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  1. Cannot wait to play here again, it’s such an honour to be invited back. If you’re looking for a great night, Derby is the place. You’ve got the lovely Helen whose a great host and you’ve got the residents who are evenly superb and you’ve got the great simon hunt whose knowledge is incredible, get yourself down here you won’t be disappointed
  2. Looking forward to Saturday night, ever so grateful to be asked down here again, it’s always a stormer every time I’ve been, if you’ve not been get yourself down here and here some quality tunes, hope to see most of you down here x
  3. Looking forward to spinning some records down at this charity all dayer, was a stormer last year so if you’ve got some free hours get yourself down here and hear some class records played x
  4. Looking forward to Saturday night djing here, ever so grateful to be asked to a spot at the amazing venue, hope to see many of you done there x
  5. Friday can’t come quick enough, ever so grateful to be asked To come back here, what an amazing venue this is, hosted by some of the nicest people on the scene and for sure one of the most Welcoming crowds ever, look forward to this night every month, the music here is continuously outstanding, even better I’m joined with Micky, one of greatest, most knowledgeable guy I’ve ever met, hope to see most of you down there x
  6. Looking forward to spinning some tunes here tonight, massive thankyou to mal for asking to dj x
  7. Not long now , got a few new records to give a spin , one written about New York and one that blows your mind hope too see you down there
  8. looking forward to this absolute stormer of a night tonight, the music played here is phenomenal and no matter what I always leave this place feeling exhausted after dancing all night, last month I Got the pleasure of djing here and the crowd were the most lovely and welcoming people, if you’ve never been get yourself down here, you won’t Ben disappointed:)
  9. It’s a pleasure to be djing on the anniversary at this cracking Venue, 4 years today is where I started my passion and love for northern soul and it so happened to be at cotgrave, it’s my home, a place where everyone is so relaxed and loves the music, can’t wait to dj again here tonight
  10. Not long now, can’t wait to dj at this amazing venue, without a fail always a great night and don’t worry Mick I’ll let you play bobby Garrett
  11. Thankyou so much Helen for coming and can’t wait to see you again, looking forward to Friday at derby, glad you enjoyed the night x
  12. Just setting up now, sound system sounds cracking and can’t wait to see you all tonight
  13. Can’t wait to play my new records on Saturday, gonna be a cracker of a night and looking forward to seeing you all after a successful December one, nice little Latin record, alternative of coming home baby and my new record I’ve just bought can’t wait for you to hear them !
  14. Not long now, gonna be a cracker!
  15. Wow. What a night last night was! Can honestly say that it was one of the best nights I’ve done and wow the room is another thing, atmospheric, thankyou ever so much to Alison and Ross for allowing me to come last night , it won’t be my last surely not, the sets that all the djs played were phenomenal, sounds I’ve never heard but wow they were nice! And it was so lovely to see everyone that I haven’t seen in such a long time and even faces I’ve never seen before, easily one of the most welcoming crowds/venue I’ve been too, thankyou x

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