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    Retired Merchant & Royal Navy & loving it...

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  1. Far too much for this poor little church mouse.
  2. Yep, second one is around my happy limit, cheers shippers,
  3. Don't like dipping into the big pond, but putting a toe into the shallow end for these two. Looking for clean original Johnny Caswell " You don't love me anymore " or Betty Turner "The wind kept laughing" much obliged.
  4. Daft question , has this gone..!!! cheers Colwyn
  5. Perchance you wouldn't have next weeks lottery numbers boot neck. See you at Prestatyn, and of course, to have sourced one through your dubious chums.
  6. Looking for this please. Prince and Princess Stick together ". Many thanks.
  7. Bloody hell, following Baz, there's half my fav playlist gone to the back of the box. Always a delight to see both him and young Tom inbound to our little venue.
  8. Agreed Mips, difficult to let go such a belting tune, no probs mate, all the best Colwyn
  9. Mips,(first can i apologise for late reply) many thanks for pic, especially sleeve, racing up in price and a superb ballad, I have managed to purchase one but have a friend also seeking one, do you have a price for this top tune , all the best from North Wales, cheers Colwyn
  10. So that'll be me spending most of my time on the floor..looking forward too it bootneck, bring The Phonetics " Just a boys dream" if you please kind Sir...
  11. DB , Tune on it's way, ref KP787607691GB Royal Mail, all the best Colwyn
  12. Got it mate, will post first thing, cheers Colwyn
  13. No probs DB , just same as other sites, just pay into Paypal Family&Friends account robertsrml@aol.com £85 Either put your address onto paypal or put on here, Won't be answering for a while mate, i'm out at a dayer, Cheers Colwyn
  14. Afternoon mate, i always list on this site the price i think is fair too the Northern Fraternity, have it listed on other sites but for more, but i'll put in free postage if it helps, cheers Colwyn

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