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  1. Caister- Well It's Soul, Innit

    Hi Michele Well now, this is a rarity for me to post on SS. My usual haunts are the Caister and Modern Soul forums but I just had to come on here and say what an excellent and objective review you've written. You've really understood what it's all about ...
  2. I Don't Believe It - It's Finally Finished

    One of my very rare posts on SS, many congratulations Reg I'm delighted about this and I'm looking forward to the launch, thanks a million for the invite. I shall NEVER forget that portable record player at Fleetwood, totally brilliant and only you coul...
  3. James Hunter Excellant

    Stumbled across this a few days ago quite by accident. It's certainly impressive and he can definitely sing a bit. Apparently it was UK recorded in a studio which makes a point of using authentic vintage recording equipment, and the album was completed i...
  4. St Albans Soul

    Hello there, just wanted to give a mention to Yogi for playing yet another fine set at this alldayer. Although it wasn't an exclusively nothern/rare event, Yogi's enthusiasm behind the decks certainly got a few of the crowd who wouldn't normally join in a no...

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