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  1. Thanks Ray and Russ for another great night, really good to be back. Hi also to Geoff, Steve and Pete. Just to help with the dates February is already busy in Peterborough with the Cresset on Friday 4th, Right Track at Parkway Friday 11th and Fleet on Saturday 26th. March should be fine, I've just had a look at the month on here, and as yet there's nothing in Peterborough all month, though Friday 11th is Prestatyn weekender. All the best, Alan
  2. I had always liked Willington's across the board formula, appreciated why it had been tried to bring more oldies back to the regular monthlies, however the oldies were already being well catered for on the same dates of 3rd Saturdays at the Grosvenor Rooms at Sutton in Ashfield. I'd thought for a while that the mini allnighters were what really brought out the best in this venue, and as I do not live in Derby but just visit family there, I was more inclined to pick mini allnighter dates rather than the normal monthlies. I think many monthly venues struggle at the moment, and its often said "
  3. Thanks again for a great night Carl, and was good to be back at Kingsway on Boxing Day. It had been a while since I'd last made it to this venue, but I was well reminded of why it is so affectionately known as the mini-Casino of the East Midlands. After a chilled out Christmas at home it was good to come and dance to the oldies, I knew Boxing Day wasn't likely to be as busy as New Year, but still a good one anyway. Hi Pete 'n' Susan, good to catch up, happy new year to you both, see you soon. All the best, Alan
  4. Hi Mick, next one Friday 12th February.
  5. No doubt numbers were down due to the fog, but enough for the usual good atmosphere at this venue with plenty of local friends present. Haven't a long review to write but will just say well done to the promoters and DJs for delivering the goods for a great Christmas party night.
  6. Hi Steve, What a turnaround, anyway great news for you and Pete, and I hope to be there very soon. I'm just about to post it to Our Northern Souls and Soul Survivors for you. Have a great Christmas and New Year All the best Alan
  7. Hi Kev and Karen Glad to hear this news on the fundraising, and of course my thanks for what was a great soul night in itself. Hello to Karl, Marco, Tom, Therese and Del, nice to catch up with you all. Have a great Christmas and hope to see you all soon in the New Year, possibly the Soul For Heroes at Wicksteed. All the best Alan
  8. Whilst I'd been unable to make this final night, as I'd posted on the look ahead thread, I'm glad I'd been able to make it over as recently as the September date and, as per Mick's subtitle for the thread, just wanted to post my own thanks for the memories. What really struck was reading down this thread and putting together the multi-quote of the posts asking if a new venue would be started. I know Steve had said no to this as a - it would be so difficult to replicate Annesley and b - that they'd like to get to other venues on the second Saturdays. So many asking is, however, one o
  9. Hi Steve and Pete, as per my post on Facebook, naturally I was so sorry to hear of this closure, the venue having so long been a favourite for me, and I'm extra glad I got over for the September date. You're right that you'll appreciate the break from promoting and getting to the venues that you couldn't before on your dates. I did see so many people asked "will you look for a new venue?", both on this thread and on Facebook, while you've rightly stated your reasons not to, that they asked is a credit to how well liked Annesley was. Thanks again for the many good times, I'll PM you r
  10. Must add my thanks as always to Barry, Andy, Sam and guests for this always well enjoyed night. Payo and Mark, great sets and nice to see the complete playlists on here, my favourites the Invitations, Originals, Philly Devotions, BlackSmoke, Jean Carn and Johnny Bristol tracks from Payo; Eddie Billups, Patterson Twins (real change to hear this version out), Differences, Bobby Taylor and Lew Kirton from Mark. Looking forward to the "Pick and Mix" event at this venue in January and the next A1 date in February. Alan
  11. Hello Ian and Linda, Alan here, I can vouch for the welcome you can be assured of at Annesley, it is my favourite venue in that area. Only sorry I'll miss you being unable to come over this month as I've already got a reserved ticket for something else, but I'm sure you'll have a great time. My best wishes too, to Adele for her new arrival. Hi Pete and Steve, have a great night and give my regards to all the crowd I know there. All the best, Alan
  12. Hi John and Russ, quite agree shame not more of the Peterborough home crowd were in, but as one of the "travelling true soul lovers" I can hand on heart say how much I enjoyed the night. I could even have stayed in Kings Lynn, there was a "Northern Soul and Motown" night on in the town but I have been to the venue in question before and many drunk people came in that time and sure that would have again been the case as it is a town centre hotel. I knew that I would rather travel to enjoy Caliente, friendly promoters, great guest DJs and many friends present. Russ in your set, for those of t
  13. Adding my thanks and well dones to the above on this enjoyable night and as always to Steve and Rob for putting on the night. It would be great if you could find somewhere to do Saturdays Steve, but even if not you know I have always enjoyed the events and will remember fond memories and its always nice catching up with yourself and Theresa elsewhere, you've been such great hosts and you know I look out to get to places where you're DJing when I can. Glad to hear how well the raffle went too, a cause close to so many of us. All the best Alan
  14. This has been the first year in which I've been to both the "Evolution" and "Reunion" events. Skegness Weekender was still catching up so didn't quite do justice to the fastest tunes this time, but the event is a must to get to even if it was the week immediately after Skegness. Enjoyed great tunes and company as always.

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