70's - offers over £ 175 invited Jackie Wilson - It only happens....... - Brunswick - offers invited over £ 150 - UK issue Demo A Pep Brown - I'm the one who needs you - Polydor white demo - offers invited over £ 85 The Marvelettes - Jukebox EP - Picture cover complete with juke box labels 9 nr from original tear sheet of 10 - offers over £ 35 Ernie Johnson - Big Man cry - Steph & Lee - condition lets this down - set sale £ 40 Ultimates - Girl I've been trying to tell you - BrRoma - I don't really want to sell this but I will consider offers over £ 850 Thanks for looking Ebay seller name: snoopnobby I will look at responses this weekend, if any, and come back to you. Thanks guys. PS I FORGOT -- I HAVE 50 nr KENT LP's for sale 001 to 050 on ebay presently - offers over £ 595 invited PPS Lambretta TV175 also on ebay
  9. Now on ebay and closing in next few days Vol 1 - 16 complete Thanks
  10. That's very helpful - I'm afraid I'm not that technically minded so thanks for that
  11. Hi I have a genuine Italian Lambretta TV175 Series 3 for sale. It was purchased and fully restored by the world famous Rimini Lambretta Centre, Italy so it has been treated with the respect it deserves. As you may imagine, this was not a cheap excursion, and it has a lot of new old stock original accessories on it, some that cannot be removed from the scooter due to being fixed through side panels or legshield, so cannot sell these separately. It is English old white base colour with sky blue and metallic purple detailing (some people say Aston Villa / West Ham / Burnley colours). The box below the seat has an air brush mural of Marvin Gaye. The seat has been re-covered in white with 'target' mural in purple and blue to match the scooter. Original accessories such as Fiamm; Super; Vigano are plenty, and the badge bar has original St Christopher and England badges that have been restored by Pamela David Enamels. All in all, this scooter has cost in excess of £ 20,000 to buy and develop, I know I won't recoup this value, but I do not want to be giving it away either. Lack of use is unfortunately the reason for sale, but it has to be for the right money, as I am not desperate to sell, but it does need to go to someone who will cherish and use it. Please contact me for photos. I have a scrapbook as to what it looked like originally; items that I bought as accessories etc that can go with the scooter as history. If you are a serious buyer, and are prepared to negotiate a price, then I will send over additional information, but the current asking price is £15,000. I have two Ruby motorcycle helmets that are metallic purple and match the scooter, and these are boxed and hardly used. Ruby helmets are upwards of £ 600 each, and this is also open for negotiation. If you want to treat yourself to a real stunning scooter, then please get in touch. Thanks for your consideration.

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