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  1. Pete Collins

    Caister- Well It's Soul, Innit

    Hi Michele Well now, this is a rarity for me to post on SS. My usual haunts are the Caister and Modern Soul forums but I just had to come on here and say what an excellent and objective review you've written. You've really understood what it's all about and you've pulled no punches in telling folks about the lack of dance floor etiquette and suchlike. That's a quality bit of writing with just the right amount of humour. Reg was in our little caravan crew on site and he was dead chuffed that he got to do a bit of NS with Tom, you would have laughed 'cos Tom played me half the set on Thursday night while we were having supper with him and Reg played me the other half in the van on Saturday morning! Talk about getting a private preview or what! Very pleased to hear that you enjoyed your weekend with us old jazzfunkers and that you will be back next year. All the best Pete
  2. Pete Collins

    I Don't Believe It - It's Finally Finished

    One of my very rare posts on SS, many congratulations Reg I'm delighted about this and I'm looking forward to the launch, thanks a million for the invite. I shall NEVER forget that portable record player at Fleetwood, totally brilliant and only you could have thought of it. You are one of the rare few who will always brighten people's lives and the soul scene 'across the board' is a better place for it. Yeah, Yogi, a book from you would be great too! Trouble is you're far too modest for all that. Hope you're ok mate, long time no see.
  3. Pete Collins

    James Hunter Excellant

    Stumbled across this a few days ago quite by accident. It's certainly impressive and he can definitely sing a bit. Apparently it was UK recorded in a studio which makes a point of using authentic vintage recording equipment, and the album was completed in a single session with no overdubs. This has helped to give it a very warm and authentic feel, I always like it when there are proper live instruments and musicians providing the backing. A quality release, nice to hear music of this calibre being made today.
  4. Pete Collins

    St Albans Soul

    Hello there, just wanted to give a mention to Yogi for playing yet another fine set at this alldayer. Although it wasn't an exclusively nothern/rare event, Yogi's enthusiasm behind the decks certainly got a few of the crowd who wouldn't normally join in a northern session out on to the dance floor to have a go. I've seen and heard Yogi several times now and he never fails to deliver the goods. Not only that, he's no ego and very friendly. A real star IMHO.


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