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  1. yes sorted mate cheers for the offer in any case.
  2. Has anyone got a clean vinyl copy of the Manahattans - I Wanna Be (Your Everything) / What's It Gonna Be on the Carnival label? Also after a clean promo vinyl copy of their tune The Manhattans ‎– I Bet'cha (Couldn't Love Me) / Sweet Little Girl also on the Carnival label. Any offers or info please PM me cheers
  3. Im looking for a copy of Lee Rogers Sock Some Love Power To Me on original issue. Please PM with offers cheers all
  4. Still looking, anyone know of a green issue that's for sale?! Cheers
  5. Has anyone got a clean copy of Singing Sam - Ooh Baby/Move It Baby (apple Green issue) on Dan-Dy records? There are few around for sale that are the light blue variation. From what I understand the apple green issue were the first press, though I think it could be a regional press variation?! cheers for any info or offers.
  6. Hi all Im on the lookout for a white demo copy of Darrow Fletcher Gotta Draw The Line on Groovy. Got to be a cleanish copy. I know theres one in the States on Discogs at a good price but the seller is not willing to budge on declared value .cheers all.
  7. Anyone have a cleanish copy of Joe Tex I wanna Be Free on Dial white demo. PM offers and No silly prices please
  8. I think you got your prices wrong there mate, youve added a zero too many! Its not that rare a record and certainly not in demand and certainly not worth £800! Last issue went for £45 or so on eBay if it was that rare then it would have attracted loads of mouse clicking punters hiking the price up whilst the auction was running! Other issue copies have mostly hit the £100+ mark, Manship had one for £200 few years ago but then he has loads of so so semi known played/known records on at that price hoping someone will bite and buy it as an investment in the vain hope that it will be a "biggie". T
  9. Still looking for a copy... anyone?! Cheers
  10. Anyone have a cleanish copy of Marge Dodson Be Your Baby? on Decca issue preferred but will also consider demo. PM offers and No silly prices please . Cheers all
  11. Im looking for an original copy of The Constellations - I Didnt Know How To, its an old fave of mine but can be issue or demo. PM with offers please, seen the stupid inflated prices on Discogs, and definitely not going to pay that much! Last EX demo went for £175 here on SS, so that's a point of reference IMHO cheers
  12. I'm looking for an original yellow Brunswick promo copy of Jackie Wilson -Soul Galore. Please PM with any offers. Thanks
  13. Hi im looking for a cleanish copy of Louis Jordan - Wild Is The Night on the Pzazz label. Please PM with any offers. cheers
  14. Hi I'm looking for an original white demo copy of Marsha Brody on hot shot ? Anyone got one for sale?! Cheers for any offers. NOW SORTED cheers
  15. Pital


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