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    A fan, vinyl collector and ex-DJ of funk, soul, jazz, latin, reggae and hip hop.... not necessarily in that order.

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    Jimmy D
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    Oswestry, Shropshire, UK
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    9th Street Exit - Sweet Hamony

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  1. Yep, definately. (Not the instrumental you posted though!)
  2. My number one, by a country mile would be "Slow down, love" - Sharon Jones.
  3. The Jamaicans had a few dances too, not that I can make head nor tail of 'em.
  4. Cheers Martin, I'll give those a listen when I get home. In the mean time, I picked up this LP at the weekend from a record fair.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVMY_M-UNLU Although I do think most of it is pretty average, the last track "No Tears Tomorrow" (linked above) is the killer one for me and made the LP worth the money.
  5. I had this beauty land on my door mat at the weekend, she might look like a french 70's librarian but it's a lovely LP. https://youtu.be/HD6Tp0DKykk https://youtu.be/KveRmsl_jbs
  6. Love that Martin, reminded me a bit of Herbie's "Thrust" LP (my favourite of his). I just had a look on discogs and it's priced surprisingly reasonably too... happy days.
  7. They seem to be reissuing Japanese Jazz Funk albums on a weekly basis these days. Have you got any recommendations for the absolute cream of the crop Martin? (or anyone else for that matter)
  8. I dug out a bit of jazz funk last night, including this one.... Atmosfear "Invasion - Alternative II" last night... A fantastic deep, dubby monster, much better than the normal version. (Hopefully this is the right version, I'm at "work" so I can't listen to it).
  9. With a track called "Tandoori Hustle" I'd have snapped it up too. I'll be giving all these new ones a listen when I get home tonight, cheers Martin.
  10. Reading back that's a bit cryptic, it's "Chicago Damn" - Bobbi Humphrey of course.
  11. Not "Chicago Dan" but "Chicago Damn", and I hope a man of your tastes owns a copy of "Blacks and Blues" Martin.
  12. Interesting, thanks mate. I don't really buy many compilations these days but I will definately go through those and see which ones I need to track down. I had those two out myself last night, great minds think alike! One thing leads to another so I also played Grover Washington - Hydra, Aquarian Dream - You're a Star and Azymuth - Dear Limmertz. That was all though, the best Jazz funk tracks tend to be very long.
  13. Actually, thinking about it I've also got their other 45 which sounds really nice so it's probably just worn I would think, it plays ok but it could be better. Last night I was digging out a few soul/funk cover versions of rock songs to play for my local vinyl night.... Started to get a bit easy listening towards the end so I might leave them for now. (That Johnny Harris track might not appeal to everyone but it is amazing once it gets going). Aretha Franklin - I can't Get No Satisfaction Spanky Wilson - Sunshine of Your Love Monophonics - Bang Bang Wilson Pickett - Hey Joe King Curtis - Whole Lotta Love Ravi Shankar - Jumpin Jack Flash Sergio Mendes - After Midnight Sivuca - Aint no sunshine Johnny Harris - Paint it Black
  14. Excellent, I love that 9th Street Exit. I've got a copy that looks nice enough but doesn't sound that great, I'm not sure if it's worn or if it's the production or the pressing. How crisp does yours sound? I would be tempted to replace mine if I thought it was worth it.

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