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  1. rip Phil Joss

    Sad and shocking news on Sunday. Lydia and the family are deep in my thoughts, as are Phil's brothers Kev and Graeme and their families. From me and my mam Rosemary and my sisters Annette, Gillian and Clare. Rest in peace Phil Joss.
  2. I voted "good" but nothing in life is all good or all bad, it isn't as simple as that. Like most DJ club spots or radio shows, it's natural that some of Ian's podcasts are more popular than others and it's even more likely that most people will enjoy one p...
  3. Happy Birthday Dave Box

    Happy birthday Dave Paul
  4. Facebook V Soul Source

    Hello, That's interesting, but I think you might have taken my points about cliques and status / hierarchy a bit more seriously than I intended them to be, and maybe I didn't explain myself very well but I did say these were "minor" issues. My concer...
  5. That's a great pun, Jordi, you should be writing headlines for The Sun. Sometimes I think my interest in design and typography etc is a "bit sad" but it's nice when it comes in handy (such as on this thread) and it's also part of my work anyway. I...
  6. I'm glad it's sold, Adam, it's a very nice 45, and two of Herby Rooney's very best Songs. Paul
  7. Help With Some Invictus Copies

    Well done, The HDH catalogues are timeless and it will be nice to have such a complete collection, even for those of us who already have most of the individual tracks on various 45s, LPs and CDs etc. Many of the Invictus and Hot Wax things were red hot ...
  8. Hello Adam, Looking at the photo of your copy I've no doubt that it's an authentic original vinyl issue from the Specialty plant. I compared the typesetting (mainly the fonts and tracking) with an image of the repro and your copy uses two old Univers fo...
  9. I bought it as a new release, on Sunburst and also on UK Contempo, and I admit I overlooked 'Synthetic Substitution' for some years because I loved 'Reward' so much. I think it's fair to say that most people overlooked both sides. It was quite an easy rec...
  10. Facebook V Soul Source

    Mike, it's natural that some people will go a bit quiet on soul source and some might leave from time to time, for whatever reasons, it can't always be interesting to everyone but I doubt it's because of facebook in many cases. There are times when I've...
  11. Facebook V Soul Source

    I didn't realise that, Mike, but that's not a bad thing, it's interesting that we agree. I was just expressing my own thoughts, I reckon most people wouldn't chose between one community and another when they can enjoy both (and others). Paul
  12. Two Soul Scene's

    There has always been several soul scenes and factions of scenes and even more people who don't associate much with any particular scene but who take the music seriously and get a lot of pleasure from it. I think the only true "underground" movement in ...
  13. Thanks, I remember when I bought that as a new UK release, after hearing it on a friend's pocket radio at school, and finding the brilliant 'Right On Brothers And Sisters' on the flip side. Great value for money, great music, great memories. And I re...
  14. Facebook V Soul Source

    Why the comparison? Facebook and soul source are very different things and both are useful in different ways for different reasons. Facebook obviously became the main platform for joining or creating your own community (or multiple communities, to be...

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