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  1. Help To Identify This Track Please

    Hi Stu Try, The Dramatics "thankful for your love" Volt. Give us a call Nick
  2. Manchester Soulies

    Hello Mr Doyle (right chap I presume) it could well be me that you describe. Still sit with Mr Phoenix at City and recently back in touch with Paul Barnes(from Salford). Now live in Cheltenham so don't get back all that often. There are others on here that yo...
  3. Elton John And The Detroit Spinners

    shouldn't you be at work rather than lazing around listening to the radio?
  4. Anyone From This Pic Come On Here?

    Can't be of any help in your ongoing search for Chris. I used to help out in Expansion on a Saturday while Chris & Phil were there, had a good laugh and some great tunes from there. Lost track of him myself when he moved to London. He seemed to disapear o...
  5. Warrington Parr Hall

    Mr Phoenix is indeed contactable at his shop, now called, wait for it, Mike Phoenix Scooters. If you are keen to contact him I can pass on a message, I sit with him at City.
  6. Scratched Vinyl

    I have used Isopropanol for years more effective and less messy than soap and water. You can buy it from a pharmacy. Depending on your appearance they will probably ask what you want it for, as it is an alcohol, I suggest "too drink" would be the wrong answer...