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    old wiganer & ritz & manchester ritz back on the scene last 5 years 

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    billy butler right track

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  1. worcester dayer & xmas soul bash
  2. 3rd event of 2021 more to follow
  3. big summer all dayer more to follow
  4. first all dayer of 2021 more details to follow
  5. more details to follow
  6. more details to follow
  7. were back on the august bank hol sat with another superb across the board ovo all dayer at worcester. djs for this one kieron taz robathon ted massey neil self shaun parker martin robinson ( robbo ) dave beckwith ( plymouth dave ) dave hughes ( mad dog ) dean carr paul chuckle roberts steve stranger £8 all in 5 mins off jct 6 M5 free parking at venue grt bar tariff
  8. another qty ovo all dayer at archdales club worcester. 3pm -1am 5 mins off jct 6 m5 £8 admit
  9. Hi any idea if you can pay on the door on the 27th October?

  10. amother superb 9hr soul slog at archdales club worcester. 4pm-1am 6/7 mins off jct 6 M5... £7
  11. kev’s 65th soul bash. 5pm-1am northern all the way 8hrs of pumping northern
  12. big summer dayer in worcester, 5/6 mins off jct 6 m5. 3pm-1am
  13. first soul event in worcester in 2019 n it’s a 8 hr soul slog. £7 entry
  14. mini xmas all dayer at archdales 73 club worcester. 2pm-12pm. djs for this event across the board 10 hr al-dayer in worcester’s best venue. 5/6 mins drive off jct 6 m5. if ur thinking of staying over there’s a premier inn off the junction & also there’s a travelodge in the city centre & another premiere inn by the cricket ground. £7 guys

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