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    WOW!!! What an amazing week, where do I begin Day 1 ( Wednesday) super chilled out afternoon meeting some lovely people by the pool, lots of laughs too many drinks. New friends and old got together for a great afternoon. The party had started and I needed oxygen (not really just knocked out from a hard week at work week before) Day 2, well some bugger told me it was good idea to walk to Benidorm along the Beautiful Beach!! Yeh ok well let me tell you It's NOT a good idea. Beach is beautiful for sure, 4 miles walking in sand ? Not good when you intend getting on the dance floor at 20.00 and your feet are like balloons. Never mind the music was awesome and the company great and the Blue Shoes came out again. a very late nite or early morning 4.30am going to bed. No oxygen needed today just my Blue shoes & dancing Day 3 Friday daytime I stayed in bed most of the day feet up and just relaxing why not I'm on holiday, everning and lots of new people checked in for weekend met some great folks again, lots of chat and OMG more great music and dancing . Day 4 Saturday, live show brilliant Pat Lewis is a Lovely lady and a Legend. ok by now I'm totally going for the Hell Why not. It got messy and truthfully I don't remember much, Day 5 Sunday. Right so my feet are 3 sizes bigger ( dancing on marble floors not good but hell you'll slide fantastic no Talc needed here) me - " I'm not dancing tonight my feet are too swollen" !!! - 30 mins later the music was soo good and the feet had a life of their own, ok back to room out come the BLUE SHOES you only live once I tell myself. Day 6 Monday. Chilling at pool saying good bye to some new friends, off again to the local joint ( " New York Bar across the road from hotel" best food open late & great staff) Day 7 Tuesday, going home I'm ready to go home now, only because my feet look like SHREK, I need some sleep and my ribs hurt from laughing so much. Important questions- would you go back - In a heart beat did you think that it was value for money- absolutely would you recommend this event- yes a must do for every soulie what did you think about the hotel- lovely rooms, spotlessly clean, food average, staff very helpful. Drink expensive. Would you book again? - absolutely I'm waiting for the email and would have booked before I left if I could have. Highly recommend A*************** Venue and organisers.

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