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  1. Don’t know myself,but IIRC it was quite a “tatty” copy and had already reached about £2500 in the first couple of days...
  2. The demos are G&W for Emily,R&W for Arnold....Emily is the best Columbia release for me...
  3. I think you’ll find there are more Red and Whites than there are sleeves Im no expert on the subject either,but I do like their “Hippy Trippy”... See Emily Play...also came in promo sleeve....
  4. I didn’t see the show,so what was the sleeve it came in? I believe the promo sleeve that you have put up is worth a lot more than the Red and White demo disc. I think their first three Columbia release were all promoted with special sleeves...
  5. And there is a great version by Louise Cordet on Decca too,released in 1964,before Gerry released it himself..
  6. I had that as my first guess,Imperial was a “side punt”......
  7. That must have taken some time to compile. Thanks for the entertainment,it’s been brilliant.... Have Great New Year

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