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  1. Thanks for starting this -we need all the distractions we can get in these wretched and worrying times.When I noticed this thread I went to look for my complete episode list of RSG which I photocopied many years ago from an archive listing.Finally found it! It lists all the performers(and a pretty mouthwatering list it is,too) although not the songs performed;these can be guessed at though, by the transmission dates.For example, the 3rd December 1965 edition featured Major Lance ,The Toys, Ketty Lester The Who ,Hollies & Walker Bros. Major Lance almost certainly did his latest 45'- 'Everybody Loves A Good Time',as it was released on Columbia that very day! (though sometimes artists did two-or more- songs) Ditto the 24th Sept. 65' show,which had Lou Johnson -the day 'Unsatisfied' was issued on London-although Lou almost certainly did the A side 'A Time To Love, A Time To Cry' (Manfred Mann & Wayne Fontana were the other guests) Just in 1965 the guests included greats like The Exciters,Solomon Burke,The Marvelettes ,Inez & Charlie Foxx ,Dee Dee Warwick,Wilson Pickett Ben E. King,The Soul Sisters etc. 1966 saw the aforementioned James Brown Special, Joe Tex,Arthur Alexander,Doris Troy(probably doing 'I'll Do Anything')Patti Labelle & Bluebelles, Edwin Starr (prob.Headline News)Little Richard(prob.I Need Love ) and of course the great Otis Redding special which we know survives-I remember Channel 4 showing it in the early 80's -it was one of the 1st things I recorded on the then new family video recorder.Still have the tape,if no machine to play it! Tragically ,many of the shows are probably lost forever (not only Soul but priceless performances by Sonny Boy Williamson, Davie Jones (Bowie) & the King Bees in 64',Marc Bolan in 66' ,The Game,The Action etc.) Associated Rediffusion, who made the show,wiped/junked many of their programmes at the end of the 60's when they became London Weekend Television. If we look at another AR TV series from the same time period,the great police drama series 'No Hiding Place'-only 20 or so episodes survive out of 230; 'Ready Steady Go' ,which had close to 200 episodes, is probably the same.Dave Clark bought the rights to the surviving episodes in the 80's-now BMG own them -but we still don't know exactly which episodes-in whole or in part- survive!
  2. Quite agree-prices for rare records,books and every other kind of 'collectable' will surely plummet over the coming months and into next year (and this pandemic could well go on into 2021 if we look at the equivalent 1918/19 Spanish Flu pandemic,even taking into account the advances in medical science) with no all-nighters(or Soul events of any kind) no record fairs ,record shops or even car boot sales for buying or selling -only the internet alive and trading .With the seriousness of the situation,though, not to mention the perilous financial reality many are now in because of it,records are possibly not high up in the priorities of many right now-even seasoned collectors-or dealers come to that. Not a good time for either at the moment,though may be good for buyers eventually, when or if shops/sellers have 'closing down sales' Having said that,the world of records and record collectors has always been an endearing,eccentric world of it's own,so I may well be wrong!
  3. In case anyone was wondering,the photo shows Barbara Dane (of 'I'm On My Way ') fame with the underrated Chambers Brothers at one of the Newport Folk Festivals in the early-mid 60's. On Barbara's left is George Chambers,who sadly passed away last year. Maxine Brown is,with respect, incorrect in saying Florence Greenberg was the only female record label owner in the 60's-there was Madelon Baker in California with her Audio Arts label - all those classic 45's by The Incredibles,The Remarkables and Cassietta George. Also Devora Brown,who with her husband Jack, ran the great,eccentric Fortune label in Detroit and perhaps the pioneer of them all ,Lillian McMurry's Trumpet Records in Jackson,Mississippi;she issued and produced the debut recordings by all-time Blues greats Elmore James and Sonny Boy Williamson ll (and some nice Gospel and Hillbilly,too)
  4. This can't be the New York Doo-Wop Paragons of Winley Records ('Florence' etc.) fame-they were never on Buddah; I don't think they recorded in the 70's .
  5. 'Where You Lead Me' is a secular adaptation of an old Christian hymn 'Where He Leads Me I Will Follow' by E.W.Blandly so maybe they should have given him a credit as well!
  6. Not Soul,I know,but he also cut some stunning rockin' Blues for Sun in Memphis in the early 50's like 'If You Love Me' and 'Lookin' For My Baby'(with great guitar work from Milton) as well as the delightful Fats Domino-styled 'Beggin' My Baby'. Yes,he was one fine and versatile artist.
  7. According to the usually reliable 'LA R&B Vocal Groups 1945-1965' by Steve Propes & Galen Gart, who spoke to Vessie Simmons in 1996 for the book,the A&M Sequins were the Ribbons,who did backgrounds for Phil Spector too. Vessie also added 'I had my own group of Ikettes' ,which is possible,as there were certainly 'touring' Ikettes alongside the 'recording' Ikettes.
  8. Such sad news-Lorraine was involved in so many great records we've all listened to,danced to and loved for so many years
  9. Records have been going 'walkabouts' from the BBC Record Library since at least the 70's, as Winsford stated above (and I've heard other stories re. some 50's R n' R rarities) I started collecting seriously in the early 80's and have found a few 45's(and LP's) with the 'BBC Record Library ' stamp on over the years in charity shops,junk shops etc. Found a copy of Jackie Lee - The Duck on Fontana with the BBC Record Library label stamp in a junk shop in Catford,South London in the 80's,for example. Also, London -based collectors may recall that about 10-15 years ago Reckless Records in Soho acquired a fairly large quantity of BBC Record Library 45's which they sold still in the polythene storage bags as Winsford described;bought a few myself. Maybe these were duplicates the BBC were disposing of-perhaps they have official/unofficial clearouts of doubles and duplicates from time to time,which,along with 'borrowing' (shall we say)accounts for their occasional appearance outside the halls of the BBC over the years
  10. All in VG + to Mint .All play great. All with original company sleeves .Post free in UK. Europe £5.50 .Rest of World -email for rates. Pay via Paypal as friends Duffy Power -A Woman Made Trouble 63' UK Parlophone original - surface & spindle marks but all light&superficial.Plays fantastic. Fine 45'! £ 20 ON HOLD The Coasters-Love Potion No.9 71' UK Parlophone original- in nice,clean Ex- condition( very slight,brief surface noise in the intro,which seems to be in the mastering-I've had other copies with the same-after which plays perfect) Small round sticker with number '6351' at top of '45 rpm' right side of label. £12 Jess & James - Move- 67 'UK MGM original. Good Belgian Blue-eyed Soul with tasty Hammond riff .Mod fave. £4 Darlene Love- Lord If You're A Woman- 75' Phil Spector International original. Lovely,stone Mint copy of this gem £5 Jerri Bo Keno -I Don't Know Why -75' PSI original-as above. Real nice,overlooked Blues/R&B shuffler that sounds a good 10 years earlier than it's 75' cut. £3 ON HOLD Big Boris-Devils Drive 72' UK RCA original - Good old instro from yesteryear £4 Millie Jackson -My Man A Sweet Man 72' UK Mojo original. Nice copy of this classic £4
  11. Michael V


    Thanks-you're welcome! I should have said Patti Austin's Leave A Little Love was one of a couple of US covers-I forgot about another nice cover by Tambi Garret(I really love that name 'Tambi' -if I ever have a daughter,even if a bit unlikely now,I think I'll call her Tambi- on Ascot (UA subsidiary) in 66'. Tambi was an attractive redhead from Florida who was a polio survivor-little else is known about her;there is one known photo.She made a handful of 45's,Leave a Little Love being the last and her activities and whereabouts since are unknown
  12. Michael V


    Lulu's Leave A Little Love was definitely first-Patti Austin's was the US cover
  13. Yes,those Verve 45's are underrated, for sure-like Stop And Think It Over and the above.Also, don' t forget the beautiful Doo Wop he cut with The Gainors,like You Must Be An Angel and Please Consider
  14. It's the Pat Powdrill version of Together Forever on Downey .The Viola Wills version does'nt have the male vocal group
  15. Yes- Soul City's 'Who Knows' is the flip of 'Everybody Dance Now' and Barbara Lynn's 'Until Then I'll Suffer' is the flip of ' Take You Love And Run'-two great double-siders for a start

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