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    Been crazy about Soul since the mid 1960's and even got a write up, with my brother John, in Issue 43 of Blues & Soul running a Thursday Night regular gig at Dane Bank College, Crewe....happy days, great mates and still going strong.

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    Mike Harris
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    North Yorkshire
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    Sugar Dumpling - Sam Cooke

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  1. Looking forward to seeing my old mates back in Crewe. Got plenty of records that will take us back to the late 60's on a Thursday night at South Cheshire College! Mike Harris
  2. Yahoo says WF1 1ED https://uk.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=tightrope&hsimp=yhs-tig4&type=119375_111017&p=Smyth+Street%2C+Wakefield%2C+WF1 Hope this helps
  3. Looking forward to next Sunday with you Mike. I just hope that the weather is going to be a little kinder than today. Merry Christmas to all Soulies in Wakefield. Mike Harris
  4. Welcome to Mally joining the DJ lineup for this fantastic venue
  5. Welcome to Paul Weaver who has agreed to join the DJ team for this fantastic event
  6. MikeHarris

    Soul in Selby

    Really nice friendly venue, great sound system, super night out!
  7. 12 hours to go before the doors open….. The event will 100% go ahead tonight and everything is already set up in the Royal Hall. Please allow extra time for safe travel especially if you are travelling long distances. Don’t worry if you are delayed, you will be allowed in. It will be cold outside but the welcome will be ‘hot’ inside.
  8. Thanks for ringing me last night Nige Carter. I look forward to seeing you and your other half on Saturday at the Royal Hall make sure you've got your dancing boots on!!!! Best wishes Mike
  9. Hi Spex latest update dated 5/3/18 posted today. SOUL BAGS ARE ALLOWED FOR THE ALL NIGHTER
  10. Public Safety at Our Venues – Northern Soul All Nighter · Please do not bring backpacks or large bags, as these items will not be allowed into the Royal Hall. · Due to the style and nature of this event, visitors who arrive with bags of the type shown in the images below, or those which are traditionally associated with this style of event will be permitted into the venue, but will be subject to searching. · For all other types of bags our standard restrictions and search procedures will apply. · You are
  11. Thanks for posting. Chance to renew friendships and memories on 17 March? Where did those 40 years go? Happy days
  12. Please see information added 01/03/18
  13. Latest Update on Security Information for The Royal Hall "........ the following measures have been introduced for all our public entertainments. Please do not bring backpacks, holdalls, luggage or large bags, as these items will not be allowed into the Royal Hall or Auditorium. Visitors attempting to enter with any of the items described will be refused entry. There is no storage facilities for such items in the venue and it will be left to the visitor to find a safe temporary facility to hold the item. Visitors with accessible and medical equipment are encoura
  14. MikeHarris

    Padiham Soul Club

    Good luck for the relaunch of Padiham. I hope the weather is kind to all attendees. KTF Mike

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