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  1. Wanted. Cookie Jackson..... Do You Still Love Me. Condition and Price please
  2. Does the boot have the Sheldon stamp in the deadwax ?
  3. Original only. At least ex. Any format. Promo / issue. Price please
  4. Hi Tim. I have now returned record to seller (in France). He advertised it on discogs as an original,with a price tag to match (500 euros, good buy if it was original) I think that it was vinyl with a stick on label. 99% sure that the one sold to me was a boot. Jury still out on black text pink label version. After all your info i think i would be able to recognise a legit copy now. Many thanks to all. Chris
  5. Just had a look at discogs again and a company called French Dubplates may be responsible. Could explain why a few have been for sale on French sellers sites. I still think that the other 3 versions are ok. Can anybody post the matrix details of the black text on plain pink version. pink ?
  6. Ive got a photo on my phone but how to get it on to my laptop and then to this site is beyond me at moment. Let me take advise and get back to you.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. Looks like i had the boot as i thought. To recap. The promos with silver pattern overlay are legit. The issue with silver pattern overlay is legit if it has CLS and MR stamp etc matrix. These were 1975. The boot surfaced in 2000. The boot has slightly off colour label compared to labels as seen on youtube. The 'wings' of the angel on the label touch the centre hole and are not 5mm above it as on the legit copy. The boots have no matrix marking. Boots are very good quality and sell for about £80. Original selling for around £700 so worth knowing..... Regarding the black text on pink label. Discogs reckon its the first issue with a run off 200. If you think this is wrong please comment
  8. Hi. I have an issue copy of Sy Hightower- I Know Your'e Leaving Me. (The issue with silver patterns) Not sure if its original or boot. It has no matrix numbers or letters in deadwax,, so im thinking that its a boot. If anyone has a legit copy can you post deadwax info so i know what to look for next time. Have looked on previous threads but haven't found anything to help me. Many thanks

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