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  1. Goldmine Soul Supply CD (Treat Myself To A New Love) and their single play this version The notes from GSS CD 'The Inspirations - obviously a demo group, hence the name and not to be confused with Joey Jefferson's outfit from L.A. The three unreleased tracks are absolutely top notch' My copy
  2. This sounds great for VG, my copy (bought as EX) is closer to your demo sound file, My 'Now I'm in trouble' side. plays clearer
  3. R.I.P. Rance Allen What a voice, he is probably closer to the Man now
  4. Two days ago, if you are into scooters, you can feel the excitement of the first test ride after a complete restoration
  5. There's A Fire Burnin' https://www.nslibrary.nichion.co.jp/albums/20855-BR642
  6. Totally agree, this record can make your world go round
  7. Great mix What is the song name and artist at 37:56? "I really love you... so say you love me, like I love you... I really need you... " Cheers
  8. It came out, three years earlier (1975) at Hutson LP

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