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  1. SoulfulMerlin

    MVP's Soul Club Morecambe

    Proper Coastal Soul Venue . Derek plays Rare Underplayed in his sets . Nigel nice mix of Modern rare and occasionally unknown . Gary classics which puts his own stamp on . Open decks often well worth arriving early . Across Board. Great floor friendly crowd .
  2. SoulfulMerlin

    Accrington Soul club

    Few pictures from January 26th Event . https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217430232363591&id=1108484963
  3. SoulfulMerlin

    Accrington Soul club

    January was standing room only .
  4. SoulfulMerlin

    Accrington Soul club

    The Governors 200 + attendance https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=560197661122673&id=100013973325820
  5. SoulfulMerlin

    first three records to start a set

    Saturday Night at Accrington Soul Club Played Syl Johnson Condition is One-derful master Dubplate. Elevations What Could I Do . D.wreckEd.hiT Betty Everett Bye Bye Baby ABC . Top is mega rare only 2 exist . Treat for Frank Heap celebrating 60th . Elevations first time play . Found for me by Rob Moss . Instant hit . Both filled floor . As did Betty though she always does .
  6. SoulfulMerlin

    Accrington Soul club

  7. SoulfulMerlin

    Accrington Soul club

    Standing Room Only. https://www.facebook.com/groups/179701709266491/permalink/400184510551542/
  8. SoulfulMerlin

    Accrington Soul club

    What a night . Fantastic sets by All DJ's . Kevin McCaffrey a Master Class . Ashley Fellows nice mix of upbeat Classics . His best of night Jimmie Mac My World is on Fire . Good reception for Syl Johnson Condition is On One-derful master Dubplate. Top tunes all night 225 through door . https://m.facebook.com/groups/179701709266491?view=permalink&id=400152793888047
  9. Condition and price please . If have one .
  10. SoulfulMerlin


    Was a stunning night . Looking forward to our set March . Top drawer Venue . Fact so many quality DJ's and collectors want to grace decks . Is testament to standard . H
  11. SoulfulMerlin

    Clydie King R I P

    My favourite track . Hopefully her angelic voice will Grace Ukranian Club 2nd Anniversary Ashton On Friday .
  12. SoulfulMerlin


    Burscough provided Myself and Kate . Best ever New Years Eve . At Times like listening to The Gods. First time Kate heard Joseph Webster played out on real format . Music so good induced one of her Football tricks with a Balloon on Dancefloor . Brilliant https://youtu.be/CDp_wHiZHzM
  13. SoulfulMerlin

    Best Cover Versions

    Larry and Hippies Soul Do It Playing it Burscough March .
  14. SoulfulMerlin

    Donny Hathaway Don't Turn away from love .

    Different track . IMO . Not a patch on it . Thanks for the info .


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