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  1. Getting the knack of Camera no . 10 x Zoom . Caught this Grey Heron feeding on Voles . Not much to be seen today .
  2. Did have a Black Beak . When took photo off phone . I zoomed 2.5 times . To my eye was approximately half size as a Heron . Egret well first time I've seen one . Happy Days .
  3. Twitchers have been scouring Ribble Valley to glimpse this White Heron . One chap was using a Drone . Lucky as my Dog sniffed it out of hiding . Not as big as Grey Heron .
  4. Couldn't place as one of my best . Though is an interesting picture . Taken by Ribble line . Power line post . Been used as scratch post . By Cattle . Assume relieved from Horse Flies . I though was Bears that did this . For sure the amount of wear . Subject to power cut at nearby Sewage Works . If it goes over at some point .
  5. If did . Not seen Dave or recall seeing . Felt compelled to post looking at him . Little Centurion . That put a lisp to my vocaaablurry .Cant think why . Whome I thhhhinking about .
  6. Will wait till high in sky . Use 1000x and reduce brightness . Wanted feature trees etc . All a learning process . Had it near 14 month . Only just discovered features lol
  7. Moonrise over Clitheroe using Night Feature on Camera . Zoom 1000 times .
  8. Buster , Call of the wild . Young Hearts Run Free . 20200914_123850.mp4 20200914_123934.mp4
  9. 20200830_200059.mp4 Using feature on my Galaxy S10+
  10. Was told a festival for Social Distances taking place at Gisburn . Though reports seen past Bolton . Thought I captured it good actually. Photos in dark difficult to achieve
  11. Strange Formation of Clouds / Lights over Clitheroe 2315 pm . Don't think lights as these objects dispersed to other areas minutes later . Sure were strange .

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