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  1. Neeef

    100 Club

    I thought Saturday night was a right good 'un too. Warren never disappoints with his sets and played a good mix of all styles seamlessly. Dave Rimmer's sets were brilliant too.. thanks for playing the Idols! Ady did ok for a part timer (or should that be old timer?) Lovely to see Donna out. I'm sure she appreciated the break! And sad that it was Carrots and Andy's farewell do. Still, as Warren said, somewhere to go on holiday. Only if they have a pool and air conditioning though. I'm not roughing it..
  2. Neeef

    Mousetrap Allnighter London Sat 16 Sept

    And there was I thinking that he always wore hairy knickers..
  3. Neeef

    Weston-super-mare All Nighter-dec.17th

    I'd like to add my little bit too. A really great night. I thought the music was mixed up well, with everyone catered for. Just when I'd get bored with the modern/ disco, on would come a great stomper or some RnB. Merv (Tin Tin) was the man of the night for me. I thought my little feet would fall off during his set. Mace did a good set too. In fact, I liked at least a bit of what every dj played. I will definitely be back. Even if Hannah and Nick won't have me.. Great hosts that they were.. Niamh
  4. Neeef

    Xfire This Sat 9pm-4am Stop Press News

    Blimey! That makes a change. I'll bet if I had one in the first place you would have though. Oh oh. Now I'm in trouble.. XX
  5. Neeef

    Xfire This Sat 9pm-4am Stop Press News

    Aw. Thanks Ady. Usually I need to be booked first before I do them though.. And I think Roger was halfway across the country on the night in question too, so his contribution might have been minimal. I think you might need to pay more attention Mr Croasdell!


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