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  1. Budgie55

    Soul at tavern

    Northern and Motown and 70Ts at the Castle Tavern Richmond n.yorkshire 4p.m. to 10-30 new venue. Small wooden dance floor real ale free entry .local DJs ferg.and budgie.vinyl only
  2. Not every one starts of as a div i was brought up listening to early stax.Atlantic.and Motown. with some 60ts mod music thrown in with my parents.So i disagree that every body starts of a div .I knew lads from youthclub days they thought they( part time soulies)then and were dickheads then and still divs now at 60 + i rest my case
  3. I've met stacks people like that over the last 30 year's why o why do they do that. As you say must have gone in a push chair they trip them selves up with out realizing sad reallysick of hearing about bloody Wigan Pier.
  4. Divs I am afraid haveall ways been at soul venues i remember when i started going to Wigan and Wakefield in early70ts there was always a few until the( this england documentary )came along. Then you know what hit the fan (Div's) every where you went divs.and the old ones who still get dressed up like they are 17 again What's all that about.!!!

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