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  1. Trip down memory lane … you lot do the CHOOONS & I will do the sentimental stuff
  2. Oh dear me I have so not wanted to post on here or on FB, because it makes it so real and yep I have shed a tear or too Though we both made the decision to "Retire" Chris reached that decision before me, it wasn't an easy decision but one that I know is right for Chris & I We have shared with many people some great memories. And along the way we have met and bonded with some wonderful people who we are now blessed to call our friends and they unlike NCS will always be a part of our lives. It has been a pleasure and a pain but then that's life …. I know I will be at an emotional night for me (Chris will hide it) & I aim to make it a night ALL ABOUT ME oh and Chris I am aiming to spend time in MY MAGICAL PLACE with my girls Thelma & Louise Having lots of supportive HUGS of MY Mr Cuddler And whoever turns up I will be able to say THANK YOU to and that's so important Oh and lastly I AIM it to be a night of FUN FROLICKS and NAUGHINESS Marcelle soon to be RETIRED Promoter and soon to be FREE PUNTER
  3. Well I tried …. I failed …. and no this is not one of those times where I shall be "try try again" that wont be happening well for awhile … Event went onto the wrong day !!!!! Thanks Chalky for saving my arse yet again ….. xxx
  4. It’s my Happy feet ... well hopefully Happy DANCING feet / body & Soul if painkillers still working or it will have to be 2 step shuffle
  5. Love love love always
  6. Oh so naughty of them boys
  7. Shhh let them think what they think it maybe you are paying with
  8. Well hello my lovelies ... it’s nearly that time when I have to gather my thoughts and plan for the Night with DJs & write ups oh & blah blah blah ... Oh I’ve just remembered I don’t have to do anything like that as I’ve got ....... The Kenwood Posse sorting their room out .. Dyson sorting out the Main Hall Chalky sorting out the technical stuff & write ups Denise doing the door May even get Calvin to be the Host for the night So that’s a free Nighter for me then ...
  9. I love you x
  10. I love you BESTEST Mr Smith and would walk on fire for you .... but on this occasion the answer will have to be NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Good Morning to my world of Pixies & Unicorns here is the DJ Times for the Main Hall ...... now don't forget for a taster of what is to come tune in to Dean`s Show tonight I am sure one of the guys will do the fancy thing of "putting link up" as I will just balls it up ..... as we have our very own Thelma & Louise on tonight oh aka as Simon & Lenny on there tonight ... till then people
  12. Is it an “undercut”
    Apologies for delay "I'm not as young as I was" shock horror you never knew that WOW what a blinder of a Night Bury was .... many thanks to all the travelers who (unbeknown to me) had to travel through "snow storms" to get then dancing shoes on and the people kept on coming right up to 4am WOW ... All rooms had a great atmosphere with dance floors being polished to a top shine ... which is all down to the DJs doing a cracking job of giving us what we all want ..... music that "touches our heart ... and moves them feet" thank you xx With a few changes happening to the DJ line up and unavoidable changes in times it could have got a little chaotic BUT with a great team at NC it went off with a BANG ... We are so fortunate that within the 3 rooms we are all working for the same goal .... a happy fun filled night with music that fits many tastes and though I saw this as a daunting task ... it has been such a pleasure to work alongside Simon and Barry and their team to build up Bury .. thank you Lastly (but most certainly not leastly) many thanks to Stephen Morgan and Ian Cunliffe for stepping up at such short notice and Nige Brown for being so accommodating in changing times (again at short notice ... Bury Nighter 2018 = Onwards & Upwards x
  13. Good Morning my Happy Campers .... Not long now until we will be donning our Colourful Party Frocks (Len ) to dance away the night, with a great choice of 3 rooms of, COLOURFUL Music. What more could we ask for .... NOTHING ! Here are the DJ times for the Main Hall ...

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