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  1. He always used to walk straight across the dance floor from the rec bar to the stage, swinging his heavy record box to alert unfortunate dancers he was coming thru..one record ..Kenny Carlton.Atb & thanx Keith.
  2. I've got one u can have it if u want.
  3. Hi Des wd like a & sophomores.goffy.
  4. Hi would love a few off here can I contact you another way?(am no good on Internet stuff)
  5. I have R/Searlings w/d copy..complete with cue burn!
  6. Used to see an (unfortunate) lad brought in 5am- ish was in a wheelchair with carers,near the record bar, always wondered what the story was.(no disrespect intended).
  7. Remember buying the lockettes "I love the boy who lives next door"-abc.in the bar.was told twas the 2nd record played.(?)
  8. Detroit wheels=richard anthony-"no good"-Swan.

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