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  1. I wish I could get a copy of this recording because I sand the female lead on "Stand Up and Be Counted". Thank you. Any luck in-box me on Facebook. Kym Lawrence Monroe
  2. Albert, Please get the recorded facts straight. Guetto Kitty aren't The Toys. This was recorded in 1972. This was a recording backup vocal project for Weldon Irvine and A. Stroud productions. Kym Lawrence Monroe sang female lead on "Stand Up and Be Counted" and Barbara Harris and Barbara Parritt sang vocals on "Hope For The Future". A male vocal was the lead.
  3. Hi,

    I'm writing to you giving you the facts on the "Stand Up and Be Counted" recording done back in 1972.  Written by Weldon Irvine Jr. and produced by Weldon Irvine Jr. and A. Stroud.  

    I sang lead vocals on "Stand Up and Be Counted" and had no association as a member of  "The Toys" also "Hope For the Future" both original Barbara's sang solo on that side. We had no intensions going under "Getto Kitty" as a group.  In my opinion It was about record sales.  This was another recording project created by Weldon Irvine Jr. (an awesome musician indeed).   

    The song sends a strong message to the universe about peace unity and justice for all regardless of race and color.

    I was told as of today the recording is doing quite well globally.  Classic songs for world peace will never die!  



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