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  1. Hi Rob, do you have a copy of Popcorn Wylie.Going to the happening on Hayley's records on promotion white demo. If so I would be interested. Kind regards Karl.
  2. Hi there, do you still have the candy and the kisses for sale. I will be interested if it is available. Kind regards Karl.
  3. Ray, looking forward to seeing you later on. Hopefully should be a good evening.
  4. DJ times in Karl's Kavern. 7.30 till 8.30. Karl Boddington. 8.30 till 9. Phil Attley. 9 till 9.30. Mick Maye. 9.30 till 10. Ray Mahoney. 10 till 10.30. Phil Attley. 10.30 till 11 Mick Maye. 11 till 11.30 Ray Mahoney. 11.30 till 12.30 Hammie.
  5. Looking for this record in excellent condition if possible. Looking forward to a reply.
  6. On the original label might be interested in buying it. Looking for one in excellent condition if possible? And price please. Kind regards Karl Boddington.
  7. DJ times in Karl's Kavern. 8.till 8.30pm. Karl Boddington. 8.30 till 9pm. Phil Attley. 9. till 9.30pm. Ade Whiting. 9.30 till 10.30pm Glenn Bellamy. 10.30 till 11pm. Phil Attley. 11.till 11.30pm. Ade Whiting. 11.30 till 12.30am. Andy Saggers.
  8. DJ, times for Karl's Kavern will be posted tomorrow morning.
  9. DJ times will be up soon for both rooms.
  10. In mint condition to very good plus Only on the Original first press. Cash waiting. 07739799010.
  11. Phil, looking forward to seeing you DJing behind the decks in the modern room, playing some lovely Soulful tunes.
  12. Steve, would be nice to see you.
  13. Hi Terry, I'm interested in the record Carol Waller - This love of mine. If your not sold it please, reply back to me. Kind regards Karl Boddington.
  14. DJ,s Confirmed for both rooms. Main Room 60's and early 70's. Carl Fortnum. Glenn Bellamy. David Hayden. Hammie. Cliff Steele. Rob Smith. Nige Misciali. David Raistrick. Marco Martinelli. Karl Boddington. Modern Room. Brian Goucher. Phil Attley. Paul Gilhooly. Cliff Steele. David Hayden. David Raistrick. Karl & Marco. DJ times for both rooms will be up shortly!!!
  15. DJ's times in Karl's Kavern . 7.30- 8.30 Karl Boddington. 8.30- 9.15 Phil Attley. 9.15- 10.15 Carl Fortnum. 10.15- 11.00 Kimbo. 11- 12 Tony Parker. 12 - 12.30 Phil & Karl.

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