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    Well done Neil,great line up,with Mr Buckley would be the Best in East Lancs, Looking forward,atb
  2. Looking forward to this after a short break,hope to see the usual suspects who appreciate ‘real soul’ expect upfront Northern/RnB /Popcorn and genuine underplayed sounds. Hope you can make it as i’m Sure you’ll appreciate the diversity of sounds and the welcoming atmosphere
  3. Another Fab do at Barlestone,really looking forward to this after a break in Italy,great crowd,really good venue,ticks lots of boxes if you like something just off the played out...well come and see few off my box list : ’i’ve Got two hearts ‘Poets ,wow ‘up the junction ‘ in Crewe magic’ ’What side your bread is buttered on’Diane Pane Spinners ‘sweet thing’ and a couple from Roy Hamilton , hope to see you there
  4. Hope you have a great night everyone,I personally will not be there due to seeing friends in other parts of the world.I hope you all have a fantastic night with one of the best Soul boys Rob Gray and an eclectic selection with style,not just your top 500. Colin will afford you s great welcome and I know Les will play some top tunes,great little venue,like it was and how it can be ATB
  5. And that sir is giving scrotums bad press!!
  6. Thankyou,will take that please send details ta
  7. Looking forward to another night of underplayed sounds,great little venue where it’s what’s in the grooves that matters,few from my box : Ben e king’Teeny weeny little bit’ Edwin Starr ‘I just wanted to cry’ Ralph Graham ‘She just sits there’ Gayle Harris ‘Ain’t gonna let it get me down’ Maxine Brown’Yesterdays kisses’ Broad spectrum 60’s and70’s soul music from Cleethorpes,Top of the World,100 Club ,not just rare but sure to bring back some memories of the halcyon days. A great evening guaranteed with Rob, Colin and yours truly in a cool venue
  8. Soul as it should be... see you there
  9. As usual a great little venue organised and arranged by Colin,The man with the Spirit
  10. Few i’ll Be playing Porgy and Monarchs ‘my heart cries for you’ Gwen Davis ‘my man don’t think I know’ Rosebuds ‘say you’ll be mine’ James Conwell ‘the trouble with the girls of today’ Carl Spencer ‘Cover Girl’ Jackie Wilson ‘it only happens’ similar sounds from Steve and Rob and better than these
  11. Looking forward to sat,few new tunes in the bag,always a class set with Steve and Rob,great little club with no politics and no soul police.So good to hear lesser played sounds in a venue See you there !!
  12. Can’t wait,great group of proper soul folks
  13. Very kind of you pal,can’t find that now but ta atb Salvo
  14. Can’t wait for this one,the best underplayed rare soul with a knowledgable and friendly crowd,great little venue
  15. Hiya Roger is that Wade Flemons still avail?

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