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    deon jackson-ooh baby
  1. ruffsounds

    Tony Warot Rip

    A gent in the finest manner, a comic that made you laugh over the stupidest things, a cracking dj and collector and mixing capability genius i.e. Frank & Chris and Jackie & Erma mixes that fooled a lot of people as well as myself until he told me about them. R.I.P. Tony gone but not forgotten.
  2. ruffsounds

    Pure Soul Harthill, Nuneaton

    What a great line-up of dj's, but think I will have to bring a sleeping bag and flask with me lol as old age has it's drawbacks, but seriously this should be a cracker of a day and night with some top tunes being spun with something for everyone, from oldie's to unknown's and modern to big hitters maybe even a bit of R&B and reggae thrown in as well. And all this for charity so if you are at loose end and want to hear some great tunes turn up pay your cash and have a great day & night with some great people.
  3. ruffsounds

    The West End Northern Soul Night Guest JOHN DENNIS

    Might just pop along again myself :0). cheers Ralph.
  4. ruffsounds

    Pure Soul at the Crown, Nuneaton

    Another top night at our little club but boy does Pure Soul deliver the goods, big Al Shaw gave us a cracking set of tunes top man that he is, ably supported by Rob, Paul and myself keeping the punters happy. Was great to see Kev Such again and we had a good old chinwag, all in all another top night and hope to see you all next month. cheers Ralph.
  5. ruffsounds

    Pure Soul at the Crown, Nuneaton

    I'll put some modern in the box for you then Kev :0).
  6. ruffsounds

    Pure Soul at the Crown, Nuneaton

    This gonna be a cracker, looking forward to seeing Al Shaw again and swapping some tales he has a great selection of tunes so I think he will fit in nicely with the stuff we play. cheers Ralph.
  7. ruffsounds

    BANBURY S C - Derek Mead and Tom Page

    might actually get to this one for a change :0)
  8. ruffsounds

    Chris Calloway Cub

    Two copies listed on Musicstack at £46/51 at the moment.
  9. ruffsounds

    Chris Calloway Cub

    I know Tim talk about the crazy world of N/S, I had 2 copies gave a mate one about a month or so ago then found out what it was going for.
  10. ruffsounds

    Chris Calloway Cub

    since going on you tube with that young girl dancing to it and the fact the b sides getting spins I have now seen it going for £50/70.
  11. ruffsounds

    The Motown 7S Box Set: Rare And Unused

    The box number I had problems with was 61 so it must be a random thing or it seems they pressed too many Barbara McNair's :0) as that seems to be the main double.
  12. ruffsounds

    Pure Soul at the Crown

    Might play some from the new Motown Box set that's just come out now that they are proper releases :0). cheers Ralph
  13. ruffsounds

    The Motown 7S Box Set: Rare And Unused

    My box set arrived today opened it only to find the Marvin Gaye single missing but with two Barbara McNair's instead, been on the phone and a replacement set on the way, gonna make sure I open it up whilst the courier is there just in case :0). cheers Ralph
  14. ruffsounds

    Pure Soul at Crown

    Well another top night with debutant's behind the decks local lads Boff and Rob (lionel the vinyl) playing some superb tunes well done lads, I think everyone in attendance went home happy after hearing some great stuff that's played at our little venue. Rob, Lynn, Paul and myself work hard to bring a little bit of something different for everyone and that's what Pure Soul is all about plus listening to some great tunes cant be bad can it.. cheers Ralph
  15. ruffsounds

    Chris Clark - Do I... Auction

    On my copy the matrix is scratched in and reads ZA-Q6-187313 for the Do I side and x-169302 for the Don't Be Too Long side which are the master numbers for each track also scratched in is ARP hope this helps in trying to solve this issue over it being real or boot or whatever. cheers Ralph


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