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  1. WoW had to queue for 10 minutes but what an amazing night. worrh it!
  2. What you waiting for, last month was amazing! These guys really know how to deliver a great night of soul and a special atmosphere. This will be the best night in Nottingham and the Midlands, guaranteed. I can’t wait, if you have never been try it. Off the scale!
  3. Cannot wait! The last Brit was amazing! I went to all of them and they just got better and better. The music these guys play is absolutely fantastic!
  4. Soul Man


    Never missed one yet and never will! A rare treat for all northern soul fans, not to be missed. and I’ve got my tickets for the December final event
  5. DJ line up for December looks amazing
  6. I’ll be there for another great night. What a DJ line up! Can’t wait!
  7. Only hours away for another fantastic night at the Brit with those Soul in the Park legends. I just love their music, DJ’s and the friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!
  8. Can’t wait! Love Soul in the Park DJ lineups and the BRIT is just legendary venue. What a combination
  9. Went to Soul in the Park last time and heard some of the best music in a fantastic unique venue with a really friendly crowd. The hosts are great and I’m definitely going to be there this month. highly recommended-if you have never been try it!
    Another fantastic night, don’t miss March event if you like the very best music in a unique location with a special atmosphere!
    Great venue, lovely people and terrific music. This event is perfect if you like the very best music, a good dance, friendly people and a top quality location. highly recommended!

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