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    Went to the new venue for the first time. Well impressed! If you want "rare soul", don't go. But, if you want the very best of the classic 60's soul sounds that we all can sing the words to whilst dancing, then Pete & John's Twisted Wheel is THE place. I first went to the Whitworth St. Wheel 50 years ago, as a 17 year old Mod. The place used to be packed back then - I never wore mohair in case the guy behind you was doing spins with a fag in his hand - a burn on your back could not be invisibly mended!! Plenty of folks in mohair these days, and just as rammed as ever. Just wish they did all-nighters...... soshe at www.Classicsoulcentral.com
  2. Classic Soul Central

    Tom Petty.

    His first album, simply called "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" is well worth a listen. Genuine U.S Punk band. I bought it, unheard (I liked the cover) in 1976. Worth a try......


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