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  1. just mo

  2. Happy Birthday Skegsoul

    A very happy birthday Mick. My best friend and my rock. Have a grand day young man. Love you lots :-) .xxxxxx .
  3. Happy Birthday Skegsoul

    A BIG happy birthday to the best a girl can get :-) Much love Mo xxxx
  4. Soul Connection

    Very nice record Kev :-). Think ours came from Franc. Good luck and a very happy new year young man. See you some where soon :-D Mick & Mo xx
  5. Sag War Fare & Wanda Mcdaniels

    for wanda try dave raistrick, think he's maybe turned another copy up
  6. Happy Birthday Mick (Skegsoul)

    Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best friend a girl can have :-) Much love my special fella xxxxx
  7. Happy Birthday Alison H For Tomorrow

    Somewhat late i'm afraid but hope you had a grand birthday Alison See you somewhere soooon. Mick & Mo xx

    A long journey for sure but, well worth the travel time . This event ticks so many boxes. Nice music, nice peeps and nice venue. Really deserves to go from strength to strength. Give it a go folks........it won't disappoint Mick & Mo
  9. Rey Villar - Heaven Is My Witness - Ecbolic

    Don't sell it mark !!!!! you'll regret it young man
  10. Dave Rivers In Hospital....any Update?

    And from me too Dave......Get well soon young man

    Hi tony , really can't come soon enough for us this, been looking 4ward to it for month's. and can we say a big,big thank you in advance for your fantastic gesture of letting us have your copy of the mystics , top fella !!!! :-)
  12. Wakefield City Soul Club v Filthy Soul

    Hi there, to answer your questions........ dance floor; small but nice & very user friendly; parking; not sure on street parking,we did so once & got a ticket !!!!, we use a council car park round the corner,that you pay for up to 5 ish, then free. music; expect anything from 70's, cross over, mid tempo class, modern soul, but all quality soul. admission cost; free zero ziltch !!!!! and some of the friendliest people on the planet, ( dont get in drinking contest with any of the wakey crew !!!!!) Be good to see you , if your there sat or sunday come and say hello . mick & mo
  13. Deon Jackson ..a Nice Easy Cheapo?

    it is........and a better version in my opinion
  14. Horse & Groom Doncaster

    Kev, it's an Irish pub. So 'nuff said young man xx
  15. Horse & Groom Doncaster

    You'd love it Kev Good music. good company and good food!! Well worth the trip