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  1. Careful though. You want the one with the clock on the lable. The one with a digital interface is a much later re-issue. Bell Stamped of course
  2. Lots of those I don't know Paul. Those that I do ensure that it looks a quality set.
  3. Dreadful. Hated it. Brought back all the pain of not being there again Well done Dan. Really caught the mood of going to an all nighter. Hearing records you love. Hearing records new to you. Meeting new friends. And just being caught up in the wave of everything happening around you. The bit about excusing yourself mid conversation to dance. I'm sure we've all been there many times. Its just something that shows how special we find the music. Also great to hear Shaun was back there again. The 100 club is always more fun when he is in residence. You are right about Elaine and Gareth as well. Two lovely people. Well until Gareth starts talking about how good Arsenal are .....
  4. The record chosen for my brother and his wife to have the 'first dance' at their wedding reception. (Played off the anni single)
  5. You should have waited til he moved to the Midlands. I got mine off him for £7
  6. Great work guys. I never met him but it brought a lump to my throat seeing the inclusion of Bob A.
  7. It is very surprising to me having grown up in that area, that Gloucester and Cheltenham havent any screenings listed. Two areas I think are bathed deep in the Northern Soul movement. Bristol, Cardiff or Brum seem to be the closest alternatives.
  8. We monitor the cost of goods and services at work, and in all of our 2nd hand areas (ie cars) the goods are all VAT exempt, as it is assumed that VAT was paid on the item when sold initially. Unfortunately we dont include second hand items bought from abroad, but logic dictates that the same rule should apply. They grey area is I guess if someone turns up records that may or may not have ever been retailed. And I think this may be where the govt is cracking down.
  9. From that era as well, Okeh records the Professionals - Thats Why I Love You. Sounds like it is being played at 33. The tune drags, the vocals drag. It is a mess, and an awful mess, that is too bad to be true. But like the almost as bad Enchanments it seems to have been enjoyed by the majority. It sounds like everyone involved in the production was on Mogadon.
  10. Has anyone thought about the Brian Mathew show on Radio 2? He often plays the new Kent releases etc. Maybe someone could persuade him to play a record or three from the CD, on the day many cinemas are showing the film. It might be a nice reminder for people.
  11. I have to wear slippers cos my shoes - keep on walking on back to her
  12. A great oldie that when first played was the best of the current newies. IMO of course.

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