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  1. derby crew 1


    Derbys Executive Alnighter soul crew present an al dayer at the Queens hall in Derby, the 27th August 2018, 1pm till midnight. DJ line up Dave Evison , Simon hunt , Rob smith , Glynn sissons , John poole , Mick walsh , Tony clark , Daz dakin , Steve smith , Paul collison, Sheila , . Fantastic dj line up , record dealers welcome , 100% original northern soul, talc friendly venue , good dance floor, ask them that came to last alnighter its been sorted. Only £5 pound door fee, please contact, peter , 07494133428 , kenny 07941815210 , lee 07398518726 , for any info. Hope to see you there soulies, ktf.
  2. derby crew 1

    R I P Lee Vowles

    Rip soul brother, all the crew from derby, condolences to your loved ones, x
  3. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Thanks for your feed back , and most of all coming to play a great set, your a top dj sir, kind regards peter, ktf.
  4. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Thank you to all of you that came to derby, your support is welcome and needed , the weather was against us so all in all it was a good night, to the people that couldn't make it cause of the weather, we still love you all soul crew , see you at the next one , thanks from peter, Trevor, lee and kenny, ktf x
  5. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Nice one casper, have a good set at ur soul against cancer event, hope it goes well and between you , you make loads for the charity, drive safe and hope fully see you , ktf.
  6. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Thanks mick for your support , see you Saturday ktf, thanks peter.
  7. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Record dealers welcome to this event. Also two djs have let us down, so im now posting a confirmed dj list with times they will be playing there sets. Steve smith 9 till 10 Daz dakin 10 till 11 Dick krop 11 till 12 Simon hunt 12 till 1 Mick welsh 1 till 2 Glyn sissons 2 till 3 Dave evison 3 till 4 Tony clark 4 till 5 Ian james 5 till 6 . Im doing the floor myself so it will be in perfect order for you to dance on, looking forward to a good honest northern soul night with good honest northern soul people, fantastic djs who are loyal and know there stuff, so see you there and Peter, Lee, Trevor, Kenny, the derby all nighter crew , wish you all a safe trip and ktf you soulies.
  8. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    See you there mr, hope u can make it, thanks for your support, ktf. Thanks peter.
  9. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Ok mate , hope u have a nice time in the states, watch how you go , ktf , c u in september, before at your nighter, thanks peter.
  10. derby crew 1


    Loving that flyer casper, have a good night mate, always brill blackhearts is , so get down and support you soulies, ktf, thanks peter.
  11. derby crew 1

    derbys executive allnighter soul crew

    Eh nice one soul sister, yes we put this event up 8 months ago , nice to read some one is being real, see u there on Saturday, thanks for your input, ktf. Thanks peter.
  12. derby crew 1

    Stuart Brackenbridge RIP

    Rest easy soul brother, condolence to your loved ones at this sad time, all the derby crew.
  13. derby crew 1

    Munich. Never forget

    Eh big respect mr and one love, good on u mate, from the derby crew.
  14. derby crew 1

    Northern Motown LPs

    If you ever come across a album called 16 non stop tamla motown memories ill have it off you and pay a very good price, thanks for now, ktf.
  15. derby crew 1

    R.I.P. Mark Linton

    Never knew you mr, but u rest easy soul brother, condolences to your love ones at this sad time, rip.