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  1. Junior McCants - death?

    Should have been clearer that Junior worked in an aluminum manufacturing plant
  2. Junior McCants - death?

    I had always believed it was cancer and although I have no evidence to connect the two - his work place was pretty dire and he was regularly exposed to aluminum dust and coal-tar byproducts. The American union movement have pursued some firms for cancer relat...
  3. Features: Young Soul Rebels - Book Review

    I appreciate your kind words and support Dave. Coming from the scene that matters a lot to me.
  4. James Wells 'Baby I'm Still the Same Man'
  5. Rare Motown - No More Tearstained Make Up

    Listening now Pete. Like you say I had forgotten how many tracks had been released. Some of these are new to me and as the wee cat said to the bowl of milk - lapping it up.
  6. Alice Clark - What Do We Know?

    Read in a Billboard that in 1972 her album was on heavy rotation on only one radio station in USA - WHUR Washington DC. Back then it was the student radio station of Howard University, where Donald Byrd was professor of jazz studies. But for only one station ...
  7. wow john manship does it again

    My only minor addition is that JM's site is a save haven and less risky than eBay so it sells as a premium to the market, but you get what you bid on (if you win).
  8. Ultra Rare Modern

    Hi Phil, Just came back to this thread and saw your comment. I was at Black Echoes in the electro era. A package came in from North Carolina with a 12" vocoder dance record - by the Garrett Crew, they had packed the 12" with 3 copies of Glenda McLeod. I rang ...
  9. News: Soul Source - 18 Years On The Road

    Big achievement lasted longer than most clubs, fanzines, record labels et al. Cheers Mike - Stuart
  10. Starting to show up in shops already - a month early. Kindle is already avaliable as is iBooks http://www.amazon.co.uk/Detroit-67-Year-That-Changed-ebook/dp/B00TTBKCNQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1425046744&sr=1-1&keywords=de...
  11. snakepit - spoke to waterstones and working with their distributors to include in their inventory but Waterstones already have the book online as a pre-release, either deliverd or avaliable as click and collect at shops. https://www.waterstones.com/book/detr...
  12. The Amazon blurb says: "It’s January 1967–and one of the worst snowstorms in decades is blanketing Detroit, Michigan. Berry Gordy, owner of Motown Records, is trapped in his home, unable to do anything about the internal war ravaging his most successful grou...
  13. Sunnysoul. Fair point. Yes you are right but the book focuses on the legal implosions of 1967 which in the November of that year led to a dramatic legal dispute with Holland-Dozier Holland, Florence Ballard and subsequently Gladys Knight and others....You are...
  14. has not set their status

  15. Tim Brown Talks.........thru His @rse

    No but we have a searing drama set against the backdrop of 1970s Wigan in which old men look back on records they wished they'd bought - its called 'Come Whine With Me'.

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