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  1. Sliced Tomanogoe

    Burnholme York

    Went in May, some great records played - will be there this evening!
  2. I forgot to be your lover. One my favourite, most soulful records of all time, hats off.
  3. At this moment I'll take whatever is out there - I need this in my life. Apologies for not being a strictly soul want but sources are drying up!
  4. I'm at the breaking point Recently discovered this on Kent- can anyone offer more information on it please? I heard it at one of Eddie pillars modcast events and have adored it ever since, is there any other version out there other than the Kent issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. I've heard angie stone - wish I didn't miss you (backstabbers sample) a few times here and there...
  6. Not a helpful reply - But after the recent hike in overseas postage it has made difficult to find records even harder to reach, I have so many records on my wants list that importing them would cost me a small fortune - and that's after the price of the single itself. such is the way. I find it shame that the thing getting between me owning fantastic music is money - I wouldn't mind if I knew it all went back to the original artist and not postman pat. I Just gotta keep asking around...
  7. Smokey Robinson must be there or there abouts? Sam Cooke though for me, I've still got goosebumps from the first time I heard a change gonna come... And that's going back some! I must get that looked at...
  8. How tight is security...? Ahem hip flask. Medicinal of course...
  9. Hi Graham, I am relatively new to the site also and as although I have been enjoying soul music over half of my life I am still only 33 and just when I feel I have scratched the surface of the general sound of what floats my boat something comes along and knocks me off my feet. I, like you missed the boat for the original venues (such as the Wheel, Casino et al), in fact that ship had sailed long before the twinkle in my fathers eye! So I do understand the journey you are on discovering what is known to many as the 'scene'. In my early days I thought I knew what 'Northern Soul' was, most likely the said '150 tunes' you refer to were in that list. My first visits to soul do's, all dayers & weekenders I was left baffled as 'where are my 150 dancers?! I don't know any of these records?!' - what changed was my attitude, I stop trying to recognise the track but simply enjoy it, I stopped trying to analyse everything I heard but paid attention to those records that reached out to me. Over years of searching and listening and digging and searching and listening and digging... I have found that I will never find or even hear every 'northern soul' song, I find I don't even like some tracks that my fellow soulies would die for. But whats left is a catalogue of music that I never knew were possible, I speak with a passion of a decade of hearing music that will live with me forever, not only that but I know that I still have so much more to discover, its such an exciting position to be in. As for broadening your horizons, I have found that Soul Source and its members are the most knowledgeable and informative (and mostly friendly!) bunch you will come across, often defensive and protective of their art but it all stems from a passion that personally can only be stirred from good old fashioned soul (Northern or not) music. Don't feel disheartened that you weren't there at the beginning, revel in the fact you are a few songs away from hearing your favourite song of all time... ...until the next one comes along. Here's one of mine, Dave.
  10. Really interesting, emotive topic! My 2 pence (if it's worth as much as that!?) No event should be mis-advertised, if it's 'rare northern OVO' then so it should be, if its 'motown MP3 Monday Madness' then so it is, the punter shouldn't moan if the event is what it said on the tin. That being said, as a collector I would know deep down that the freshly cut boot sat on the shelf in the presence of original royalty would eat away at me like the runt of the litter and therefore I would only be cheating myself, morally. On the flip side, if I were to DJ and had a treasured hefty valued original that I wanted to preserve and so played a reissue once in a while - would that upset me? Not at all. Im not rich nor experienced enough (mid 30's) to be established as either of the above (the nipper comes first right now) but I am old enough to value the prestige and majesty of what is soul and rare soul alike. Would I love every pub, bar, coffee shop, building I enter to play my favourite records on original vinyl like a Detroit truman show? Hell yes, but I don't frown if the format isn't to my best wishes, I just set my own expectations and appreciate it for what it is. Some of my favourite tracks have been shown to me by friends and soul strangers playing me a music file on their phone and saying 'ere, 'av a listen to this beauty...'
  11. Ah lovely, thanks Chalky. This must a be common cross over of year between recording and publishing - I have just never noticed before!
  12. I wonder if the good folks at SS could help me with a small query: I'm in the arduous tasks if noting my singles in some form of catalogue which now I've started I'll finish - I have come across the classic Isley Brother's number to find it is labelled (clearly) as 1965, I was sure it was recorded in '66. I've checked discogs and the earliest on there is '66 also, although it being January of '66. Why would a label state a year (or perhaps a month!) Earlier? Any replies or ideas are much appreciated. Dave.
  13. Thanks all for your welcome messages. I may have been optimistic with Edward Hamilton...

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