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  1. The best six months of soul. Thank you Mick Boyle for creating such a line up of past Brit DJs for us all to enjoy and remember they were amazing, each bringing their unique sounds and memories. I will miss the Brit but the Boat is a new chapter and judging by the DJs Mick Boyle & Mick H are considering it’s going to be a small but mighty club. Memories have been made for life. Looking forward to 2020
  2. Absolutely can not wait for this night. WOW !! What a line up.
  3. Poullet


    Looking forward to The Brit on Friday. Dancing shoes ready!!
  4. Poullet


    Available on the door
  5. Poullet


    It’s going to be another great night at The Brit. Remarkable venue it’s going to be such a loss to the Northern Soul scene.
  6. We will also be selling our tickets for the Final performance of the Brit on the 20th December only £5.
  7. We are all set up and ready for a fantastic night of Northern soul
  8. Soul in the Park A unique night of some of the best Northern soul music you can hear and all on original vinyl and also some rare finds too. The amazing resident DJs Mick Boyle and the young Miss Alex Gallagher fill the room with music that stays with you for days, they both have completely different styles but also complement each other. Then there is the special guest Dj Mr John Poole who needs no introduction, simply one of the finest DJs on the Northern soul scene. The last hour is always an eclectic mix and a personal favourite. Lisa
  9. Poullet

    Soul In The Park

    Looking forward to a great night. Fantastic line up. Great venue.
  10. It’s going to be another great night at Soul in the Park. Looking forward to dancing to the set of Dj Simon Hunt it’s his first time at this venue a Brilliant way to start the new Soul year off.
  11. Poullet

    The Brit Nottingham

    This will be a trip down the Northern Soul memory lane for many Nottingham Northerners
  12. Lovely words for a fantastic cause
  13. Poullet

    Soul in the Park Nottingham

    This will be Bryn Wright’s last night with Soul in the Park as he plans to move to Wales. We will greatly miss Bryn he has the most unique mind when it comes putting together music choices for our event . His knowledge and wisdom from around the Soul scene is amazing . So I welcome you all to come and enjoy a wonderful night of Northern Soul and from Bryn’s own collection of original vinyl some of the best eclectic tracks on the scene . Our guest Dj is none other than Micky Boyle who played at The Brit club for 17 years, who’s knowledge and original vinyl collection is also one of the best around. This gentleman’s history of playing around the country and traveling to many different states in America to acquire the original and best Northern soul music is indisputable. That is why he is the best person to take over Soul in the Park from Bryn . It will be a night of sadness and joy, but Bryn will always have a place at Soul in the Park whenever he needs to spin his vinyls and have a night off from organic vegetable farming . Lisa
    Amazing evening Thank you to all that attended I think you will all agree that Mick H played an outstanding set i was blown away by the pure quality of Soul that he played and I felt honoured that he came . When Alex Gallagher and Bryn Wright play their sets you know that they always save a new gem to play on the night and once again they were brilliant . Alex Gallagher is going from strength to strength and is becoming the most sort after Dj on the Northern scene .The last hour of Soul in the Park is our fusion hour when Bryn Wright really goes to town and plays the most amazing collection of music that is undeniably amazing and is put together from years of knowledge and a collection of records to die for . Once again thank you everyone. Lisa
  14. It will be a great night with Glin Sissons and Micky Boyle can not wait .

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