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    Been collecting soul since 1972/3 and was into NS til the end of 70s and like so many drifted away in 80/90s to build career and  bring up family. Got back into the scene in late 90s in east anglia. More into crossover and modern these days but still like quality NS ... can't stand the popcorn, raw r&b and what I would call rock-a-billy type sounds that seem to in favour in NS circles these days in the quest for rarity over quality!  Much rather have and listen to a £1.50 b side to a hit or an album track than a rarity that is utter shite.

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    Mark Turner
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    Bromham, Bedford
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    Garland Green - Girl I Love You

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  1. No offence taken, as if you read my earlier comment I am as doubtful about it as you .... but there are similar label designs i.e. 6901 below: (also 6894,6887 and probably others as I haven't checked them all) i.e. no S-, no stereo, cat no on left, publisher and timings under cat no on left, and arranger/producer credits on right - but there are other 'oddities' why a different layout to demo and all others you point out on releases just before and after?, why is comma mising after GSF RECORDS under artist name - all others have a comma
  2. If it is it would tie up with what's entered on BMI for Michele Dahrouge: https://repertoire.bmi.com/Search/Catalog?num=AqQuT7iA0FNR9mjT0%2fSTFA%3d%3d&cae=IW%2fqz83Fe7CjW9honkWKNQ%3d%3d&partType=WriterList&search={"Main_Search_Text"%3A"michele dahrouge"%2C"Sub_Search_Text"%3A""%2C"Main_Search"%3A"Writer%2FComposer"%2C"Sub_Search"%3Anull%2C"Search_Type"%3A"all"%2C"View_Count"%3A50%2C"Page_Number"%3A0%2C"Part_Type"%3Anull%2C"Part_Id"%3Anull%2C"Part_Id_Sub"%3Anull%2C"Part_Name"%3Anull%2C"Part_Cae"%3Anull%2C"Original_Search"%3Anull%2C"DisclaimerViewed"%3Anull}&resetPageNumber=
  3. I'm not sure that argument entirely 'holds up' as if you look at the Whatnauts issue 6905 from 1973 it has both variants, and before that many have the cat no on left and no Stereo mark. The Dorothy Moore 6908 and Joe Johnson 6909 is a similar design to AB one (albeit cat no is on right). Could be the 'counerfeiter' inadvertently copied the earlier design? In any case no one knows if any actually exist - so this may just be a big hoax and someone's having a good laugh at our expense?
  4. I know this doesn't help but just adds to the mystery! I can't find it listed or reviewd in B&S - been through the whole of 1974, but did find it in Hot Stuff (guide to new US releases) in Black Music June 1974 .... but 'sods law' most (if not all) the other releases have the B side listed ... guess what ... this one doesn't! .. might that suggest it was a single sided demo perhaps (at the time at least)? Oh, and by the way, that issue had an 8 page article on NS by Tony Cummings & Dave Godin. I might scan it and post it as I've got it out! UPDATE - just scanned article
  5. I thought i'd seen something about it before it's in this thread:
  6. Sound Wholesale (I beleive) are the cheapest - theyr'e on eBay but cheaper to buy direct £21 for 200 to £90 for 1,000 https://www.soundswholesaleltd.co.uk/7-white-card-record-sleeves-free-delivery.html
  7. Hi John - I seem to recall possibly seeing that on here previously, somewhere, and from recollection he didn't know .. but may be wrong - worth a search though!
  8. OK how many knew she recorded this on Soul Sessions Vol. 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYB-GfHicOQ UPDATE: It's only on the delxue version of CD and appears to have been issued on vinyl in US only and they are selling for well over a ton - only 4 currently for sale on discogs and 3 of them are over £200! https://www.discogs.com/Joss-Stone-The-Soul-Sessions-Vol-2/release/3771610 here's a live version in Sao Paulo in 2012:
  9. That's a slightly different label to the one on Discogs which has the address at the bottom which shows it's Puerto Rico! .. so perhaps it did get a mainland release first?
  10. From what I can gather they released 2 45's: first in 1976 on Eclipse (New Jersey) and the other, if its the same group, on Quadrant (year unknown on Discogs) is a Peurto Rican label! UPDATE YT clip has different label without address so could have been a US release as well/before ... and also gives date as 1976 The album was on Nereida and states 'a product of N.L.S. records England' again no date but from the tracklist must have been 1973 at the earliest going by Love Train, Best Thing, You Are Everything, I Can See Clearly etc. There's one for sale on ebay for $1,800 if your
  11. If you're talking about Bernie Wilson of HM & Blue Notes he died on Boxing Day in 2010 - the same day as Teena Marie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Wilson_(singer) Bernard (Bernie) Williams was also a member of the original Blue Notes but left before PIR era .. and I 'think' it's the same Bernie Williams who did the classic Ever Again and the double sider on Harthon.
  12. Hi Ian .. yeah I did the same .. assumed it was Bill White too, and found nothing ... only Ray Dahrouge's version of the top side. I found about 112 entries for' The Way It Is' but couldn't link any to Bill (or William) White, and neither of these tracks are linked to Anderson Brothers on there - so all a bit inconclusive https://repertoire.bmi.com/Search/Search?SearchForm.View_Count=100&SearchForm.Main_Search=ISWC&SearchForm.Main_Search_Text=T9028923173&SearchForm.Search_Type=bmi
  13. Not 'Norman' but a pretty good blue-eyed deepish soul version of Hurt So Bad by one of the writers (along with Bobby Weinstein & Teddy Randazzo) on 'The First Bobby Hart Solo Album' 1979 (and his only album). It starts off a bit 'MOR' ish but gets deeper from a minute in .. so give it a chance! He was generally a pop writer but did write/co-write Never Again for Royalettes/Little Anthony and Out Of The Picture (The Reflections), Teddy Randazzo - You Don't Need A Heart.
  14. My two pen'orth, (and I by no means claim to be an expert) .... but looking into it further the label just looks 'wrong' compared to other releases the same year - all the others (from 6906) have the cat no on right not left (although earlier ones do have it on left), it's also a different layout to the promo and the colour doesn't look right - looks like it's been printed with cheap dot matrix pritner (but could just be a poor scan?). Another 'minor' detail, all others (I have checked so far) have GSF RECORDS, INC. i.e. a comma after RECORDS and period after INC - this one doesn't althou

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