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  1. I've been retracing my steps as a youth and remember both "The Cont" & The Hole In The Wall, remember quite a few of the names mentioned in this thread, especially Kegsy, Andy Simpson, Fred Keery. I used to go with a small crew from Shipley. It wasn't always easy to gain access, often needing accompanying by a local Bradford Lass to go through into The Hole in The Wall. The year must have been 68/69. As long as you had money to buy a coke you could remain in the cafe but could be asked to leave if you overstayed your welcome. A lot of Scooter boys used to hang around and line their bikes up outside, I do remember one incident where the Gondola Mob headed by Chaney, Sonny Jeng, Ginner and other guys pushed over the Scooters like Dominoes. The 'B' Boys not happy... Being from Shipley and also a skinhead at the time didn't always attract the warmest of receptions but eventually tagged on with a young Bradford girl for a few weeks, bought me a cracking Ben Sherman for my birthday, romance fizzled out and Leeds United became my passion.

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