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  1. From memory back in Football days . Was quite posh . Big place like .
  2. No its after affect of Virus once it attaches inside lungs . Was also article published which stated how it gets into blood stream . Which is why current need for extreme hygiene. If you listen to broadcasts on National Radio . Cough or blow it out BIN IT . if you touch work surface etc . Rub your nose . Sniff sneeze swallow . Where does it go ! Horrible virus .
  3. Some bright news on the horizon ! Not for from virus being snuffed out . Though will be end of Summer it seems .
  4. When all safe . Will be a glut of Venues . Gold diggers filling pockets . Really enjoyed 100 Club . Proper music . Stopped going lot places . All same playing same . More selective . Though do like dose of Classics . Just not every week . Became much of a much ness . Just speaking to couple mates last few days . Given state of affairs . Planning tentatively for couple Events . Was going Cleethorpes first time this Year . Stopped doing Weekender Events . See what occurs in next few Month . Hopefully normality returns . Hope keeping well Kath . Kind regards Dave
  5. Think your on the money with your thoughts . The numbers of diagnosed cases are not as high as originally anticipated . Those who have are possibly affected prior to lockdown . Hopefully in the next week it will begin to reduce or even out . If not . Then can only see further constraints issued . Road blocks / diversions are already in place . Fines and alleged seizure of goods by Police . From those flouting and making unnecessary journeys . Our way of life ! Pardon the pun has been changed immeasurably . Yet we go on . I guess looking forward with expectations is not such a bad thing . Enjoyed the Virtual Nighter from 100 Club Saturday . Made plans for next one . Life goes on . But not as we knew it .
  6. Have decided to post this . Not my original . However I have put my own imprints on it .
  7. Rather amusing . Gave me a giggle reading it must say . Not interested in match fishing personally . Am missing going out . Can imagine impact on the Swifties and camaraderie associated banter . The one that got away etc . However . Not really addressing the point of the post . I:E Insect bites from possible person with Virus to other who doesn't have ! Or didn't . Then scenario all other Sport closed . I have suffered a Mental Health issue . Thanks to excellent support , advise and medication am now in very good place . Gatherings for Match fishing . Or for that on Ponds . Someone comes takes your money . So the risk is pertinent . Good luck with The Bass Fishing . Replying on here enables a release . Bloody walls don't talk back . At least not yet ! Maybe should marry a wall
  8. Guess it is getting more like Curfew Status . Stay home or it could cost you money and possibly points at some point .
  9. Never mind Steve . Informed today it is now a Every Thursday feature at 8pm .
  10. No . Was a theoretical thought . As a bug that sucks blood it can be transmitted. Nothing to say as not yet clinically proven . Hypothetically Possible .
  11. Walley Road Road Clitheroe every one outside . Could here it echoed around . Fantastic shows in very small part how much we care.

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