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  1. We are staying cool...it’s 66F,and pouring down with rain...High Summer in the UK...(you get used to it)...have a nice Weekend...
  2. What a cracking looking label..
  3. The flip side to, The Boss Four”walking by” ...and the flip to, The Contenders”do what you..” both with similar labels and production teams...
  4. I don’t have that many,but I do have this one....a great sound for the Summer months... ....and even this was outside the box(datewise)....
  5. ...could it be.. (clown)Down and Out,by George Freeman?...super slow/mid tempo sound....
  6. I have this on tape too,Guy’s introduction to THE INVERTS was this ”this is mid tempo...so very very best...just listen to the vocals...” Absolutely spot on....
  7. ...and “it’s in his kiss” on Stateside SS280...
  8. To me it seems odd,that both sides of the 45,are already on the album it came free with...was the album some kind of promo tool for the 45?
  9. Like two bottles of cider,and Adams Apples......
  10. From October 2000 (RC254) SHRINE RECORDS BY NICK BROWN & ANDY RIX
  11. Even back then Pete was on the ball(it’s on the next page)....
  12. Don’t know about that one Chalky,as I don’t get the mag that often these days....once upon a time there were bargains to be had..,
  13. About 15 years ago,there was a four page Shrine Special,very good it was too...think it was by Andy Rix...,
  14. Pete Smith/Paul Malone/Tom Howard if you mean the artical I put up..,,

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