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  1. Four from me - thanks to Simon for the prompt. Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper-Soul The Icemen - Let That Song Play - Vest Jacqueline Jones - A Frown On My Face - Loadstone Four Andantes - Hipper Than Me - Mo Do
  2. And this one....
  3. How about this one - heard at Klub Polonia on Saturday.
  4. And how about this little rascal - not bad for one of them modern type tunes!
  5. Doesn't get much better than this gem
  6. 208503518_28.Falcons.jpg
    Gladys Knight & the Pips - Stop and Get a Hold of Myself - Maxx, VG++ £75 Clydie King - Missin' My Baby - Imperial, VG- £60 Looks a bit rough but both sides play with some background noise (hence the price) - suggest should be OK for dee-jaying. SOLD Leon Haywood - Ain't No Use - Fat Fish, M- £30 Danny Moore - Somebody New - All Rite, M- £50 Jesse Boone - I Got to Love you - Soul-Po-Tion, VG++ £40 SOLD Steve Mancha - Just Keep on Loving Me - Groovesville, M- £30 Falcons - Standing on Guard - Big Wheel, M- £20 The Flairs - You Got to Steal It - Rap, M- £80 SOLD Bobby Hutton - I've Got a Memory - Phillips, M- £100 Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow - M&S, Rated as VG++ visually but plays M- £25 Ultimations - Would I Do it Over - Mar-v-Lus, M- £30 SOLD
  7. 1614727328_12.DetroitSoul.jpg
    Betty Moorer - Speed Up - Wand M-, £250 SOLD Bud Harper - Wherever you were - Peacock VG, £250 few minor crackles and pops, hence the price. SOLD Detroit Soul - All of My Life - Music Town VG+, £250 looks as though someone has tried to sign the vinyl, just a few crackles/pops near the end, DNAP Tony Diamond - Don't Turn Away - Blue Rock (demo) M-, £150 SOLD Bobbettes - Having Fun - RCA Victor (demo) M-, £150 Pat & The Neurotics - I Like The Way You Do Your Thing - Crown Ltd M-, £350 SOLD Daphine Williams - I Love You - Yodi VG+, £300 SOLD Louis Curry - You're Just Plain Nice - Reel VG+, £300 SOLD P&P £2.50 extra on all unless you require track and trace.
    Thanks Andrew Z - that really made me laugh. And you're right - a little less seriousness now and then never goes amiss. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did - the whole night that is.
  8. You might at that. So looking forward to making my debut behind the decks in the Kenwood suite.
  9. Gis Southworth


    Well - I got the taste back after 20 years at Lowton and keen to carry on where I left off.

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