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    I heard soul music since my teens (or before, when at the age of 6 - 7 years old I hear Edwin Hawking's "Oh Happy Day" on the radio). Despite the fact that I have expanded my ears to jazz, classical, symphonic rock,... soul music keep on be my first and main musical taste

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    Valls, Spain
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  1. Another mid tempo from ABC 1975 soul catalogue. What a way to open a soul jam session! (I love FREDA!! )
  2. Two, IMHO, great mid tempo soul tunes from a great year for Soul Music in general and for the soul stuff by ABC Records and subsidiaries. Both I have on vynil. Two tunes for open a soulful house party
  3. One of my all time PIR favorite tunes, "Cabaret" that opens the "Black & Blue" album by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (no lead voices but what harmonies and what big band sound!) was arranged by Lenny Pakula. According to the PIR singles catalogue he recorded a 45 under his name that should be a very rare one (I supousse is an instrumental)… I searched it some times in youtube unfructuously.
  4. This originally is exactly a typical "Trip Hop" track but I likes a lot this remix that turns the original in a soulful house masterpiece that I discovered in a K-7 label VV.AA. compilation (Smith & Mighty, Beth Hirsh, Tosca, Peace Orchestra,…):
  5. Mickey Finn, Wayne Henderson is a great composer, producer and an authentic trombone player maestro. Since I found my vynil copy of The Crusaders "Those Southern Knights" LP I was falling in love with the trombone solo part of "Serenity": (attention from minute 3:52 on)
  6. https://soulfuldetroit.com/showthread.php?23834-Lenny-Pakula-former-MFSB-keyboardist-and-arranger-dies-at-73 The organ player Lenny Pakula died recently in a very sad illness and poverty situation,… How many PIR tracks I likes specially his Hammond organ touch as in the case of O'Jays "You Got Your Hooks On Me"! RIP, MFSB member, session musician and great arranger, Mr. Pakula.
  7. Rinder & Lewis are a very good tandem! despite the fact they are better known for the Le Pamplemouse and El Coco disco projects. The one by Dr. Lonnie Smith posted by Soul Hippy made me remember on one of my favorite tracks on the album "Tremendao" by Eumir Deodato e Os Cathedraticos (I have also another from this Deodato's era: "Impulso!"). On the combo we can hear Walter Rosa and Raul de Souza in the horn section!
  8. How I was impressed when aged around 15 years old I hear for the first time my copy of "Drama V" album, the bass voice by him at the end of the "accapella" part of "Treat Me Like A Man"… the verse "Don't Hurt Me!"… what a unique bass voice! Nothing in common with no other one! RIP Willie Ford and thanks for so many great mellow "dramas"!
  9. I think that an "osprey" is a Pandion haliaëtus ("águila pescadora" / "àliga pescadora" here in spanish and catalonian language respectively). I have seen hundreds of them, every time I have come to The Ebro river Delta and also in many reservoirs in the Prepyrenaican and Pyrenaican mountains. The one I saw more close was in my voyage of recent married with my wife from the window of the train: we come from Valencia to Cuenca, the rail-road follows the Palancia Rriver (with some reservoirs) and I saw this eagle in a telephon stick at the moment she starting to fly, at 1,5 - 2 m, without binoculars!
  10. Another impressive gorge on Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park: "El Barrasil", Alcanadre river
  11. I have since my teens my copy of Tamla Motown / spanish Belter 45 "Help Yourself" b/w "What's Goin' On", a very interesting and soulful cover of Marvin's one. I likes the fusion Undisputed Truth and some other Invictus groups (8th Day, Chairmen Of The Board,…) made of funk and rock and also some "San Francisco" scene acts as Cold Blood.
  12. One by perhaps my absolute favorite vocal group of all time (jointly with The Dramatics, The Dells, Blue Notes and Chi-lites). I don't knows if was published as a 45 or its only an album track but IMHO is a great dance floor piece. A great one by vocal greats O'Jays and songwriting work by Bunny Sigler despite the fact my favorite track from "So Full Of Love" LP is "Take Me To The Stars" (in the same gospel-soul-rock wave than the "Survival" masterpiece album):
  13. Heres' me in the late 80's walking in the cliffs on the prepyrenaican mountains (Serra de Millà):
  14. RIP Chuck Barsdale! :-(… we're lovers of a musical genre on wich, sadly, practically all our heroes from the great soul period (60's and 70's) are now aged around 80 or 90 years old... Here's a big uptempo from one of the 2 albums Norman Harris produced for them (later covered by The Trammps on their 1979 album "The Whole World's Dancing"). Curiously, in my case I have been a big fan of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and The Dells (one of the albums I never have stopped to hear is "The Dells Vs. The Dramatics" since the late 70's to today!!)… and much later I noticed Gamble & Huff were been reaching for sign The Dells firsty for their Neptune label and later for PIR and the first Blue Notes hits they wrote were really conceived for The Dells and thinking in Marvin Junior exceptional baritone! (In fact they finally signed The Dells in 1991 for their 40th anniversary album "I Salute You" on PIR / Zoo label that I purchased but deceived me for the sound so "inorganic", not the voices, the instrumental part, except some tune don't remember the title produced by Bunny Sigler)

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