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  1. josep manuel concernau robles

    Songs with 'the Power'

    And there's another "Power Of Love" one by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes from their album "Now Is The Time" (ABC, 1977) a gospel infected track:
  2. josep manuel concernau robles

    Songs with 'the Power'

    "Fight The Power" by Isley Brothers My favorite Mighty Clouds Of Joy album is "Truth Is The Power" but the title album is not the title of no one track on the LP ("That's What Friends Are Made For" and "God Is Not Dead" are fantastic… the voice of Joe Ligon, RIP, is "da bomb"!)
  3. josep manuel concernau robles

    Songs with 'the Power'

    I don't knows if the "Power Of Love" ones mentioned before are the same "Power Of Love" by Joe Simon (later covered by Martha Reeves)
  4. josep manuel concernau robles

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    I don't knows the reason why but your mention to the mellow "Jessamine" automatically reminded me in another pop one that was another smash hit with good remembrances for me, Classic IV's "Stormy" (perhaps the reason is that both songs are from 1968):
  5. josep manuel concernau robles

    The blurred line...

    In the same "spirit", not totally "pop", not totally "soul", not exactly "disco" as the one by Tavares, years before there was this bombastic track by previously reggae artist Jessie Green. Here in Spain the local music bands who played in neighborhood summer parties sung it in spanish or only instrumental and the reiterative chorus "wooo-o-oh":
  6. josep manuel concernau robles

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Another bombastic one, more discoffied than the one by Supermax, also european disco production, Belle Époque… what energetic one that also reminds me my high school days and the dance party in Saint Thomas (here in Spain "the party of the students"):
  7. josep manuel concernau robles

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    This was a bomb in Spain in 1977 - 78 in the air-waves and the dance clubs. No matter if is pop, funk, disco…high energy music that reminds me my teens, the german group Supermax:
  8. josep manuel concernau robles

    The blurred line...

    I apreciate a lot this record. Firsty I have had in a ABC records compilation by various artists and after I purchased the "Discos Connection" by Isaac Hayes Movement album (ABC / Hot Buttered Soul,1976, the label where Isaac Hayes produced a very good album by The Masqueraders, "Everybody Wanna Live On"!) IMHO, some of the best Isaac Hayes instrumentals appears on "Disco Connection" album, some mellow ones as After Five or Aruba . I have seen two different album art covers, one is a man and a woman dancing embraced and the one I have that is a rail road with a clock (one of my, as graphic designer, favorites!)
  9. josep manuel concernau robles

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    A two step number by one of my all time favorite jazz-soul vocalist (from his Total Experience 1984 "Lately" album):
  10. josep manuel concernau robles

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Who can hear this and do not feel happy…? (I'm a big Monty Python fan!)
  11. josep manuel concernau robles

    The blurred line...

    Here in Spain the first time that appears the word "disco" in the 45's sleeves was in RCA - Victor / Cat / President stuff. There was a head with afro hair by a black man and the slogan "DISCO EXPLOSION" on 45's by George McCrae, Little Beaver, Betty Wright, The Tymes (!!!???). Little after this was generalized with other stuff, i.e., The Sylvers, The Reflections or The Crusaders (I have the 45 "Stomp Buck & Dance" and the 2 x LP where belongs, "Southern Comfort" with the tag "Especial Discotecas"!!). Never see a PIR, Motown, Atlantic, Atco or Stax with any "disco" reference. Only in the liner notes of back cover of the PIR / Golden Fleece album "The Trammps" says that they are "the number one disco group". After, when Atlantic and PIR among other labels started publishing 12"'s, they wrote "Special disco version" on the labels and sleeves (that means the original version is NOT "disco", i.e., "Set Me Free" by Teddy Pendergrass is an uptempo soul number but was re-edited on Maxi single as "Especial disco version")
  12. josep manuel concernau robles

    The blurred line...

    "Disco" here in Spain (and also on the US and UK) is a pejorative word and at the same time an "umbrella" where general public put "all the black music from the 70's to the end of the 80's that is not Aretha, James Brown or Jazz or Blues or Reagge" (!!!???). Of course, when some one says "Ship Ahoy" and "War Of The Gods" albums (by The O'Jays and by Billy Paul respectively), one of my two first album purchases from my teens "is disco", I'm feel very hungry. They said "When Otis Redding dies, Soul music dies and Gamble & Huff and Barry White were the responsibles for reinvented black music as disco music" (!!!) or "Philly Sound was the birth of disco music" (!!!???). Gamble & Huff previous PIR stuff on their own labels and on free lance capacities (Jerry Butler, Sweet Inspirations, Soul Survivors,…), can be considered "disco" or "pro to-disco"..??!! I only can see a "continuum" between 60's Stax - Atlantic stuff and Gamble - Neptune - first PIR references stuff… Perhaps "I Love Music" (1975) can be considered the first "disco-soul" song by G & H (!!??). I can't see any element of "disco" on Ship Ahoy or War Of The Gods (I can see gospel, jazzy and bluesy elements, soul, symphonic soul, jazz-soul, but… "disco"…?! Some authors says "disco" started with eddie Kendrick's "Keep On Truckin'", continued with Manu Dibango's "Soul Makossa" and culminated with Van McCoy's "The Hustle"... I only can see , IMHO, good or bad music and good music with interesting lyrics, social comment that can be also danceable (or not), this is the case of many soul uptempo numbers you can hear and / or dance to.
  13. josep manuel concernau robles

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Some pop (or "pop-soul" or "disco" or "soft-rock") songs that every time I heard it I have a "funny temporal regression or simply a good feeling" (having a clear relation with the lyrics or not): - Beatles "Yellow Submarine" - Los Bravos "Black Is Black" - Elthon John & Kekee Dee "Don't Breack My Heart" - Blue Swede "Hooked On A Feeling" (I remember when my sons seeing the DVD of "Shrek" animation picture, is included in the OST and "revived" it, so funny with "Pinocho" as the DJ!!! ) - LeRoy Pullin "I'm A Nut" - Lapie Lee "Little Arrows" - Wings "Good Night Tonight" - Doobie Brothers "What A Fool Believes" - Kim Carnes "Betty davi's Eyes"
  14. josep manuel concernau robles

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Another pop - disco number by a "spanish soul singer", Pop Top's lead singer and songwriter Phil Trim produced by Ramón Arcusa. This is, IMHO, not only funny (it seems there's a brazilian "cuica" sound in the orchestration) but an injection of joy :
  15. josep manuel concernau robles

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    It seems I'm a "canyoning obsessed"… but that is real… Another beautiful canyon on catolonian pyrinaican mountains:


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