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  1. Was two over River Ribble . Thought were Buzzards as local said , due too V shaped tail . However these were quite clearly a pair bonding . Swooping and gliding . Forgot my phone . Failed to capture image .
  2. Cheers Mick . Saturday is better for me . Will put in Diary . Defo be there .
  3. Oh well . Worth the wait without doubt . So will it be November lads ?
  4. Bought mine at Swinton Palaise off Ethan . So wish didn't sell it .
  5. Used have Tighten up Lovebone by Don . One of some incredible records once owned . Will once again . Nice track this Eddie . Don't recall hearing it pal .
  6. Was just chatting with mate Mick Jackson on this particular subject Mick . How DJs at this venue unleash Top Quality tracks . Knows full well takes good 70's get me to enjoy night . Hopefully he will be with me for next one as offered him Stop over . So can catch Train to Clitheroe . Then will take him in my car . One of the many who would rather stay in . Unless it's a 1uality night . Think he's checking posts on here . So bit luck . Will be coming along . Great track pal .
  7. Loving these tracks lads . On basis and not to copy . Bagged couple gems off mate . Lornettes His way with the girls and Maxine Brown Am I falling in love . Keep it gonna be skint Love Horns in intro Brilliant . One didn't know and forgotten Mecca Gem . https://youtu.be/55uXN8Ojxro
  8. Could lose myself dancing to this . Pure joy . Just what run of mill doesn't play ✌
  9. Oh like this Eddie. Want list . Shall be there unless something drastically changes . Missed it . Quality from first to last minute .
  10. Soulfulmerlin


    No way! Has Steve departed ? Great DJ . One whome have utmost respect for . !
  11. Will be there . Missed last one health issues .
  12. He is thanks . Back to his naughty playful self . Look forward to next one . Send us notification please so don't miss it . Regards Hutchy
  13. Not a problem . Strange times and circumstances we find ourselves living through ! To be sure will have pint . Though not to many as am not big drinker . Hope get your ticket . Kind regards Hutchy
  14. Got some background to it from Jacko . Only Nighter of note have not been able get to . Much as like to go . With restrictions , feel only right and proper to allow those who attend regular be able obtain ticket 🎟 without myself entering . Will get next one . Would love a record if any spare Ady should there be one made . Kind regards Hutchy
  15. Soulfulmerlin

    Clitheroe Soul Club

    Waiting for jeans to dry . Dog destroyed my Spencers . Ah things happen .
  16. Just been asked if want Towanda and Total destruction . Mint Blue . Any ideas on price
  17. Looks like priced on button Neil . Wonder if Santa gives me one foe Christmas lol
  18. Hi Dave , unfortunately have twisted my knee . So sadly not able attend . Can keep contribution for ticket . Further . Anyone arrives needing one . Can sell to that said person . Best Regards Dave Hutch .
  19. Ordered my ticket via PayPal . First big event able attend since lockdown . Catch with some pals . Is it 2 rooms Dave ?
  20. Sorry guys . Last minute hiccup . Dog picked up nasty virus . Trip to vets and had to administer meds . Then make sure was OK. Next time . Hopefully in regular place . Regards Hutchy
  21. Could I request couple tickets please . Pay by PayPal

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