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  1. Yes,really interesting. A nice illustration too,of the importance of that great (but now sadly endangered) institution,the British Junk Shop in the history of record collecting and in social history generally.Always loved junk shops,even as pre-record collecting boy,when I'd look for old football programmes,war memorabilia etc. Sadly, hardly any left here in South London,not sure about rest of UK. I have the Sleepy John Estes 1944 UK Brunswick 78' mentioned (one of only a very few 'pure' Country Blues records issued in the UK in the 30's & 40's) but was amazed to hear about Blind Lem
  2. Sad news indeed- Lloyd was a sometimes overlooked figure,not only of 50's R&B and Rock n' Roll,in which he first found fame as a singer, but in Soul,too as a label owner, recording those great Wilson Pickett early 60's sides for his Double L label (jewels like It's Too Late and If You Need Me) and later in the 60's/early70's, some fine Howard Tate sides for his Turntable label. He still sung himself from time to time, eg.most notably for Soul Sourcers,his nice 'Love Music' for GSF in 73' which many of us have enjoyed dancing to over the years. From his 50's Specialty classics like La
  3. Marva Allen's Here Comes The Night Owl - a slightly altered version of Tony Allen' & The Champs' 50's LA Doo-Wop classic' Nite Owl' (as was the Bobby Paris classic we all know and love) was produced by Jay Miller in Crowley,Louisiana in 1963,probably during the sessions which resulted in Marva's one 45' on Excello in 63', another lovely piece of Southern Doo-Wop, 'He's Gone' (not the Chantels song) backed with the fine R&B dancer 'I'm Through With You' Night Owl has only had a legit release I believe on the Ace CD 'Louisiana Roots-The Jay Miller R&B Legacy' .The above must b
  4. Hello -I'll have the Marvelows on HMV,please,if you still have it.Thanks, Michael
  5. Co-incidentally,The Four Seasons' post-1965 bassist Joe Long, who played that great,classic bass intro and break on 'The Night' sadly passed away the other day (Wednesday 21st) aged 79 .
  6. I think it's the good old Andantes singing with Wilson on 'Let Me Be Your Boy' . I remember reading it somewhere and to me it certainly sounds much more like them than The Supremes
  7. To my ears it is definitely the same Arrival, the UK group of the 1970 hit 'Friends' fame,with Dyan Birch on lead vocals
  8. Have just learned that Quinton Claunch, founder of the legendary Goldwax label and writer/producer of so many all-time Soul masterpieces by the likes of James Carr,Spencer Wiggins,The Ovations etc sadly passed on April 10th aged 99. Born in 1921 Quinton started his career in Country Music and in the 50's was a session guitarist for Sam Philips at Sun in Memphis,playing on a few Rockabilly & Country gems by the likes of Carl Perkins and Charlie Feathers and in 57' he co-founded yet another legendary Memphis label ,Hi Records,although he left in 59',long before it's Soul days. I
  9. Nice photos Steve!! I've got the No.11 badge on the right and had the gun,too but gave it to a friend when I was having a clear out years ago.This enjoyable LP ,which also contains the much-sampled 'The Edge', is 'conducted' by David McCallum-and probably is; his father, David McCallum Senior was a famous Classical violinist and conductor,so he certainly knew a little about conducting and grew up with music
  10. Yes,Betty Renne is definitely not Betty James,as the 'I'm A Little Mixed Up' lady was a mature,if not middle-aged (her band included her husband on guitar and her son on bass) classic Blues singer with a contralto voice,while Miss Renne had a sweet,high soprano voice ,rather like a favourite of mine,yet another Bette,the underrated Bette McLaurin;a great,forgotten female R&B artist of the 50's-and she made a few fine Soul recordings in the 60's,too. Betty Renay,who recorded in Michigan is a different artist again,I think
  11. Great! Had'nt seen that 'To Catch A Thief' clip. Also re .The Fifth Dimension -Ron Townson and Lamonte McLemore were both in The Intervals in the early 60's,who cut the wonderful and very rare Doo-Wop jewel 'Here's That Rainy Day' on Class
  12. Thanks for that link-really interesting; 'Tom Swift's Electric Ping-Pong Balls'- even by US Garage Band standards that's an amazing name! One of the best group names ever! So it seems our Eddie Gray was from Brooklyn (Eddie Gray of Tommy James & the Shondells was from Greensburg,Pennsylvania) and sounds very much like an older guy,as he was a manager
  13. Have just learned of the sad passing of Jessie Smith of The Ikettes and The Mirettes at the age of 79. Jessie passed away on February 4th but her death has'nt t been widely reported. Lovely and talented (as singer and dancer) Jessie,who went to school with Luther Ingram in Alton,Illinois, began her recording career in 1961 as Little Miss Jessie with a nice R&B 45' on Mel in Chicago and went on to join the Ikettes -sometimes overlooked as a recording act-with Robbie Montgomery and Vanetta Fields,singing on their classic 60's hits like 'Peaches & Cream' and the sublime 'I'm So Thank
  14. Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Eddie M. Gray is'nt Eddie Gray,guitarist of Tommy James and The Shondells.Possibly the 'M' in the 'Eddie M.Gray' writing credit on the Wand issue was used to distinguish the two,as Tommy James & the Shondells were a top U.S. chart group at that time
  15. Sad news -RIP James. 'Playgirls Love' a fine record indeed-as is 'Stay Close To Me'.

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