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  1. Was told a festival for Social Distances taking place at Gisburn . Though reports seen past Bolton . Thought I captured it good actually. Photos in dark difficult to achieve
  2. Strange Formation of Clouds / Lights over Clitheroe 2315 pm . Don't think lights as these objects dispersed to other areas minutes later . Sure were strange .
  3. Cheers Steve . Hope all is well Linda and yourself . Nothing like bit of good news . Take care Dave
  4. What a measured reply well thought out
  5. Have decided to post this . Not my original . However I have put my own imprints on it .
  6. Walley Road Road Clitheroe every one outside . Could here it echoed around . Fantastic shows in very small part how much we care.
  7. From my mate Neil Thompson. Fisherman's Blues . Boilie Virus just discovered in garden shed
  8. Just read on Twitter . Unprecedented times .
  9. Soulfulmerlin


    Venue don't get the SS visits as others . Viewing figures doesn't make an Event . It's the music . One DJ was absolutely superb . So good stayed on for longer than his hour slot . Selections of rare Underplayed and Classics blended superbly . John Edge Guest DJ produced best set have heard in many a Year . Place was rammed . Free Tea Coffee and soft drinks . With free water also . Can't remember staying at Venue till last record. I did so here . Smiling faces dancing shoes . Can't ask for more . Caught up with few not seen for while . Brilliant Dayer .

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