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    A Great night at Broken Cross, loads of excellent Northern and Motown tracks played. We are looking forward to the next event on Friday 16th Feb....Eric's Birthday! ( The Midnight pies ) Thanks Melv, you know how to please the crowd.

    Looking forward to this Charity event, my Mum spent 3 weeks at East Cheshire Hospice and received the best care anyone could wish for. The last event at Broken Cross was brilliant, Melv played a great selection of Northern Soul and Motown and what a great dance floor on which to dance the night away.
  3. Radway Green Stoke on Trent

    I hope ALL The Midnight pies are there
  4. Radway Green Stoke on Trent

    There is a better video of this on YouTube at 'BeverlyBremersPage'
  5. Radway Green Stoke on Trent

    I came across this on YouTube, a great track that was played lots years ago, may be not so much now. The chance to see the performer, Beverly Ann aka Beverly Bremer must be quite rare.

    Totally agree, a Great night at Crosville Club. Ray Andrews played some great vinyl that was popular at The Casino Club. All The Midnight pies were there.
  7. Keele All -Nighter

    Excuse my ignorance but why is Keith Minshull not in the main room at Keele? surely the fact this event is advertised as The Torch 45th anniversary would justify Keith having a spot in the room with the great dance floor. I went to The Casino Club, Wigan 1975 to 1980 and Keith was one of the best DJs there, I have great memories of dancing to the records he played. I have been to Keele 3 times and always spent time in 'the second room' which is ok but more like a Pub disco venue, this comment is not a criticism but more a plea to the powers that be to consider scheduling Keith to play the main room, I for one would be there in a shot.
  8. Number6

  9. Radway Green Stoke on Trent

    Hi Ray & Kath, sorry I couldn't attend last night, I've had 'Man Flu', dancing would not have been good for me and I didn't want to pass it around, sounds like I missed a good one! Steve