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  1. Arin Demain - Silent Treatment

    Last record For Manship sets at Cleethorpes Pier he sold it to Nev when he quit DJing
  2. Jm Mystery Auction

    It's TOO not to
  3. Manships Auction Rsults 8 -5 - 2013

    I thought Danny Monday was "cheap" you hardly ever see it listed. Tefftellers Ebay listing sold for $1600+ and there another listing that sailed past the $2000 mark. Manship's last copy many years ago was water damaged and went for more, personally I think a...
  4. John Manships Auction Results 2-5-2013

    the winning bid on Glen Miller on Stag, made me revisit this thread i find it interesting to revisit divided opinions on rare records and look at the startling reality when one is on offer.
  5. Agreed Dave, "Price your records at a profitable level that you are happy with and that is attractive to buyers. It's not about trying to look clever with lots of high ticket records on your site or list, it's about having empty shelves.If you see a record yo...
  6. The Mob

    I read somewhere when they had girl-group back up, Mousie & the Traps (Toddlin' Town) were the ladies on stage.
  7. Book Prices?

    Which guide? The one I got says price £150. anyone got one for £40 I'll buy it...pm me lee
  8. Unidentified 60S Pop Girl-Group Sound - The Apollas?

    maybe it's The Toreadors - Ring a leevio part 1 & 2 - Pawn 1202 released 1963
  9. Joe Tex You Better Beleive It Baby

    Rang John Manship he told me BOOTLEGGED by Bob Catteneo of San Mateo, California in the same year as as the Barbara Lewis - Someday We're Gonna Love Again and James Coit - Black Power he says he knows for certained because he commissiomned all 3 of them to b...
  10. Joe Tex You Better Beleive It Baby

    Correct, was booted on both DEMO pic #479 & ISSUE pic #480 in scan gallery of JM's guide #5
  11. Shrine Records Collection

    I just don't know who to believe now - Andy Rix, Steve Foran and John Manship say "La Rue" is a Shrine recording, Pete Smith and Chalky say it's not? very confusing.
  12. "simon Soussan" Update ?

    If Simon is dead, u can bet he faked his own death..
  13. Bob, you need to take a PROPER to the Smith Brothers - it is a DIFFERENT take from the very first note. Smith Brothers has the baritone sax throughout for starters and so many other differences I can't be arsed to list!
  14. Counts - Peaches Baby (Shrine)

    An American missing the jest of an Englishmen? surely not
  15. Montereys ** On Hold **

    is this still available PM me if it is, with condition of label too