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  1. Thing is . If he/she the bidder is naive . Bidding as they may or may not have knowledge on said record ! Thus over bidding . Think Seller needs watching incase they are using some form of alias Shill bidding format . Learnt previously can't bid against Private bidder . Instantly bids higher .
  2. Possible a vain attempt to price hike . Or an innocent who clearly has no understanding of value of Soul Record . Though came across it myself . Complained to Seller who got snotty . EBay should be informed
  3. Shill Bidding . ? Copied upon Google search on subject ! There are many reasons why sellers list as private. Yes, it can hide shill bidding and it can be for privacy over sensitive items but it can also be that sellers think that their buyers have a right to privacy over anything they buy or even that they don't realise that the box to hide buyers' identities has been ticked. There are even sellers who think that it distinguishes between business and private sellers. I think that many people have discovered that the best defence against being shilled is to bid your absol
  4. Best no to bid when Private Bidder is involved . Will always edge bit higher . Found it best to wait . One bid . Thought record was worth . Think it's a model or tool used to increase price .
  5. Jon Covet is Song writer etc . Links with Coasters etc . Managed find obituary on him . Interesting reading . Though artist isn't a Blue Eyed imo . About John Covert John Covert (keyboards / vocal / drums / bass / guitar / synth / producer / songwriter / engineer / publisher BMI and ASCAP) established Crystal Image band and Crystal Image music publishing company in 1968. Covert has Opened shows for War, Tower of Power, Sons of Champlin (Grammy winner Bill Champlin) , Chad and Jeremy, Dobie Gray, The Coasters, The Chiffons, Simon & Garfunkel, Gary U.S. Bonds, Lady Bo (Bo Diddley
  6. Seen that . Sounds so much like Rocky Roberts .
  7. Anyone know the track , or artist ! Thought sounded like Rocky Roberts myself . It's not a Shazam track . Assume that maybe a Rare track . Or Unreleased . Anyway the lyrics are quite magnificent in my opinion .
  8. Getting the knack of Camera no . 10 x Zoom . Caught this Grey Heron feeding on Voles . Not much to be seen today .
  9. Did have a Black Beak . When took photo off phone . I zoomed 2.5 times . To my eye was approximately half size as a Heron . Egret well first time I've seen one . Happy Days .
  10. Twitchers have been scouring Ribble Valley to glimpse this White Heron . One chap was using a Drone . Lucky as my Dog sniffed it out of hiding . Not as big as Grey Heron .
  11. Couldn't place as one of my best . Though is an interesting picture . Taken by Ribble line . Power line post . Been used as scratch post . By Cattle . Assume relieved from Horse Flies . I though was Bears that did this . For sure the amount of wear . Subject to power cut at nearby Sewage Works . If it goes over at some point .
  12. If did . Not seen Dave or recall seeing . Felt compelled to post looking at him . Little Centurion . That put a lisp to my vocaaablurry .Cant think why . Whome I thhhhinking about .
  13. Will wait till high in sky . Use 1000x and reduce brightness . Wanted feature trees etc . All a learning process . Had it near 14 month . Only just discovered features lol

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