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    Entered the Northern Soul scene in the late 1980's.Returned after a  long lay off a couple of years ago

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  1. Yes,definitely Barbara backing herself with overdubbed vocal ad-libs in the last section of this fine 45'. Philly Doo-Woppers The Larks(with Weldon McDougal) backed her on an earlier 45' but Barbara is on her own here
  2. Thanks for letting us know-I was'nt aware of her sad passing- she made some nice records
  3. So sad-a great singer.My condolences to her sister Darlene. The first time I heard The Touch Of Venus I was just stunned by it's power and beauty-what a record and performance by Edna; and I've felt it's magic every time I've listened and danced to it since. The Honey Cone 's records are fine -and sometimes overlooked-too
  4. ' Tear Avenue' is another gem of Roy's (flip of 'Twistin' Pneumonia',released in 66' but cut a couple of years earlier) a really nice bit of Deep Soul/Blues
  5. Very sad to hear this-yet another fine voice and artist of Soul and Doo-Wop gone ;from The Genies' uptempo Doo-Wop classic of 58', 'Who's That Knockin' (on which he sang lead) to his' Shotgun Wedding' hit and great Shout 45' 'Stop What You're Doing' in the 60's and his excellent production of the Mark IV's 'Honey I Still Love You' (lovely record) in the 70's-he left a legacy to be proud of
  6. 30- King Of The Horse-The Delights Orchestra 23-Right Track-Billy Butler 14-Back Up Train-Al Greene ? 12 Two Stupid Feet -The Tabs/Chuck Jackson or maybe Frankie Valli -Watch Where You Walk ?
  7. Such a sad loss- what a thrilling,atmospheric anthem 'Job Opening' is,that we've loved and danced to over the decades.Another fine Soul -and Doo-Wop- voice gone; Sammy & the Del-Larks ' 1960 45','I Never Will Forget' is a lovely Doo-Wop ballad with a fine lead from Sammy,long popular with R&B vocal group fans & collectors. Sam's 67' Vision solo 45 'SOS For Love' is excellent,too as are his early 70's Phil- LA of Soul 45's as Tyrone Ashley Thanks so much for the music ,Sammy
  8. More very sad news- remember dancing to Edward's great 'Baby,Don't You Weep' many times in younger days.Wish we could all dance to it somewhere tonight.As Rick said above,condolences to Edward's family and friends-hope they knew how much his records were loved here in the UK and worldwide
  9. Thanks so much for putting up the image,Stephen!
  10. Yes,the front cover photo for 'Boot Boys'( 'Smoothies' too-which was just cropped from Boot Boys) was taken in Holmesdale Rd. outside Crystal Palace's ground,Selhurst Park; the graffiti was not done for the photo shoot;it was already there along with a mass of Palace and visiting teams' graffiti on that wall and was there up until about 76'/ 77' when the wall was demolished.I remember it well-it said 'Holmesdale End Boot Boys' .I was a Holmesdale ender myself, but not a boot boy,I was literally just a boy! I walked past it most Palace home games in the early-mid 70's;great happy childhood mem
  11. Sad news indeed-a man much loved on the Soul scene,whose records brought much pleasure
  12. Along with the gems above;The Rubies-Spanish Boy, Mongo Santamaria- We Got Latin Soul, El Pussycat , The Checkmates-Mastered The Art Of Love and many more Latin and Latinesque delights that I'm trying to think of!
  13. Very sad to hear of David's passing-his work with The Masqueraders is a part of Soul history which will always live on with lovers of the music worldwide; 'Do You Love Me Baby'- such an evocative,floor- packing classic that so many of us have danced to for many a year,bringing sweet memories of years gone by .'I Don't Want Nobody To Lead Me On' is an overlooked nugget,too-then there are the Deep Soul gems like 'Lets Face Facts,'and a great favourite of my teens/early 20's, 'I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else',a lovely track which I had(and still have) on a late 60's UK LP called 'The Best From B
  14. Wonderful to hear your memories of the great Garnet Mimms and Alvin Robinson,Pip- made my morning, thank you for sharing them! Were the Sovereigns you were in the same ones who made the 1966 45' on King (UK) 'Bring Me Home Love' ,with a cover of Bobby Bland's That's The Way Love Is on the B side ? I used to have that single
  15. That's great! Really interesting to hear that it was Jackie- I'm impressed with your contacts with singers-and with your tenacity,too.Thanks for letting me know!

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