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  1. Hi Neil, are you doing exit 21 at king cross wmc this Sunday 1st December. Cheers Maurice
  2. Hi Neil, are you having your monthly event at king cross wmc , on Sunday 1st December. Cheers Maurice
  3. Hi hxtfc1, shame no name. Yes you are right smoking was outside , not as you implied inside and as non smoker myself for last 13years with a very sensitive nose for cigarette smoke and sitting very close to the doors we couldn't smell any smoke at all. As for music taste touch of modern or crossover is right just a touch to much
    Hi all, just read the first review relating to exit 21 which was held on Sunday afternoon. I have never written a reply to any review before but felt I needed to set the record straight. Firstly there was no one smoking in the venue . Also the venue is far better than the gundog ever was , and if people looked on the flyer/posters it states Motown and Northern soul . Not modern , crossover, funk or any other genre of music . Your opinion is yours but please get your facts write
  4. Hi Roman any idea time each d j on at Cheers
  5. Maurice Griffith


    How much is entrance price this week please ?
  6. Maurice Griffith


    Hi, just read your flyer for next soul night at the Grand in Clitheroe. £7-50 I don't think so you must be having a laugh. We will not be attending at that ridiculous entrance fee .

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